100+ Catchy Sagittarius Zodiac Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

Captions are very important as they fill the gaps and make a post a perfect one. Captions in a few words make people understand what the post is all about. Thus a brief and compact caption is essential for a perfect social media post.

Here is given a list of captions relevant to your social media posts.

Sagittarius captions for Facebook

Sagittarius is one of the most optimistic zodiacs who find at least something positive in every negative situation. #optimistic

The intellect of a Sagittarius cannot be matched by many very easily.

When it comes to loyalty, Sagittarius should be trusted. #trust

A Sagittarius would love to keep a great number of friends around them.

Mixing up with anyone is very easy for me.

Making up conversations is my talent. #talent

A Sagittarius has no ego problem and is the one who makes the first move.

I can get away from every situation with my ideas.

I make people take advantage of my nature. #nature

Honesty is a great quality that you can expect from a Sagittarius.

I am what I am and people are free to judge me.

I have a problem with sticking to one thing and am always in need of variety. #variety

I have hilarious humor and can make you smile instantly.

Motivating anyone is very easy for me.

I can encourage a depressed person as well.

I can be a great companion who would give utmost comfort. #comfort

Meeting and interacting with new people is something which I love very much.

I am over-energetic in every situation and find enthusiasm in everything. #enthusiasm

I am the best because I belong to the Sagittarius zodiac. #best

It feels great to be a part of the Sagittarius family.

At times I’m the most impatient person in a group.

I am very curious about every situation and love gossiping. #curious

I love keeping my friends near me whatever my mood is.

I am very adventurous and always up for new experiences.

I am not boring and would never let my life be boring. #boring

I also come up with philosophical thoughts and become intellectual.

People do not take me seriously quite often.

People belonging to the Sagittarius family are fun-loving and live their life to the fullest. #fun

Sagittarius captions for Instagram

I am very outgoing and feel choked if I’m staying back at home.

I love my Independence and someone trying to restrict it will be out of my life.

I will care about you but will not directly show you. #care

I love traveling and exploring new places.

Travelling is my stress buster and I am always on my feet for it.

Sagittarius people tend to hold grudges for a long span of time. 

My life is great as I have the traits of a Sagittarius. #traits

I cannot be lonely and need people to constantly talk to. #talk

If I miss you, I will be the first to talk to you.

I like making new friends and making my circle bigger.

Maintaining my personality? What’s that?

I find joy in little things and do not need the moon to be satisfied. #little

If I enjoy your company, I can talk to you the whole day.

Comforting me is the easiest job for anyone.

If I make a plan, I will only focus on it till it is executed. #plan

I get excited I’m every situation.

I have anxiety attacks and it eats me up.

Sometimes I am calm and sometimes I am very short-tempered.

I can be super fake on your face and you would not have a hint about it. #face

I do not have any problem being the first one to ping up.

I always dream big and do not want to settle for anything less ever in my life. #life

I am very passionate about everything I do.

My energy and excitement are out of this world and have no limits.

My curiosity sometimes eats me up like anything. #curiosity

I can be rude to you but deep inside I can madly love you.

My family is everything for me and it feels satisfying to be around them.

I am very caring and can be beside you in your worst situations. #caring

Sagittarius captions for Twitter

I have commitment issues and find it difficult to dedicatedly stick to one partner.

I am always ready for new ventures.

I treat every day as a new one and always try to be positive. #positive

Staying positive despite severe sadness is my talent.

Being stubborn is my nature and it ruins many situations.

I cannot help but be sad about small things.

I am very strong from within but very weak from outside. #strong

The world is a fairy tale for me and sometimes I forget what reality is.

I do not prefer conflicts and try to avoid them.

My friends are a treasure and I can give my everything to them. #treasure

I am selfless for my friends.

If I am angry with you, I will tell you directly.

Having a strong focus is a problem for me because I get distracted very easily.

My love for my loved ones will never decrease. #love

My mood can be enlightened with a single phone call.

I am obsessed with social media.

I have fear of missing out and need to showcase my presence. #showcase

Sometimes I get over serious in casual situations.

I can get angry instantly without any reason.

I feel very restless and anxious quite often. #restless

If I start ignoring you, there is no effort from me.

I cannot wait for someone to text first.

A Sagittarius will go to any extent for their true friends.

I need to feel special from everyone around me. #special

If I get compliments, I am the happiest.

I can deal with fake people very easily.

What you think of me before and after knowing me is fully different.

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