208+ Catchy Santa’s Bag Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Are you trying to be a Santa, or are you expecting a gift to come out of Santa’s bag? Both ways, you get to click a picture to boost your personality on your social media posts! And we have got you covered for a must-needed caption! Below are some ‘Santa’s bag’ captions! 

Santa’s Bag Captions for Instagram 

What’s in Santa’s Bag? #gifts 

A Santa’s bag is a pandora’s den. #den 

A whole lot of gifts in a Santa’s bag. #manymany 

How many gifts do you think there are? #howmany 

Do you want to steal Santa’s bag? #nuhuh 

Opening a Santa’s bag would be so much fun! #fun 

Imagine the number of gifts packed and hidden in his bag? #justimagine 

Imagine getting a gift from Santa and then enjoying it. Now go back to imagine. #haha 

Do you think Santa’s bag has something other than just gifts? #onlygifts 

A Santa’s bag is only reserved for gifts. #reserved 

I bet Santa has his eyeliner in the bag. #eyeliner 

The bag opens into a tunnel of secrets. #secrets 

Like the cupboard in Narnia, so is Santa’s bag. #narnia

Let’s pack some gifts and replace them with Santa’s bag. #replace 

Let’s gift each other something this Christmas! #lets 

I’ll put my wishes inside Santa’s bag. #inside 

My bae gives me the best Christmas gifts! No, I think he steals them from someone. #haha 

A list of grocery items to shop for. #uhwhat 

Look! I found Santa’s bag! #checkhere 

The countdown to Christmas has begun, and so has the countdown to Santa coming! #santaincoming 

Santa incoming. Everybody go back to sleep! #shush 

Santa is back in town! #backintown 

May Jesus protect Santa from the covid pandemic. #mayheprotect 

Can Jesus come dressed up as Santa? #miracle 

Jesus is Santa! #disguise 

When you put on Santa’s dress, you have a lot of responsibility. #loads 

Carry a bag. Santa always carries a bag. #always 

Get your bags full! #bagfull 

With big power comes big responsibility. #bigpower 

Who made you Santa Claus? #who 

Be safe this Christmas! #besafe 

Is Santa coming or not? #comingofcourse 

A bag full of stockings. #fullofstockings 

Who filled our stockings! #santa 

Did Santa come by, or did we get suddenly rich? #miracles 

Santa is for real, and that bag contains our gifts. #thatbag 

Santa didn’t shop. I did it for him. #sad 

I bought a Santa’s bag. #yay

I buy all the toys, and why does he get all the credit? #credit 

If you haven’t been good this year, Santa might not come near to you. #haveyoubeengood 

Don’t scare my child. #santaisreal  

I am the Santa Claus. #IAM 

Why doesn’t Santa have a face? Why do they wear a mask? #disguised 

Because the rich doesn’t like to show their faces. #nuhuh 

Santa with a bagful of beers. #beers 

Santa! Just put some great wine in your bag and surprise us! #, please 

Harry Potter didn’t spend Christmas alone. #idid 

Santa has promised me to bring my girlfriend in his bag for Christmas. #yay 

What else did you ask for! #forlovelylittlepartner 

I want you for Christmas. #you 

Already in the holiday mood! #holidaymood 

Maybe he has a plastic bag full of other plastic bags. #haha 

I am afraid what might pop out of Santa’s bag! #afraid 

Do you think there are drugs inside of it? #NO 

I bet he has something personal in his bag. The toy bag is a different one. #personalstuff 

Come on that can’t be Santa’s bag. It’s a small one! #itisnt 

Merry Christmas from mine to yours! #merrychristmas  

Santa wishes everybody a Merry Christmas! #merrychristmas 

Who listens to Santa if he doesn’t come bearing gifts? #manipulated 

Would you believe in Santa if he didn’t get you presents? #idk 

There are always four stages of life – you believe in Santa, then you don’t believe in him, then you become one, and ultimately you look at him! #ialwaysbelieveinSanta 

If you see an old bag, that’s Santa’s bag. #santasbag 

He carries that old bag wherever he goes. #carryingbags 

Aren’t his reindeers accompanying him this year? #where 

Where are the reindeers? #where  

The reindeers have become extinct. #extinct 

Praise be thy Lord. #praisebe 

Santa could have a Mercedes if he wished. #mercedes 

Let’s get Santa a massive car! Then he’ll never be late. #brainhack 

Somebody stole Santa’s bag. #whostole 

If only Christmas was year-long, we could have seen Santa shop in his bag. #santashopping 

Funny Santa’s Bag Captions  

Santa went shopping for everyone’s Christmas! #santawentsopping 

Who would hide inside a bag? A pup! #apupforreal 

Make it a December to remember! #December

Christmas is near! Who’s collecting presents? #who 

Recycling my old clothes this Christmas! #recycling 

Santa knows where all the bad girls live! #doeshe 

To be Santa or not to be, is the real question. #realquestion 

Let’s manipulate Santa to take him with us. #manipulate 

Santa is a bad guy. He always watching you! Or how does he know what you want! #detectiveholmeshere 

He knows what you want! #healwaysknows 

Maybe Santa’s guesses are very strong. #haha 

He who mustn’t be named has dressed up as Santa! #touche 

What a day it is! #whataday 

Santa drinking tea and smoking a cigar. What wholesome scenery! #wholesome 

If Santa can, why can’t I! #Santacan 

We are all a different version of Sant Claus. #different 

He has a bag full of who-knows-what. #giftswhatelse 

Can I be your girlfriend, Santa? #prettyplease 

What an experience it would be to be Santa’s girlfriend! #haha 

Santa’s bag is too small to fit a camcorder. #toosmall 

In the Christmas groove! #christmasgroove 

Finally, a Santa who loves to listen to rock! #lovestolisten 

Work hard to fulfill your dreams come true! Don’t keep believing in Santa! #workhard 

Can Santa offer me a job? #offeremeajob 

Interning for Santa and carrying his bag! #hahabutforreal  

What a fun hero! #fun 

Santa Claus is my hero! #MINE 

Santa is a perfect example of one-sided love! #onesidedlove 

Santa’s bag has got gifts for everyone. #foreveryone 

Santa is in everyone’s good thoughts. #everyones 

Presents and gifts. 

Wake up to a pair of stockings full of gifts on a snowy Christmas morning. #snowy 

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