100+ Catchy Speed Skating Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

A much-loved sport is speed skating, be it on ice skates or roller skates. And posting about it can be a great passion for lovers of speed skating. Those posts definitely need to be given a boost, something that only good captions can do. So here is a list of exactly such captions for you to use with your social media posts on speed skating.

Speed Skating Captions for Facebook

What you have in your heart you should show on your skates.

No one ever told me that it couldn’t be done. So I went and did it.

No matter how many times you fall, always make sure you get up one extra time.

speed skating is the best therapy for the mind, body, and soul.

Speed skating is all the more thrilling when performed on thin ice.

I go speed skating to drown away all my worries. #worries

If you think speed skating isn’t a cool sport, let’s meet at the rink to find out.

What I feel in my heart is always shown through my skates.

I wear my speed skating bruises with absolute pride.

It is simply never too cold to go speed skating.

You know you are speed skating when you don’t know how to stop.

I speed skate. What is your passion? #passion

Speed skating is my happy place. The only one.

I speed skate. That’s the only way I know I am still here.

I am at home only when I am speed skating.

speed skating can be a really great team sport if practiced well.

Speed skating is about winning, whether or not you come first.

When speed skating over thin ice it is the speed that keeps you safe while skating.

I know that I have speed. What matters more is whether I skate gracefully even at that speed.

Come let’s caption those pics of me speed skating.

Speed skating is what always makes my day. Every day. #myday

Picking up speed in advance is what has always kept me ahead in any race.

speed skating is all about sliding and gliding at extreme speed.

They call me to speed demon in speed skating.

speed skating is a real sport. Everything else feels like a game.

Speed Skating Captions for Instagram

Can you think of anything better than speed skating?

It’s far better to go speed skating and lose than to never have tried speed skating at all.

Speed skating is a feel-good experience each and every time. #feelgood

While momentum may be your friend, remember that speed is your ally in speed skating.

First, we go speed skating. Then we can think of everything else.

Maybe speed does kill, but won’t boredom kill you faster?

The only motivation I have is to go speed skating.

Speed skating responsibly is what you will be remembered for, not otherwise.

Whenever you feel comfortable, know that you are losing the drive.

I will rather be out speed skating and thinking of God than sit in church thinking of speed skating.

Life lies just out of your comfort zone. Go and meet it.

Knowing when to slow down is maturity, not stupidity.

There are no two ways to achieving success, except just practicing.

Speed skating is like flying on the ice. You just can’t have enough of it.

To be better at speed skating simply speed skate better. That’s all.

Speed is good, but safety is better. So speed skate safely. #speed

Speed skating is my means of finding success. And it has made really successful.

How do you know speed skating isn’t for you if you haven’t even tried it at all?

It is through speed skating that I have learned how much nature has in store for our enjoyment.

Luck is a loser’s way of explaining a winner’s success.

Speed skating is my way of keeping my sanity.

Winning can’t be by fluke. It takes a lot of pain and training to win.

I destress myself by going speed skating. All my worries are gone when I am back from speed skating.

Go speed skating today so that your future self is proud of what you are doing today.

Speed is only a by-product of speed skating. The other by-product is skating. #byproduct

Speed Skating Captions for Twitter

Speed skating without falling is like walking with first crawling.

Ignore that little voice in your head that says you cannot do it.

If you think speed skating is dangerous, tell me what isn’t.

You are always right to think that you can skate. Or not. #skate

If you have never fallen, you have never done speed skating correctly.

Wanting to go speed skating is very much different from willing to go speed skating.

A day with speed skating is a day completed wasted.

Only those who do it actually beat those who believe it can’t be done.

If speed skating was easy wouldn’t they have named it something else instead?

When the going gets tough speed skaters keep going. #tough

Speed skating is a lot more about discipline and perseverance than just speed.

Unless you go speed skating far, you will never know how far you can really go.

Speed skating truly builds strong character.

Always train as if this was the last training session just before the actual race.

If you don’t like speed skating we cannot become good friends at all.

Why let anyone out-train you when you can be the one to do so.

My speed skating crew is more my family than just my crew.

I wear heels only on my skates. And it is speed skating that heals my hurt.

The coolest activity that keeps me satisfied is speed skating.

Some are into speed skating. Others are into watching.

speed skating is all about preparation, speed, and power.

I never use mouth guards. Only skate guards for me.

For me, speed skating is like poetry on ice. #poetry

Ice is always the slippery side up. So you need to speed skating with care.

It’s all about the art on two blades.

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