100+ Catchy Sassy Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Being sassy (without the cheekiness, of course) is a real gift to showcase and calls for posting on social media as well. One needs to be innovative when posting sassy captions.

So here we have carefully crafted a list of captions for your sassy posts for you to use across social media and get a lot more followers and likes.

Sassy Instagram Captions

Glitz and glamor are nothing matched to class. #classy

Smile and laugh as long as you have those teeth. #sassy

Life goes on. So do I. #classic

Don’t seethe in anger, you have been beaten. #swag

Even my heels are higher than your standards. #attitude

Simply put, never try to bring me down. #loveyourself

A classy lady is what I am. #class

My happiness holds more priority than anything else. #happiness

Classy and sassy is a fantastic combination. #feelingawesome

I do not enter your periphery. Respect is mutual.

Lifting others makes us rise. #classy

A smile to bury them all after my success kills them.

My tale has only one princess. Me. #classic

Being real is so much easier than trying to make you happy.

The best stories are all about the worst choices. #swag

Do you think a diamond is created without first facing the pressure?

Sass? Yes. Class? Yes. Smartass? Yep, but just a little. #attitude

I will rather be the classic one in such a trendy world. #classy

My lingerie isn’t where my home is. #sassy

Good to be a queen – even if it is only in a small world, so long as I own it.

Just like an exception, an abnormality is also unique. #classic

An idiot deserves your silence only. #classy

The style will always be the same, irrespective of fashion. #swag

Where’s the insult when I try describing you? #classy

Marriage is an institution, but more mental. #swag

I may feel too hard to handle but that isn’t a problem for me.

If you try to hurt my feelings, I am still searching for them.

The name? It is ‘Classy Dame.’ #sassy

To be good or bad is my prerogative alone. #classy

Tried to put me down? It only worked like a boomerang.

I have grown into a woman with an attitude. #classic

Whatever a woman says has sense in it. So men, don’t fight us.

Don’t blame me if you fall in love with me. #classy

For me, by me, to me. #swag

The quiet ones are the ones who actually can think. #sassy

Don’t wear mitts on both hands. Keep one hand free to throw back something.

Whether my life is perfect or not is my worry. Why do you bother?

It’s better to hate everyone rather than be prejudiced. #attitude

I am happy. My only motto is to keep staying that way. #sassy

Seconds are seconds. They never match up to the original. #classic

At first, the truth may seem unbearable, but it actually will set you free. #loveyourself

For the world to believe in you, you must believe in yourself first.

Whose slap would you wish to face first? Fates or mine? #feelingawesome

She wins every battle with her weapons – her smile. #classy

Good to be sensually classy. #swag

Look innocent. Be wild.

You know you are unique when people stare. #attitude

She is the rainbow who dazzles you into blindness. #classic

She always saw her hero in the mirror. #sassy

Only standards work here, please. #classy

You just can’t as worse of me as I do of you, mate.

short sassy captions

I love my freedom. Try to appreciate that. #classy

Lift your head lest you lose both the throne and your crown.

Don’t mention the extra weight in us women. We usually live longer.

A few women are born glamorous. #classic

Look into my eyes. You will see what I mean to you. #swag

I rather eat one cake than twelve slices. #sassy

I am good enough. So no use trying to demean me. #feelingawesome

Always be the girl with a mind of your own.

Sass is meant to be spread all around. #classy

All things with soul are attractive to her. #attitude

The woman you always wanted is here in me. #loveyourself

My attitude has been passed down by my ancestors through the ages.

Being myself is so much better than being a copy. #swag

Even tips wouldn’t help you to handle me. #sassy

Don’t miss the fun. Break the rules. #classic

Oh, so you are the player. Great to meet you. I am the coach. #classy

If you thought she’s simple, then quantum physics is just child’s play for you. #feelingawesome

No use in staying stuck in a place I never like. See you.

However innocent be the face, there is always a wild side to it. #attitude

If people stare, make them stare more. #swag

I am unique irrespective of whether you think I am exceptional or abnormal.

Sometimes an innocent beauty. A fearful beast at other times. #loveyourself

How my hair looks will tell you of my mood. #sassy

I believe in quality, not quantity. #classic

I will rather be an “Oops!” to a “What if……” #classy

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