List of 21+ Best Siemens Brand Slogans

One of the largest German transnational conglomerates based in Munich, Siemens was established in 1847. The company’s businesses are in Healthcare engineering, industry, energy, and infrastructures apart from power and gas, software, etc.

The total manpower of Siemens and its subsidiaries globally is a whopping 4 lakhs globally. 

Siemens Brand Slogans

Ingenuity for life

Availability is key at sea

Two worlds one switch

The future moving in

Between us let’s clear the air

For nights without limits and mornings without odours

Global network of innovation

Be smart be comfortable cool

Restoring life below the surface and above it

High tech brings new hope

There is more to life than waiting at airports

United by nature

Building cities worth building a future in

Health is more

Unleashing magic the ingenuity for life

Siemens energy sector — clean electricity for the world

Moving a city forward — one step at a time

Efficient machines with systems

Speed matters

Siemens — forward-thinking

Focused on you — more than gin focuses on tonic

Caring for your ears through years

Taking care from your head to toe

We don’t need no stinking fuel

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