100+ Catchy Skateboarding Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

Out of all the adventure sports, one of the most predominant sports, extremely popular from the late ’80s is Skateboarding. This sport created huge waves and the tricks and stunts are so eye-pleasing. Here are some captions you can use to amp up your skateboarding pics on social media

Skateboarding Captions for Facebook

If you aren’t skateboarding you are missing the finer things of life.

Falling is part of skateboarding, but failing isn’t. #skateboarding

Skateboarding actually helps build strong character.

The nuttiest stunts are performed by the sanest of people.

Everything about skateboarding is so beautiful.

Please rate all my stunts in the comments. You may be invited to watch me skateboarding for free.

Skateboarding is an addiction, but one that I don’t wish to quit ever.

At least now you can say that you did it. Does it matter that you didn’t come first?

I just cannot seem to get enough of skateboarding. #notenough

Staying within your comfort zone is far more painful than going out and skateboard and fall.

Speeding around town. Rushing past on the roads and paths. Feeling that adrenaline rush.

Each time I perfect a ramp jump, there is always another one to perfect as well.

Why not ditch your comfort zone and go out skateboarding?

Skateboarding is a passion that truly pacifies the soul.

Skateboarding in summer is a dream that comes true every year.

Skateboarding is the only thing I really enjoy doing. #enjoy

No one told me it couldn’t be done, so I went and did it. Now they say I am the first to have done it.

Impossible is not in my dictionary.

Surely skateboarding is for you since you love speed, stunts, and staying upright in whatever you do.

If I may – I was left unsupervised, remember?

You cannot be doing the right thing if you aren’t skateboarding. #doitright

I just cannot live without skateboarding. It’s my source of sustenance.

How do you know skateboarding isn’t for you if you haven’t even tried it?

I will rather be the person who goes for the biggest ramps, than the one who is spectating him.

Never will you find a skateboarder who is afraid to fall.

Skateboarding is what has kept me sane till now.

Skateboarding Captions for Instagram

First, we go skateboarding. Then we talk of other things.

Thank God that we don’t need a license to go skateboarding. #skateboarding

Every time I go skateboarding it feels like a new adventure.

Only skateboarding can help your inner desire to try speed.

Make perseverance, determination, and practice your only motto.

Skateboarding hand in hand is what makes it so romantic.

The only way to succeed is to keep on practicing like there is no tomorrow.

You can’t achieve anything till you get out of that comfort zone. #comfortzone

Fall down. Get up. Then try it again till you have perfected it.

If skateboarding both terrifies and excites you, then it is meant for you.

A day without skateboarding is a day that has been wasted.

Have you ever seen an unhappy face skateboarding?

Skateboarding for a better future.

First, we have the skateboarders. And then we have the others. #skateboarders

Skateboarding is more a lifestyle rather than a mere sport.

Skateboarders are all normal people, except that they are way cooler.

Life was so boring. And then one day I began skateboarding.

If you can fail to skateboard you can fail to do anything. #fail

That’s a throwback snap of me skateboarding from when I was only 5 years old.

They say money can’t buy happiness. So I went and bought a skateboard.

Skateboarding isn’t merely a sport. It’s an art. it’s a way to express yourself.

If skateboarding were easy wouldn’t everyone have gone skateboarding?

The only thing that keeps me happy is skateboarding and my skateboarder friends. #friends

Skateboarding takes me away from all stress and tension. It keeps me happy and energetic.

My skateboarding crew and the other skateboarders aren’t just friends. They are my family.

And you thought skateboarding was easy? #hard

If you love skateboarding we can be really good friends.

Skateboarding Captions for Twitter

Skateboarding is the spirit of freedom. Skateboarding is who I am. 

Skateboarding actually teaches us a lot more than we expect.

Skateboarding helps to build strong bonds with those around you.

I do the one thing that makes me happy – skateboarding. #skateboarding

Oh!? I began skateboarding even before I could walk. No wonder.

Skateboarding makes you realize that practice is the only way to achieve perfection.

I have always had skateboarding in my blood ever since I can even remember.

Skateboarding is one of the most eco-friendly sports around.

Why not go skateboarding now and make your future self proud of you.

Friends, family, and a skateboard. What else can a man ask for? #everything

I will risk everything for skateboarding today then look back in the future and wish I had taken the risk.

Care to ride with me?

You ought to see us besties skateboarding in synchronism.

Skateboarding is more like a romantic ride than simply doing stunts.

Skateboarding is absolutely fun. There just isn’t a serious moment you spend skateboarding.

The rush I get from skateboarding actually pacifies me. #skateboarding

Always trying to catch the flip side whenever I am skateboarding.

Skateboarding and peace are synonymous.

The crew, my skateboard, and I – a really formidable team to reckon with.

If it has anything to do with skateboarding you can count me in.

The best, non-polluting vehicle in the world – my skateboard. #skateboard

The only activity in life that isn’t complex is skateboarding.

That’s me in the air on my skateboard practicing the perfect landing.

My skateboard and I are a couple inseparable. We are the best thing to have happened to each other.

The speed, the rush, and the thrill of skateboarding are so satisfying. #satisfy

I rather try and fail skateboarding rather repent for not having tried at all.

Skateboarding has a really great calming effect on me. #calm

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