100+ Catchy Sarma Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

Social media is a great platform to become popular. More so if you have appropriate captions to boost your posts and gain many likes and followers to your posts. Check out this list of captions for your posts on Sarma.

Sarma Captions for Facebook

 A ravishing beauty was placed on my platter to be savored and appreciated.

Just roll them up like a burrito. And eat them like wraps. #burritowraps

Thaw them on low heat gradually so that they don’t fall apart.

Did you know that sarma is a dish originally invented by the Persians?

It is the crispy freshness that makes sarma so special. #specialsarma

The taste is all that matters to me. And the flavor. And everything else about sarma, frankly. #sarma

The sexiest food any man could ask for. And the most beautiful, too.

The yaprak dolmasi is the best among them all. #dolmasi

These rolls with so many types of side dishes as well. #rolls

What flavor these wraps have. Simply mind-blowing. #flavor

Wild grape leaves are the best leaves to use to make sarmas.

Croatia’s national dish. And the national dish of many other countries, too.

Taste and health wrapped in this one. #wrapped

Strong and rich in taste and flavor. But very light on the pocket.

Fish and shrimp sarmas are also great alternatives. #alternative

Wrapped in love. Served in leaves. Loved by all. #loved

Warm water can make cabbage leaves quite pliable to roll around, without breaking.

Sarma is the best thing that has happened to mankind.

You won’t believe it till you have tasted it for yourself. #believe

Enjoy the ones they make here. Simply out of this world.

Breathtaking beauties dressed in green for me to taste and enjoy. #dressed

One invention made by man that should make us proud to be human beings.

You will love these sarmas for sure. Just try them today. #trysarma

Sarma is my best food ever. There are some others too, though.

Come in and fall in love with our family.

The best of the best is where you will find us. #bestofbest

These are the best wraps and rolls I have ever had.

This one has been around since the 16th century. #longtime

All green and rich in protein. And so much of meaty fillings.

What a sarma joint this is. Bring everyone here. Great service. That’s our home.

Sarma Captions for Instagram

You can always expect the best grape leaves to have been used for their wraps here. #bestleaves

Sarma is also known as cabbage rolls. I knew you knew that.

The all-in-one dish that I can think of. #dish

If you love sarma, we can be friends. #friend

My sarma is an all-rounder for sure. It satisfies all around.

An eatery that serves only sarmas and dolmas.

Sometimes the simplest things can be so tasty. #tasty

The flavor of the leaves makes it so special. #leaves

You will find different flavors in sarma and dolma. #dolma

The sarmas here are really big. Two of these are enough for lunch.

Eat these leafy rolls. They are packed with health and taste. #rolls

This Ottoman food is one that everyone will appreciate.

You will treat yourself to sarma if you love yourself. #loveyourself

They can be served as starters, appetizers, snacks, or even as a main course.

I eat dolmas and sarmas together. #together

It’s only yaprak sarmasi for me.

Why settle for anything less when you can get the best at the same price?

Use virgin olive oil and sautee the wraps. #wraps

I am just crazy for sarmas. #crazy

You can sarma in various tastes across the Baltic States. #various

One dish you will never be able to deny yourself – the sarma.

A wrap that must include rice as part of the stuffing.

Stuff yourself with these stuffed wraps and rolls.

This leaf dolma is simply fantastic. #fantastic

Can you think of anything healthier or tastier than my sarmas?

Small portions of rice and meat wrapped in cabbage leaves.

Homemade food is the best food. And it is even more so when it is sarma.

The flavor is so mesmerizing. #mesmerize

Sarmas are also known as shawarmas. Either way, they are both extremely delicious and wholesome.

The vine leaves are the main ingredient that makes these sarmas so special. #special

Sarma Captions for Twitter

Sarmas for my birthday are the most interesting offering you could have made.

This is wrapped. Not stuffed. #wrapped

The recipe has been passed down the generations in our family.

What a pleasant surprise, it’s my favorite sarma for dinner. #surprisedinner

Surprise your taste buds with a fantastic platter of sarmas. #platter

Come home and have my mother’s sarmas.

Show your love. Have some sarmas. #showlove

Whether wrapped in vine leaves or cabbage, it only has to be sarma, that’s all.

Every gourmet’s delight. #delight

Homemade sarmas are the best one could ever desire.

Satisfaction is assured when you eat sarmas from here.

Never ask me to share my sarma. #share

I am an avid fan of sarma. It is a great middle-eastern delicacy.

Expect to be served the best sarma tatlisi when you come to our home. #tatlisi

A plate of sarmas is all you need to keep you filled and happy.

The Turkish have given the world a dish to savor fondly.

Always order sarmas by name. #order

We have a Polish version of sarmas. They call them halupki and golumpki.

Feel like a royalty when you eat sarma. #royalty

The one and only Turkish love I have.

Veg, fish, or meat, every sarma is worth eating.

Whatever these sarmas are called, I call them delicious. #delicious

You will love ordering sarmas when hanging out with friends or family.

A wrap anyone will fall in love with. #fallinlove

It is a traditional Turkish borek, only that it has meat and is salty.

If you aren’t having sarmas you are missing a grand thing in life.

Sarma goes with any light side dish. #sidedish

Just let the sarma do the trick to satisfy you.

A glass of smooth wine goes very well with these sarmas. #wine

In northern Europe, these sarmas are also called cabbage casseroles. #casserole

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