167+ Catchy Skull Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Skull is something that infuses a sense of fright in the strictest of hearts. While the theme for Halloween is the same, here are some curated skull captions that will go perfectly well with your spooky Halloween posts and increase the spookiness meter of your social media posts. 

Halloween Skull Captions for Instagram

A skull is as scary as a headless horseman.

We thank everything that we can see. But we forget to thank our invisible protectors like our skeleton and our skull.

The mind is a thing of many layers. No wonder that the skull is so thick and strong as a protector. #skull

Even from time immemorial, the skull has been shown in art as a reminder of life.

Once you let your thoughts flow, you will realize why the skull protects what it protects all our lives.

Let’s open that skull to find out who’s next.

These corridors look so real. And they are all built out of skulls of various sizes.

They put that exploding skull as a decoration at their Halloween party.

Those are the scholars of Halloween meditating with skulls and scythes in their laps. #scythe

They have decorated the party room with monks and skulls all over. How haunting. On Halloween.

Our lives are only journeys by skulls studying what skulls before us did.

Sometimes I know I belong in the biology lab alone. That’s fine by me. #laboratory

I drank the poison from the skull that was offered. Now we wait for them to sing happy Halloween.

I may be a skull. I have serious trust issues for sure.

When we bare ourselves, the skulls show our true faces.

First, society asks you to be yourself, then they judge you for it.

That’s the game between skulls. Although they are strong, they rather battle it with wits.

They serve drinks in skulls on Halloween nights. #drinks

What shape your head has. What a lovely shape your skull is. You are mine.

I am sure that witch is going to break my skull on Halloween.

This Halloween, let us celebrate the skull as a truly wondrous gift of nature to us.

If what you read doesn’t feel like a hammer on your skull, stop reading it at all.

The twenty-two bones that are fused together form one of the greatest wonders of life – the skull.

Let not what the skull protects be contaminated with negations.

The skull is a complex protector that actually houses the senses and the brain. #brain

When you encounter the skull, you are frightened. And it smiles back at you.

How big a numskull can you be?

I fell in love more than 30 years back. I only realized now how lucky I am. That’s how thick a skull can be.

Nothing is tough just so long as your skull allows your thoughts to come out in the open.

At night, before you go to sleep, hold your life in the palm of your skull and say – Happy Halloween.

If you want to face reality, first accept that the skull is your true face. #trueface

The biggest of books, just like the largest of skulls, may not hold even the most minimum intellect.

They say that many baby skulls were found at this Halloween party last year. How the skull trembles when one holds a gun to his own head contemplating suicide.

Skulls and bones symbolize danger. But they truly are a means to show the intellect and strength within.

Those few grams that your skull protects are the only thing you can call your own. Nothing else is.

The skull may be hardest, but temperament can be equally hard, if not harder.

How could you think that such a small skull could hold such a big brain?

Our skulls protect that organ that has an infinite scope of thought and imagination.

Some have a superpower but no brain; some have a super-brain but no skull. And some have a super skull but no power.

Recitation is practicing the words repeatedly within your skull. #recitation

Funny Halloween Skull Captions

You should never have asked to see your own skull. That spoiled everything in you.

Happy hollow-men from this skull to everyone.

Sometimes skulls can be thick. Just like sometimes, hearts can be vacant.

Moriarty and Sherlock were only fiction. Imagine them in reality tonight.

May I have a die-cast out of your skull, please? It will help adorn many a table.

Within our skull are imprinted the teachings and thoughts of our grandfathers. That’s how effective they have been.

I want to be a skull digger when I grow up. Happy Halloween.

If a human has some sense within his skull, he just won’t fall for the glitter and glamor that you want to allure him with.

Think out of the box, otherwise known as the skull, and achieve all that you desire. #desire

My face may change, my attitudes too, but my skull will remain the same at all times.

Happy Halloween, skulls galore. Trick or treat which one is yours?

Comparing the computer to the human head should also allow for the computer’s skull to grin.

See that skeleton? He just picked up a skull and fixed it to his frame.

Those are skulls of two people joined in death.

Halloween is as if someone slapped our brains out of our skulls to let us do all that we are otherwise told not to do. #halloween

Strip and bare me, and you will still find me with a grin.

The power of reason, intellect, and that of analysis all lie well within the protection of the skull.

I am the one that is the root of all your beauty and looks.

My skull holds the secret to everything I know. If you can penetrate that, you can have it all for yourself.

Why are you scared of me when I am already within you.

Your brain is protected by the skull. The very same skull lets you open your mouth and bare your mind.

The skull is a collaborative art form created by death and nature. #skull

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