131+ Catchy Secret Captions For All Social Media

Every person falls in love with someone, and more often than not, we roll gone through that phase secretly admiring someone. Looking at them gives you butterflies in your stomach, and this calls for a fantastic post for social media. Here are some secret admirer captions for social media for you to get inspired from this Valentine’s Day.

Secret Captions for Instagram

You’ll never know who admires you the most. #hiddenfeelings

I’m happiest when I see you enter the room.

Always thinking of you only.

I keep praying and wishing for you secretly.

When people gaze at the moon, I stare at you.

I only want you to be happy forever.

I just cannot tell you what I feel for you. #feelings

Just so long as I get to see you, I’m OK with it.

I just can’t bring myself to talk with you.

You’re too important to me. I just can’t tell you that.

I just realized that would make everyone feel special, not just me.

You’re extremely special, but I can’t find the courage to tell you so.

Since I can’t tell you, I told the moon my feelings for you.

I only wish that you could see how much you mean to me.

I know you cannot understand till I tell you. But I just can’t.

I can never forget you, even if I’ve never told you so myself. #love

Either we’ll spend a long time together, or I’ll have memories to cherish forever.

You may not understand what I feel for you. 

I still miss you, and you still matter to me. Just that I could never tell you.

You’re always in my heart and soul. I just can’t express it well enough.

I don’t know about love, but I know I have something with you.

I only wish you knew that you are my universe.

If only I could tell you that I want you to be my future.

It’s been years, and I still think of you day and night.

I can never tell you, but I wish you well.

I always ask the almighty to take care of you. #secretadmirer

You never saw that I smile only when you are around.

I keep begging God to keep you safe and sound always.

Your eyes keep assuring me that all will be fine.

I just cannot fathom why I go dumb when you are near me.

Only I can see that you are without any flaw at all.

Although we didn’t date, you were somewhat like an ex.

At least I crossed your mind. That’s what matters most.

My heart always skips a beat when you smile. #heart

I will always end with those who will keep seeing you every day.

I just don’t know how to explain to you what you actually mean to me.

Look into your heart, and you’ll see how important you are to me.

My heart keeps talking to you every day of my life.

Do you ever wonder about me?

You don’t know it, but you are in my prayers all the time.

I wish I could bear my heart for you to see how special you are to me.

My heart only wishes that’ll wake up next to you.

Every Valentine’s Day, I have you with me, in my thoughts.

You never tell me your feelings, just like I never tell you mine. #secret

I see the whole world in your eyes.

We have been apart for years, but my heart still loves you and misses you.

We have feelings in our hearts but somehow cannot express them.

You’ll always be in my heart and mind, even if I can’t tell you so.

I only keep hoping that you are happy wherever you are.

Whenever I am, my heart only searches for you.

If only you could understand what I hold in my heart for you.

It’s OK that we never expressed our love. But I’ve always loved you.

I never could tell you for fear of being smitten.

My prayers are incomplete if I don’t have you in them. #secretadmirer

I seem to fly to the moon and back whenever I see you.

If you were with me, everything would be fine.

Funny Secret Captions

I’ve never been able to tell you that you mean the whole world to me.

My heart will just never replace you, even if you don’t know it.

The silence we share makes our love grow deeper.

If only I could tell you that you are my sun and moon and all the stars.

I’ve never been able to tell you how much I want you to be with me.

You are simply irreplaceable.

I can be anything at all, but I just want to be yours. #valentine

I just can’t understand why I’m always reminded of you.

I’ve never been able to talk to you about my feelings for you.

My hands craved to hold you, and my heart craves to love you.

Your thoughts have taken over my heart and my soul.

If you’re happy without me, I will only want you to be happy.

I talk about you with everyone, but I’ve never been able to talk to you.

You’re equal to all the diamonds in the world. Just that I’ve never told you so.

Your thoughts and memories are all that I have.

I’ve always wanted you to be mine but could never tell you so.

I delete every message just to make sure yours are with me. #admirer

I guess we’ll have to except to miss each other our whole lives.

Do you ever stop and think that you miss me? I wonder.

I sincerely hope that you’ll keep me in your thoughts.

If you love me, you hear me even in my silence.

I just cannot gather the courage to tell you.

How I wish you could read my mind.

We will have unfinished business forever.

I adore you even knowing that you have no feelings for me. #adore

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