100+ Catchy Skydiving Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

Most people know that skydiving is about diving out of a plane and gliding down to the earth, pulling the parachute open a few hundred feet above the ground. And you are here to look for captions to accompany your social media posts on skydiving. Select captions from this list of really catchy captions and couple your posts with them. You will love the decision when you see your posts getting that extra boost that you were looking for.

Skydiving Captions for instagram

We can be great friends only if you love skydiving.

It is more freefalling than anything else.

Skydiving is actually a type of meditation where you appreciate all that is around you.

Be sacred, but do it anyway. #thrill

I will rather be skydiving and thinking of God than be at church dreaming of skydiving.

When I am hanging between the sky above and the ground below, I realize how tiny I really am.

Unless you surrender yourself to the winds in the heavens, you just cannot expect to ride them at all.

Fly high. Then fall to touch down.

Skydiving has helped me rediscover the finer qualities that were sleeping within me.

Skydiving is all about enjoying the fall from 10000 feet and higher.

Everything becomes a lot easier after I return from my skydiving trips.

Skydiving is all about pushing yourself to let the adrenaline rush. #adrenaline

If I am not out skydiving, I must be dreaming about it.

Where thrill, fear, and fun blend, we get skydiving.

It’s all about flying up high, then skydiving down to the ground.

This is where I say ‘goodbye’ to the plane and ‘hello’ to the sky.

The happiest moments that I spend are up there in the sky when I go skydiving.

Who said skydiving is a safe sport? But then when has anything been guaranteed to be safe?

If it has nothing to do with skydiving, you just won’t find me there.

Just because you love jumping out of a plane doesn’t necessarily mean that you are an idiot.

Skydiving has made me a more humble and understanding human than I ever was.

Skydiving lets my dreams fly while grounding my fears. #skydiving

A day without skydiving feels like a day completely wasted.

Make your future self be proud of what you do today.

My skydiving crew is more my family than anyone else.

My love for skydiving is too great for me to dream of anything else at all.

Give up your fear if you don’t wish to regret it forever. #regret

Skydiving is the best thing that could happen to my life.

Never let anything weigh you down if you wish to fly high.

Life is all about bonding over skydiving and building relationships.

If you are ready to take off, we are ready to dive.

If you haven’t tried skydiving, you are missing the good things in life.

To the one who jumps, no explanation is needed. To the one who doesn’t, no explanation is possible.

Skydiving is the only thing that makes me happy and keeps me calm.

The best way to learn is through adventures. So I took up skydiving.

Every time I land on the ground, my heart yearns to be up there skydiving again.

The best in us comes out only after we have experienced something great.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Oh, it’s only a skydive. ☺

The only limit is when you believe it is. #limits

Flying in a plane doesn’t have the same effect that skydiving does.

All you need is the heart to go skydiving. The rest is all training.

First, so close to the heavens. Then back on the ground.

Just take the leap, and you will always be proud to have taken this decision.

Skydiving lets me view the world the way the eagle sees it from above.

It is a few seconds of your insane courage that will make a memory to cherish forever.

If skydiving both frightens and thrills you, then it surely is one activity you must indulge yourself in.

Skydiving is like a new adventure for me. Each time. Every time. #adventure

Money can’t buy happiness directly. It can buy me passes to skydive. And skydiving makes me happy.

If you think skydiving is a crazy sport, think of all the crazy things you did to keep yourself happy.

Skydiving is an addiction that I will never quit for any reason whatsoever.

Funny Skydiving Captions

How do you know you can’t skydive if you don’t even try it once?

Unlike popular belief, most skydivers are not fearless.

Care to caption these snaps of me skydiving? #caption

No one told me that it couldn’t be done. So I went and did it.

Have you ever seen any skydiver who isn’t happy?

If you fear skydiving, you must go ahead and do it anyway.

Skydiving isn’t just a mere sport. It is so much more.

Risks are what make any adventure. Otherwise, it would only be routine.

Skydiving is my way of destressing. In fact, it re-energizes me.

If you cannot dare to go on that adventure, you can always expect a boring life.

Skydiving has immense therapeutic effects. #therapy

Letting yourself go is the most difficult step of skydiving.

If it has anything to do with skydiving, you can count me in for sure.

You know you are dreaming really big when your dreams begin to scare you truly.

Skydiving made me realize how minuscule we really are.

Where your comfort zone ends is where all the adventure and fun begins.

The view from above will change your entire perspective of the world.

After skydiving, you will always look up there, wondering when you will return there.

Skydiving is an adventure I love to go on every time I touch down.

You will always long to go up there for skydiving again.

The beauty of the world when you see it from above is mesmerizing.

You cannot be skydiving till you actually jump off. #jumpoff

Skydiving is all about taking charge of your life and living it to the full.

The view of the world from up there is so beautiful that you forget you are skydiving.

If you believe you can do it, just do it. Nothing can stop you.

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