100+ Catchy Som Tam Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

Social media captions are usually essential and make your social media post complete. They help in increasing reach and engagement over social media platforms. Som Tam is a healthy salad made using unripe or green papaya which is shredded. Here are a few captions to help you with your delicious Som Tam pictures on Social Media. 

Som Tam Captions for Facebook

All good things have papaya in them. 

Goes by the name of Bok L’hong in Cambodia.

The Vietnamese call it goi du du. #vietnam

Sometimes, som tam is all you need.

A salad with a touch of papaya. #papaya

Who came up with the idea of adding papaya in a salad? Pure genius. 

The finer you shred, the tastier it gets.

The greenest thing in Thailand. #thailand

Some herbs, some chilies, a touch of lemon, and the wholesome goodness of papaya. 

All that’s green is good. Same goes for papaya #greenpapaya

Could the salad get any greener than Som Tam? #somtam

Som Tam, lots of goodness. Loads of health and happiness. #goodness

Don’t miss out on your greens and it does not get greener than Som Tam.

The healthiest and most flavorful salad from Thailand.

Who said that a salad cannot be spicy? Ever tastes Som Tam? #spicy

No part or no stage of papaya is wasted, Som Tam proves it. #nowaste

Salad with a twist, salad with some spice. The salad that’s great, a salad that’s nice.

Som tam over any other salad, any day. That’s how much I dig Som Tam. #somtamisthebest

Cooked in Thailand, enjoyed all across the globe. #cook

Greener than a salad, spicier than street food, best of both worlds. 

You’ll never be too far from some Som Tam whenever in Thailand. #neverfar

Papaya spells out green goodness, Som tam brings in the spice.

Som Tam Captions for Instagram

The greener, the better, but it does not get any greener than this. 

Some Som tam all day, every day. #daily

Grate it or shred it, it tastes great and the taste cannot be shared.

Green papaya salad all the way! #papayasalad

If you have tastes Som tam and loved it, you are already half-Asian.

Som Tam spells tradition the right way, the greenway. #greenway

Taking the average salad to a whole new level, to a greener level.

Once you try Som Tam, all other salads would feel just as boring as salads. 

Who thought salads could be this interesting? #interesting

Better when made at home, with green papayas and fresh tomatoes. #homemade

Freshly shredded, beautifully made. And spiced it up as well. #beautifully

You either are a fan of Som Tam or have no appreciation for culinary arts.

Som Tam sounds just way too cooler than Green Papaya Salad.

Thailand’s way of giving back to the world, Som Tam. #giving

Som Tam can be translated to the greenest and tastiest salad ever. 

A Som Tam done right is a Som Tam that tastes spicy yet light.

The meal is never complete without some traditional Som Tam. #traditional

Don’t count the chilies in the salad, count the fiber. #fiber

The greener the papaya, the better the Som Tam.

A simple green salad with an extraordinary taste. #extraordinary

Papaya salad lover for life. Papaya salad is the best.

A bowl of Som Tam is enough to fill you up. And in a healthy and tasty way at that.

Nothing spells Tasty and Healthy better than the traditional Som Tam. #healthyandtasty

The more veggies, the greener the salad, the tastier the Som Tam.

Black Jeans and Som Tam go well with everything. #goeswell

For those sudden green cravings. #craving

Som Tam Captions for Twitter

Helps digestion, tickles the taste buds, could you ask for a better salad?

Soya sauce in a green salad? I am down, why not? #soysauce

No guest ever left the table unsatisfied after trying Som Tam.

Noodles, or steak, one salad to go with everything. #salad

Tomato for the color, peanuts for the crunch, papaya for the fiber, and soya sauce for the punch.

Don’t mind the spice, it is still green.

Once you try some green papaya salad, you never go back. #goback

Craving papaya? Som Tam is the right way to go.

The fiber and spice content are both off the charts, believe it or not.

The greatest, tastiest salad, in the history of salads. #history

The single most, unarguably, most loved salad all over Southeast Asia. #southeastasia

Salads don’t necessarily have to be boring, Som Tam proves it. #salads

Whoever says that salads are no fun, obviously never tried Som Tam. #fun

Live that healthy life with some green papaya salad. #healthy

Putting Lao food on the map, the Som Tam way!

Give me Som Tam every single day and I will still never be bored of it. #neverbored

Papaya love, salad love, the perfect mix. #

Beware of people with low spice tolerance, som tam is not for the faint of heart.

You can feel the heat in this salad. #heat

Not like any salad you have had before, not like any salad you will ever have. 

Making everyone’s day a bit greener with some freshly made Som Tam.

Right from the papaya tree, onto your plate. #plate

Green papaya and salad, the perfect combo. #perfectcombo

Crunchy, spicy, tangy, and healthy. That’s what Som Tam is all about.

Lightest of salads but packs a punch. #punch

You just found yourself a new green craving.

All the goodness of papaya packed in one great salad. #great salad.

Some greens to set your taste buds on fire.

Start your green food adventure with Som Tam.

The finest from Thai cuisine. #cuisine

You won’t believe how delicious papaya on a salad can be. #delicious

Crunch, spice, and green, never formed a better alliance than Som Tam.

The essential of every Thai platter. #essential

A salad to die for. A salad to fight for. #salad

Can never have enough of this green papaya salad.

Som Tam and seafood, a match made in heaven. #heavenly

Your average salad just got a lot hotter. #hotsalad

Shredding is the key, focus on the green. #shredding

Step up your spice game with some deliciously made green papaya salad.

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