122+ Catchy Smitten Captions For All Social Media

Sometimes some cute acts or little smiles can make you realize how much you are smitten with the person, and if you think it is time to take it out and express it, then here are some captions that will help you.

Smitten Captions for Instagram

Just I need eye contact to get smitten with you. #contact

I am not smitten with your beauty but your tender heart that never disappoints. #tender

The sun was bright, and so was your face, and after that smile yours, I was smitten. #bright 

I am as smitten with you as the moon with the night and Sun with the day. #with

Is there a moon without a night? The same goes for us. #smitten

You are the Sun that has to enter my day to make it brighter and shinning. #Sun

Why am I smitten? For your ocean-like eyes, silk-like hair, and moon-like bright face.

Whenever we hold hands and I feel its warmth, I am smitten. #warmth

Whenever I hug you listen to my heartbeat, my love increases with every beat. #heartbeat

Has anyone told you how breathtaking you are? I need oxygen now! #breathtaking

You bind with me like a spell. #spell

Your lovely and a little naughty eyes trigger my emotions. #trigger

Write your name on every breath I take, for I am yours. #breath

When we are smitten, time does not exist, and neither does the world, only love! #exist

I want a trip to the densest and most beautiful forest, where we will get smitten and lost forever.

I am staring at you, and I can do this for the entire day. #entire

Lost in our own world that keeps getting vast. #vast

My love escalates, and worries disappear when your lips meet mine.

You are worth lingering. #lingering

Past may have been different, but today, I live for you. #live

How can the sky shine without the Moon and stars? How can I shine without you?

You are not just one of my favorite things, and you are my priority. #priority

If you are not smitten, then I can help you! #help

If I am the gun, then you hold it. #hold

Be with me more than my shadow; never leave me in the dark. #shadow

When I started having daydreams, when you entered my lost world, I realized I was smitten.

I sometimes feel that there is a string that binds me with you. #binds

You magnetize me with your beauty; you have smitten me with your smile. #magnetize

You are not related to me, but you are in my heart.

Probably the same love is flowing through our veins, and our hearts’ pumping speed is no different.

You entered my life, and from a broken record, it became an ocean of love.

I am smitten with you as a whole. #whole

You do not need to be really good at something, and I am even smitten by your silly and cute acts.

I want to be smitten with you not only for this day but till eternity. #eternity

For your love, I strive, now this is a part of my life. #strive

Amid the silent chambers of my brain, one day, you whispered the most beautiful word, love.

How many stars are in the sky and drops in the ocean? My love is of the same quantity.

You are the sun, under which I blossom. #blossom

I am only vulnerable to your love and smitten by your cute voice and even cuter innocence.

I know anyone will be smitten with me, but I want you; I am smitten with you.

Love me till the end of time, if there is an end. #time

I was once smitten, but my heart was broken like glass; now, some material is lost forever.

I see the ocean, sun, stars, moon, and you worth a thousand poems. #poems

Your love is like the air that makes me fly, touch the sky, and like gravity that keeps me humble.

The love of rain is pouring, and I am overwhelmed. #raining

Funny Smitten Captions

I was smitten with you yesterday, I am no different today, and I wish to be consistent till my last day.

My heart keeps asking for your love and my eyes, your sight. #asking

Never ask me to stop loving you, for my heart is smitten with yours. #loving

Seems like your name is written on my heart, for it always feels that it belongs to you.

Let me warn you, and you may be smitten if you look into my eyes, and then I will reciprocate.

Why are you so smitten with me? You do not even leave me in my dreams, though it feels good. 

Have you ever thought that out of 7.9 billion people, why was I only smitten with you?

Today my love is too high, touching the sky and waiting to fly. #sky

I need no reason to be smitten with you other than your soul. #soul

No matter what the world says, I will always be smitten with you.

You are that part of the music that I can keep listening to on repeat. #music

You tell me, how can I love you more?

Be with me no matter how mad I get, for I do not want anger to take away my most precious person.

May all your small dreams shine, and I hope that we are a part of them. #dreams

When you open your sealed lips, mine seal, and the eyes just witness the true beauty.

My heart loves you more than it loves me.

My mind weaves dreams about you, and that is why my nights are good. #weaves

Let’s go somewhere without any reason, for I want to forget everything and be smitten with you.

 Before I met you, I always thought that love is a fantasy; how can anyone be so smitten?.

I can leave every other happiness for you are greater than all of them together.

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