100+ Catchy Ssnorkeling Caption for Instagram to Make Your Own

Taking the plunge into the clear blue and green ocean waters but without any scuba gear, only a snorkel, is what snorkeling is all about. A diving mask and swim fins are the only other things needed for snorkeling. Here we have listed a collection of great captions to go with your social media posts on snorkeling. Use them freely and let your posts get that extra something they need so much.

Snorkeling Captions for Instagram

The current below is more gratifying than the currents we face on land.

I simply dive in and go snorkeling till I just have to surface for some air again.

Life underwater looks so much better. #life

The ocean is like my mother – my happy place. That’s why I always go snorkeling in its lap.

Snorkeling is an activity that brings out the best in us.

The blue underwater has an extremely soothing and calming effect on me.

There is simply too much to learn underwater. That’s why I snorkel so much every day.

Snorkeling takes me to my happy place.

Snorkeling is a classroom underwater without walls.

There is so much that nature has in store for our enjoyment. Snorkeling is just one way of enjoying nature’s gifts. #gifts

Unless you have done snorkeling, you can never understand the beauty of it.

I will rather be snorkeling and thinking of god, than sitting in church dreaming of snorkeling.

I snorkel so that life doesn’t escape me. Life really is too short.

Snorkeling is all about letting yourself go and allowing the waters to take over and show you its mysteries.

The underwater life is so mesmerizing that I always forget when I need to surface.

Those who love snorkeling are truly successful people. #successful

The mental and physical benefits of snorkeling are too immense to ignore at all.

It is the calm blue waters of the peaceful ocean that sets me free.

Snorkeling is my way of going into deep meditation.

Snorkeling is like a beautiful dance where the ocean always takes the lead.

Each time I come back from snorkeling, I become a new person. #afresh

Every time I go snorkeling, the ocean has something new to offer me and something new to teach me.

Snorkeling is an addiction I have. It is an addiction that I will never quit for anything.

The oceans are so vast and yet accepting and accommodating. That’s why they are so peaceful.

The calm blue waters have always attracted me. That’s why I even relocated to be by the seashore.

Snorkeling has made me realize how minuscule we really are in this world.

Snorkeling makes me lose sight of the beach, but that also helps me discover a lot more under the ocean. #discover

I’ve made friends with the waters. So whenever they beckon to me, I am there with them.

I just cannot think of anything but snorkeling.

The peace and calm down in the sea are what attracted me to snorkeling in the first place.

The way to keep my soul at peace is through snorkeling.

Snorkeling is a celebration of life and nature’s gifts to us.

Snorkeling has always helped me destress wonderfully.

There is so much to explore down there. So each day, I go a little farther.

My source of sustenance is snorkeling daily. # snorkeling

There is not one moment of boredom in snorkeling.

The ocean is what nature has given us to enjoy.

Life was so monotonous. Then one day, I tried snorkeling. And the rest is all history.

Who says snorkeling isn’t for you? Try it and see for yourself.

Would you help me caption those pics of me snorkeling, please?

Till you take the plunge and begin snorkeling, you just cannot expect to go far.

Each day I come back from snorkeling, I sleep like a baby. #sleep

Therapy is for the rich. For others, like me, there is snorkeling.

Snorkeling has taught me to be calmer and more accepting of everything and everyone.

The sea has more answers than I have questions.

Snorkeling is a great builder of good character.

Whenever I go snorkeling, I feel I have come home.

My snorkeling crew is more my family than just merely my crew.

First, we go snorkeling. Then we can talk about other things. #talklater

I just cannot imagine a day without snorkeling. It just isn’t acceptable.

Funny Snorkeling Captions

Anyone who has gone snorkeling comes back with a smile on their face.

After I took up snorkeling, I have changed for the better. At least that’s what everyone says.

Money can’t buy happiness, they say, but it can buy me my snorkeling gear. And snorkeling makes me happy. So money is what brings us happiness, don’t you think?

Snorkeling has helped me to rediscover my true self. #rediscover

A day without snorkeling is a day completely wasted.

Under the water is where all the wonders lie. So go snorkeling to discover those beautiful wonders.

Each time I leave the water, my heart yearns to go back in.

Wherever and whenever you start doesn’t matter. The oceans have just too much to teach us.

It’s so cool and calming down there. It feels like a really nice place to be in.

The only thing better than talking about snorkeling is going and doing it directly.

Only if you love snorkeling can we become really good friends. #friends

My love for snorkeling is only second to my love for you.

Snorkeling is a vitamin for the mind and soul.

I wish I could become a mermaid or merman instead of a human and remain underwater indefinitely.

You can find me wherever there is snorkeling.

Snorkeling has made me see and appreciate the beauty and the mystery of the oceans.

If you aren’t snorkeling, you are missing a really great thing in life. # snorkeling

Snorkeling really makes you feel free and happy.

The pacifying effects of snorkeling are what has attracted me to it.

It may be wild down in the water, but it is so calm and peaceful too.

Snorkeling is a great therapy for both the body and the mind.

All that natural wilderness, the finest of them all, lies underwater.

Seas are nature’s gift to us. And snorkeling is one great way to enjoy these vast serene gifts.

It is the currents underwater that guides my heart into happiness. #guide

Whenever you need me, just ask for me wherever there is snorkeling.

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