100+ Funny Savage Squad Captions for Instagram

To have a group of friends who are crazy like you is one of the best things that could happen to you. They are always there for you when you need them, just like how you are. They are always down for fun and even there for situations where you just can’t get yourself up. So here are a few squad captions for you.

Savage Squad Captions

No in no out squad.🀞#squad

Where we go, we go together. πŸ’—#together

What would I even do without a squad like this who’s always down for fun.πŸ˜„#friendship

A group of people who bring so much light and love into my life.πŸ’―#friends

When with them, worries I forget. πŸ’—#love

Nothing and no one could ever get into our group and break us apart.πŸ’ž#girls

We travel, we have fun, we cry, we laugh, and we do almost everything together.✌️

Be with people who know how to have fun and how to console you when you cry.🀞#music 

To be with friends is another level of peace and fun.πŸ’―#art 

People around us may be jealous of how much fun we have.πŸ€#motivation 

We stay together for every kind of situation life throws at us.πŸ’—#summer 

Nothing could ever stop us from having fun and laughing till we die.πŸ’―#bestsquad

Blessed to have friends I can always count on.πŸ™‡β€β™€οΈ#besties 

Think twice before even trying to think about us.πŸ’―#loveyourself 

In the squad, we trust; in the squad, we move ahead.❀️#squad

No one could even dare to break us apart; we are stronger than any possible relationship on this planet.πŸ’β€β™€οΈ#likes

We could win the contest of who knows better if conducted.πŸ˜„ #photo #goals

If there’s a competition to reveal secrets for a cash prize, we will lose it for sure.πŸ˜‚

Spending time with my friends is the time I look forward to the most.🩡#lifestyle

Not every person in the world would understand the bond that we all share.✌️#explore

A bond that is unbreakable and promises that are forever kept.⭐️ #friendsforlife 

We take secrets to the grave, and once we are dead, secrets remain forever in our graves.✨️#fashion

Nothing in the world could tear our group apart; nothing in the world could even think to tear our group apart.πŸ˜„#bhfyp

No one would understand why we laugh out loud, just like no one would understand why we laugh out loud.🀞#goodfriends

We might not make sense while we talk most of the time, but we certainly know when we have to make sense.⭐️#bestie. 

Nothing could ever stop us from having the best times and making good or bad memories together.✨️#goodtimes 

It would be hard for people to understand why we are always together, and it would be even harder for them to understand how we stay together.πŸ’― #goodvibes 

Who would even want to dream of losing friends as I have? Well, certainly not me.☺️#trending

To have a group of friends whom you can always count on and who has your back is just a pure blessing.πŸ’―#travel 

To be blessed with people who help you clear out your doubts and make you a better person every day.πŸ’—#lovequotes

I have always dreamt of having friends as I have now, and my prayers have been answered.πŸ’ž#beautiful

Yes, we do most of the things together, but we never forget how to have fun while doing it.🩷#best 

No matter how old and grey we get, we will never forget to have fun and laugh till our stomachs hurt.🩷#followforfollowback 

A group like this I will never find a group like this is hard to find.πŸ’―#instadaily

You have to most certainly dig up your own graves when you even think of tearing us apart.πŸ˜‚#quotes

You might get a wolf alone to kill it, but remember that every wolf has a stronger pack.🌟#memes

I haven’t seen friends as I have, and I haven’t seen friends who have fun as we do, either.✨️#friendshipquotes

What’s fun without having a group of friends who have the best sense of humor?🌸

To be in a group of friends having the same mindset to grow and heal is everything you will ever need.πŸ’ž#forever 

We always bring smiles to each other’s faces, no matter what.πŸ˜„#party 

The smile on our faces will never fade unless and until we are together.πŸ’ž#likeforlikes

We always aim to have the best time, and eventually, we have it.🌟#funny 

We keep everyone wondering how we stay together all the time, and we continue to do so.⚑️#picoftheday 

To be the best is not what we aim for; to be the ones who bring happiness in each other’s life is what we aim for.⭐️#nature 

We have the most fun even when we are not with each other, just like how we always know we have each other’s back.πŸ€#cute #happiness 

To thrive forward and To thrive To have fun is what we do on a daily basis.🌸#bff #bestfriend 

When together worries we forget; when together more memories we make.😊#follow #memories 

Love to spend time with people who think alike and always have time to listen to my sob stories.πŸ’―#family

We only have one thing on our minds when we are together, and that is to have fun.🌱#smile

Time always goes fast when we are together, which only leaves us wanting more.❀️

We do not care about others when we are together; we just be vibing and have fun.πŸ˜„#like #photooftheday 

We don’t let others in at any cost, don’t want to mess up what we have.✌️#photography 

Our group has all the words related to fun in our dictionary.πŸ’—#friend

You wouldn’t find negativity in our group even if you search inside out.❣️#life #fun

Fun is what we chase after, not people.❣️#happy

We help each other in need, just like how we are together while we are having fun.🩢#friendsforever

We stay together in every tough aspect of our life, and we will continue to stay so.🧑#bestfriends

Not everyone knows what kind of friendship we share and how much fun we have.πŸ’ž#instagram 

We have the best friendship one could only dream of having.🀌#instagood 

We might be weird, but we definitely know how to have fun.πŸ’―#friendshipgoals 

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