160+ sad captions for instagram Posts

In a world of feelings, everyone just wants to swim in an ocean of happiness, but how right is that? 😢 Every feeling that you feel has to be taken into consideration, and that is how it should be.

Being sad is not wrong; feeling sadness is sometimes beautiful too. ☹️Every feeling can be articulated, even if you have a hard time expressing it. πŸ₯ΉSo I will give you these captions if you don’t find the right words to express.⬇️

Creative Sad Captions

Being sad is kind of beautiful, too; you realize how much that meant to you now that you don’t have it.❀️ So I present these captions for you, mate!☹️

In this world of happiness, I seem to drown in sadness most of the time. ☹️#sad

Eventually, all the sad waves pass after making it to the shore. πŸ™„ #sadcaptions

Being sad is kind of beautiful, too; just feel it. 😢 #beingsad

Don’t run away from pain, and it is there for a reason.⭐️ #pain

Some promises are made to be broken, and so is your heart. πŸ’« #promises

While your heart beats for someone else, mine beats just for you.🌸 #sadness

Will this sadness ever end? It kind of feels endless. 🩢 #sadly

This world always seems to find ways to run away from pain; why? 🫠#besad

It is okay to feel sad; it is okay to do nothing except feel sad. ☹️ #okaytobesad

Just as how much you want to be happy, it is only fair if you feel sad for a while to realize how much happiness means. 🩢 #sadcaptionsforyou

Funny Sad Captions

Your being sad is not the end of the world, so you don’t have to be the hero always; feel sad. Nothing is wrong, mate.❀️ So here are a few captions that I have coined especially for you!!⬇️

In a world of millions of people, I still like to be left alone. πŸ₯Ή #sadness

Everyone perceives me as innocent, but am I really?☹️ #sadcaptions

Wish everyone could disappear for a while so I could feel sad. πŸ™„ #sadcaptionsforyou

Nothing should keep you away from facing your sadness. 😢 #sadness

Hope is sometimes bad and not always good. πŸ™ #sad

Your heart is meant to be broken, don’t keep it guarded.😧 #heartbroken

I would like to swim away from the ocean of sadness that I keep drowning in. 😞 #sadness

Nothing is going to save you from your sadness except for yourself. πŸ˜“ #sadcaptions

Take your time to feel everything you want to feel. 😩 #feelsad

There’s a world of light; I often get lost in the dark.πŸ₯Ί #darkness

Professional Sad Captions

A coin has two sides so are happiness and sadness, so I present to you these sad captions which you might relate to.⬇️

Happiness and sadness are like two sides of a coin; one doesn’t exist without the other. πŸ₯Ί #tofeelsad

Will I ever get a taste of happiness after I seem to live in an eternity of sadness?😩 #sadness

My heart has been broken way too many times, and it is beyond repair. πŸ˜“#heartbroken

Feels like the entire world is conspiring against me, and I can’t do anything about it. 😞 #sadlife

To beat sadness, one should learn how to be happy.😧 #beingsad

If there is anything in this world that could break my heart a million times more, it is you. 😢#sad

If you’re sad over something, it means so much to you.πŸ™ #sadlife

Only if your heart is full can it be broken. πŸ’” #sadcaptionsforyou

Sad Captions With emoji

Being sad is something one shouldn’t be for long, or at least that is what people say, but I feel it is okay to be sad.πŸ™ So here are a few captions I have got ready so you can use them!⬇️

Even if my heart is broken into a million pieces, it still beats for you.πŸ’” #heartbroken

I am at a point where I don’t try to justify one’s actions, so if you want to leave, you are free. πŸ™ #sadcaptions

I have been hurt so many times now that I am used to it. 😢 #sad

Feeling numb after being hurt so many times, so go ahead and hurt me more; it doesn’t matter to me.😧 #sadcaptions

If you pour some more water into the ocean, will it matter? No, exactly. 😞 #sadcaptionsforyou

Nothing feels the same anymore after I have been hurt more than I deserve to be.πŸ˜“ #sadlife

What did I do so wrong that keeps getting my heart broken? πŸ₯Ί #heartbreak

In a world where people run away from heartbreaks, I try to live through the pain.😩 #heartache

Short sad captions

One is sad for not getting what they want, and while doing that, you will get your heart broken, but I say do it anyway; it is a way you can feel human pain.πŸ’” So here are a few captions for you, mate!⬇️

Even if you have stomped on my heart a million times, it still beats for you.πŸ’” #sad

No matter how hard I try to forget you, I keep going back to you. πŸ™ #pain

What have I done so wrong to you that you won’t even try to understand me? 😢#sadcaptions

I hang on to the small hope which may not even happen, but I still do.☹️ #sadcaptionsforyou

Maybe we aren’t meant to be together after all, but it still hurts so much. 😧 #heartache

I can’t get myself to forget you no matter how hard I try; why? Because you have made yourself at home in me. 😞 #sadlife

When will my heart finally stop bleeding for you? Not very soon. 😩 #hurt

Nothing makes sense once you get your heart broken, nothing! πŸ₯Ί#pain

Sad captions With hashtags 

Your heart is made to be broken, your heart is made to be fixed, but in the journey, you learn how to love.πŸ’” I have a few captions for you and hope you find them relatable.⬇️

Why do people hurt you even if they have been hurt the same way? πŸ™ #sadcaptions

Nothing seems to ever fix this broken heart; maybe it is waiting for you. 😢 #sadcaptionsforyou

Happiness only lasts for a few days; you get sad in the end. 😧 #happiness

No matter how the road is, go through it; nothing should stop you. 😞 #sad

Little by little, you lose your hope every day until you stop having any hope.πŸ˜“ #hope

Hope is a dangerous thing to depend on, sometimes good, sometimes bad. 😩 #sadcaptions

Pain heals with time, they said; how much it still hurts, they don’t mention. πŸ₯Ί #pain

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