205+ Catchy Secret Santa Captions for Instagram  to Make Your Own

What would Christmas be without a secret Santa? This year be a secret Santa or a Santa for your family, your close friends, your neighbors, and of course for the poor and needy! And after you receive a gift, do not fail to click a snap! Take up a caption from the list below, and your social media post is ready! 

Secret Santa Captions for Instagram 

Let’s be each other’s secret Santa this year! #lets 

Who’s your secret Santa this Christmas? #scretsanta  

Anyway, Santa is a secret! #asecret 

Gifts, when gifted secretly, are the best treasure you can find! #besttreasure 

La Familia playing secret Santa! #lafamilia 

Partners playing secret Santa all year round. #playing 

Sleighing at the secret Santa game. #sleighing 

What’s up, secret Santa? #whatsup 

The secret Santa week has begun! #secretSantaweek 

Keep calm and keep being a secret Santa! #keepcalm 

Keep calm and be a secret Santa to the poor. #beone 

Who invented the game secret Santa? Isn’t that the whole point of being a Santa? #whodid 

Being a secret Santa is a noble tradition. #noble 

Left a gift and ran as fast as I could! #ranasap 

Being a secret Santa for years. #foryearsnow 

Time for the fun to begin! #funbegins 

Guess who! #who 

A gift especially for you. #giftforyyou 

We bet you won’t be able to guess. #try 

Accepting the gift with a wide smile on my face! #gifts 

Gift exchanging is always fun! #always 

Expecting another gift pretty soon. #prettysoon 

From your secret Santa. #secretSanta 

No faith left anymore for being a secret Santa. #being 

The tradition of being a secret for so many years keeps us going. #keepgoing 

No romance is greater than being one’s secret Santa. #secretsanta 

Ho! ho! ho! #hohoho 

My dream has come true! #dream 

A silly note with my secret Santa gift. #sillynote 

Santa’s are always very sneaky. #haha 

I have been nice to everyone all year round. #beengood 

Moms deserve a secret Santa present more than anything. #momsdeserve 

Dancing all over the place! #allovertheplace 

Christmas is almost here, and what are you up to? #letssee 

Christmas is almost here, and have you played secret Santa yet? #asap 

Play the game to get a gift! #playthegame 

Secret Santa at least helps me to book a gift. #bookagift 

You never know if Santa might turn up or not. #mayormaynot 

Makes me grin that I am everyone’s secret Santa. #grinning 

If you do not get anything, you’ll know I was your secret Santa. #sorrynotsorry 

I might have been bad to people all year round. I didn’t get any secret presents. #singlelife 

Is it like a club or something? #yeahaclub 

I am your secret Santa, and I am the gift itself! #isntitprecious 

When couples give each other as presents to each other, why do you even have to play a game! #irony 

Gift Exchange *city name*! #GSE 

It is a big hurdle when you are your sister’s secret Santa. #whatishouldiget 

Somebody needs to put up a list of gifts that can be gifted. #togift 

To gift or not to gift is the real question. #tobeornottobe 

Santa is coming back to town! #backintown 

Your secret Santa is coming into town! #incoming 

Checked on her list twice, and nothing was cheap. #nothingischeap 

Petition to enlist cheap gifts for secret Santa. #petition 

Expecting a present underneath my bed pretty soon. #expecting 

Do you know who would make a curious secret Santa? #thinkhard 

It’s half past midnight; my stockings aren’t filled yet! #WhereisSanta 

Candies for Christmas gifts. #candies 

If you get my brother as your husband, you are then supposed to be my secret Santa! #secretSanta 

The package won’t show up at your doorstep. #package 

Expect a present underneath your bed anytime soon. #underneath 

If it’s in the hands of a stranger, I am scared for my life now. #scared 

It’s in my best friend’s interest! #shit 

Merriest gifts for the introverts. #merriest 

Peanut butter cookies, chocolates, and candies. #ccube 

Christmas presents are fulfilling. #fulfilling 

Do not invite people who do not like to spend on gifts! #banthem 

Funny Secret Santa Captions  

What a hack it is to be your girlfriend’s secret Santa! #itsterrifying 

The magical time of the year is here again! #magical 

Secret Santa stress is real. #forreal 

Christmas lights for presents. What say? #presents 

Throwing a party for my introverted brother because I am his secret Santa! #throwingaparty 

One beautiful gift at a time. #oneatatime 

Can coupons be listed as secret Santa presents? #coupons 

Huddle together with best friends and play secret Santa! #huddletogether 

Consider these captions to be your present, okay? #consider 

Be good otherwise; I shall not give you your present. #looksmart 

Look smart and be good all year round and score yourself a secret Santa. #findapartner 

A secret Santa is a desperate measure to find a partner. #desperatemeasure 

Pick a name! Be quick! #bequick 

Pick a name! And collect your present! #collect 

Santa is bringing in good vibes and cheers! #goodvibesandcheers 

We did secret Santa this year, and none of us got gifts! #noneofus 

The only thing lit this year is the secret Santa game! #secretSantagame 

Christmas and Santa go together. #christmasandSanta 

O! What fun it is to be a Santa! #whatfun 

They are probably up to snow good. #nogood 

My secret Santa is up to snow good. #whereisheeven 

All I want for Christmas is a secret Santa for next year! #asecretSanta 

It’s time for the secret Santa to come! #timeformetocome 

Merry Christmas from my secret Santa to yours. #merryChristmas 

I have prepared a secret Santa list. #preparedalist 

Exchanging gifts and being secret Santa’s for each other since 1999. #exchanginggifts 

You don’t have to thank me for being your secret Santa! #thankyou 

Greetings from your secret Santa. #greetings 

Roses are red; violets are blue. Be my guest and be my secret Santa! #bemyguest 

Our office played secret Santa this year, and guess what! We all got amazing gifts! #amaze 

Holly is making you jolly. #holly 

Keep on trying! #keeptrying 

My life, my wish, my gift. But who’s the secret Santa? #who 

Hopeful that my gift shall be worth it. #worthy 

Santa’s way too late this time. #toolate 

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