100+ Catchy Save earth Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Earth’s natural elements like air, water, soil, and forests are getting depleted by the day and we need to try our personal best to replenish these resources. The captions given below will surely attract more attention to this good cause.

Save Nature Captions for Instagram

Mother nature keeps on giving, it’s our turn now. #naturelove

Little drops make up an ocean, we can all do our part.

It’s a pity that mother nature needs saving.

Plant trees or forget fresh air. #breatheIn

They say that prevention is better than cure, there is no cure here anyway.

Mother nature gives us life and pollution is a slow poison, your call what to choose.

Stick to no plastic.

We can make the world a better place to live in.

We should give the next generations at least as clean an environment as we have, if not better.

The cleaner the air, the healthier the mind.

There is no us if there is no nature. #MotherNature

Save the planet that has saved you.

The greener the earth, the safer the next birth.

Nature does heal itself, but the disease called man spreads more rapidly. #humanity

We don’t even have another planet to choose from if this one goes down.

Minimize global warming or forget drinkable water. #cleanWater

It takes years for natural resources to develop, and it takes minutes for man to exhaust it.

We need to remind ourselves that we are if the Earth is, not the other way around.

Even the sun wants to harm us but mother Earth does not.

Plant more trees, minimize carbon emissions, practice sustainability and we might stand a chance.

Plant a tree, and live your life carefreely. #plantTrees

If you care for nature, you aren’t a social activist, you are a good human being.

Mother nature is a chest of treasure that we have emptied, it’s high time we gave back.

Nature is for everyone but abusing its resources is not. #naturelover

Even your skin is happy when the air and water are fresh.

You may or may not believe in God, but nobody can save you from the wrath of nature.

All beautiful things are meant to be preserved, well guess what’s most beautiful in the world.

Today’s efforts will translate into tomorrow’s benefits.

Go green or go home isn’t true, we won’t have a home if we don’t go green. Go green or no home.

The eco-friendly the decisions, the happier nature.

 Being nature friendly is always in trend. #EcoFrendly

Being a nature lover is the coolest thing you can be.

Mother nature never asks us to change then why should we let it change. #climatechange

In life, plant yourself like a tree, and for nature just plant a tree.

It’s a humongous task but we can move forward one tree at a time.

The cleaner the air, the brighter the future. #savetheplanet

All you need to save nature is a cycle, a good heart, and awareness.

Half of the war is won when you make people aware. #makepeopleAware

Beautiful sunsets and windy days will all be gone if we don’t change our ways.

Nature has given us many chances; we might have just over extender our stay.

We always take our necessities for granted before it’s snatched away from us.

Saving nature instantly takes your awesomeness to the next level.

God and nature are everywhere, be aware. #Environment

Nature has nurtured us since birth and all we have done is exploit.

Loving nature is the healthiest relationship you will ever encounter.

Funny Save Nature Captions

Nature is filled with mysteries and miracles, that’s one more reason to protect it.

Find me a better teacher than mother nature. #natureIsBest

It’s a group project to protect nature where everyone has to contribute “for a change”. #change

Nature helps us to find ourselves and we are contributing to making it find the end.

Nature has complete control over us, we are just fooling ourselves, pretending.

The disasters are nothing but punishment for our exploitation of nature.

Green is the new black. #Greenery

All that the world needs right now is more positivity and lots of greenery.

Who does not immediately become happy after experiencing greenery?

Try taking a nap in the lap of mother nature, you’ll miss it forever.

Do it for you if not for the Earth.

Going green isn’t an idea but a revolution. #GoGreen

Forests protect, forests provide and if there are no forests, we will have no place to hide.

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