100+ Catchy Ski Jumping Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

Ski jumping is one of those sports that give a tremendous adrenaline rush. It is skiing with a little twist – jumping off the ramp. Your love for posting on ski jumping shows in your search for cool captions, which has brought you to this page. So here’s a list of captions to accompany your social media posts on ski jumping. Jump right into it.

Ski Jumping Captions for Facebook

Ski jumping helps build strong character.

Ski jumping has made me see how much fun nature has in store for us.

Ski jumping is one addiction I will just never quit.

Skis are the substitutes for wings. #wing

I just go ski jumping whenever I need to relieve myself.

Ski jumping is such a spiritual and divine activity.

Ski jumping is where we make really good friends.

There is a very different feeling that one gets from ski jumping.

Money may not be able to buy happiness, but it sure can buy us skis to go ski jumping.

Ski jumping makes me feel like I am the king of the slopes. #king

Every jump takes you so high, only to make sure you reach the ground again.

Only if you dream big and can dare to fall can you ever hope to be good at ski jumping.

I would be ski jumping and praying to God rather than sitting in church and dreaming of ski jumping.

Ski jumping is one of the most wonderful activities that one can indulge in.

The higher I jump, the higher I yearn to go next.

Happiness is maximized when I am in the air on a mountain slope.

Ski jumping has changed my entire life for the better.

Ski jumping is an affair between me and the mountains.

I sleep like a log each time I go ski jumping. #sleep

My love for the mountains is only surpassed by my love for ski jumping.

Ski jumping isn’t just a sport. It’s a passion, an art, a rejuvenating activity.

The mountain and the ramp are beckoning. I must be there with them.

I loved the snow, I loved the mountains, and I loved jumping. That’s why I took up ski jumping.

Every jump brings me a little closer to the heavens.

Caption those posts of my ski jumping.

Ski Jumping Captions for Instagram

Ski jumping isn’t just a sport for me. It is also therapy for my mind, body, and soul.

While people go downhill, I jump down slopes. #downhill

Getting addicted to ski jumping is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I can balance better on my skis than when I walk.

I just love ski jumping so much that I dream of it in my sleep as well.

Ski jumping under the summer sun in the snow-clad mountain slope is a unique experience in itself.

First I was bored. Then one day, I went ski jumping, and everything changed.

I relocated to the snowy mountains only so that I could pursue my passion for ski jumping.

Life is so much better on slopes of snow.

I can go ski jumping anytime you want me to.

Only after many failures do you actually become successful.

Ski jumping can never make me bored. #bored

Unless you get up after every fall and keep trying, again and again, you just can’t perfect it.

First, there are ski jumpers. And then there are the rest of us.

The jump isn’t the main concern. Not as much as the landing is.

Doing it on the slopes is what makes it such a unique sport.

You tend to forget the biting cold when you go out there ski jumping.

Every time I jump off the ramp, I just want to stay longer in the air.

My ski jumping crew and competitors are more my family than anything else.

For as long as I am in the air, I feel I am gliding, not jumping. #gliding

Ski jumping is like an addiction. You just can’t let go no matter how much you try.

Ski jumping is a very good way of destressing myself from all tensions.

First, we go ski jumping; then we talk about other things.

Ski jumping has made me a far, far better person over the years.

If you love ski jumping, we will become really good friends.

Ski Jumping Captions for Twitter

Ski jumping is worth every bit of my energy.

I understood the meaning of practice makes perfect after I took to ski jumping.

Every jump feels like a new adventure. Every time. #adventure

Ski jumping feels so good, especially when the landing is perfect.

If you aren’t ski jumping, you are missing a really exciting opportunity.

I tried ski jumping and found that’s the only thing I am cut out to do.

Few sports will give you the excitement and fun that ski jumping gives.

Ski jumping makes you want to jump across every slope with snow on it.

If it has anything to do with ski jumping, then I am always in.

If ski jumping seems both exciting and terrifying, then it is definitely for you.

There can be no perfection without pain and perseverance.

The issue isn’t ski jumping; it is my fear. #fear

It takes many failures, hurt, and pain to perfect every jump.

An open mind and tremendous training are what will help you achieve great heights.

The peace and calm after each day of ski jumping are so pacifying.

How will you know whether you can do it or not if you don’t even try it?

Ski jumping is what has humbled me.

Just ignore that voice inside you that doesn’t want you to try ski jumping.

The jump off the ramp is what I yearn to do each and every day. #yearn

The adrenaline rush I get from ski jumping is just so good; it keeps the smile on my face longer.

Who said that paradise must be tropical when there is so much snow, a ramp, and my skis.

Ski jumping is where you let go of everything, only to try and land as perfectly as possible.

The rush when making those huge and long jumps feels like a new adventure every time.

The therapeutic effects of ski jumping are simply too many to ignore.

Ski jumping helps me remain calm, satisfied, and happy.

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