Top 39+ Best Rum Brands in the World

Rum is an alcoholic drink produce by brewing and filtration of sugarcane’s syrup and extract. It results in a transparent liquid that is stored in an oak cask. The American Countries are mainly involved in the production of rum including those countries manufacturing sugar. 

Rums are categorized in groups as light, dark, and golden.

Rum Brands in the World

Appleton Estate

Country: Jamaica

It is identified as one of the top rum brands around the world. It is a high-end liquor with distillate oak containing fragrance of nutmeg and some exceptional spices. It is made from a combination of 20 flavors of rum. It is a delightful smooth drink with a bit of sugary taste.

Ron Medellin

Country: South America

In 1946, David Cadavid Gonima developed a real Colombian rum from the exceptional quality of honey and stored in an oak barrel with some natural savor without any preservatives. The hot temperature and the slight wetness gets converted to a gentle and mellow texture containing the smoky scent of honey.


Country: Dominican Republic

It is the brand name for different types of liquor rum, possessed by Ron Barcelo S.R.L. In 1950, he introduces the white and gold rums which were initially successful. Twenty years, later, he went on to launch more aged rum.

Havana Club

Country: Republic of Cuba

It is a brand of rum initially made in Cardenas by a privately owned business house of Jose Arechabala. It gained nationwide popularity in 1959. The government of Cuba along with the French company established a venture of Corporacion Cuba Ron to transport this sort of Havana Club worldwide.

Bacardi Rum

Country: Cuba

It was initially produced by a family-owned company of Don Facundo Bacardi Masso, in 1862, and was rewarded many times in the category of rum. It is globally recognized and consumed as an amazing drink. It is made from exotic yeast which is gathered from the sugarcane area to create an extraordinary savor.


Country: Philippine

It is the topmost recognized rum brand that is distributed worldwide. It competed successfully against Bacardi in the year of 2007, in acquiring the top position in rum. It is sold widely in Asia and now, in America. It is owned by conglomerate LT Group.


Country: Brazil

It is a well-known alcoholic brand that has secured a higher position in the sale of rum. It is most preferred by Brazilians and also, uses the eponym of a Spanish municipality. It is an alcohol made from fresh sugarcane which is packaged and found in different styles across the world.


Country: UK

It is a brand of liquor rum possessed by the Edrington based in the UK. It is top sold in the Caribbean and Spain. Despite failures, it somehow continued to secure its growth rate with 22% in the United States. It is a distilled brown rum obtained after the fermentation of molasses. 

Aluna Coconut Rum

Country: Guatemala

It is a brand of liquor that is categorized as white rum. It is a mellow Aluna coconut drink. It is made from natural enduring coconut water with a blend of Aluna Colada, pineapple, ice cubes, and a pinch of lime extract. It is considered as a pleasant drink.

Ron Zacapa Xo

Country: Guatemala

It is a brand of liquor composed of dried fruits and a spicy, caramelized ingredient. It is a high-end rum. Its package is stored at 2300m higher of sea level. It is blended with some 25 years aged rums. It persists to be transparent along with fruity savor and sweet spices.

Pineapple Grenade Overproof Rum

Country: Guyana

It is a liquor brand containing pineapple and caramelized salt along with some spice. Spicy flavored rum is a growing trend since, a decade. It possesses an enduring tang that distinguishes the usage of spices in inferior liquor. It has an alcoholic content of 65% by volume. It is a delicacy liquor.

Dead Man’s Finger

Country: UK

This rum brand owns the ingredients of pineapple fruit, brown sugar, and ginger condiments. It is planning to launch its drink as the Brewdog which is recognized as disdain, tender, and skeptical. So, it may be shocking for some perfectionist during the felicitation of such spicy flavored pineapple rum.

Plantation Stiggin’s Fancy Pineapple

Country: Barbados, Trinidad, and Jamaica.

It is a brand liquor that contains the components of pineapple, citrus, and smoky tang with a fruity quirk. It is an amazing sugary rum best considered as a substitute for spirit lovers. It uses a composition of the brand’s 3-star drink and then, further brewed in the essence of pineapple. 

Cut Smoked

Country: Jamaica and Trinidad

It owns the properties of coffee beans, oaked vanilla, and tobacco. It is soaked with flickered oak fragments and stored in an oak cask to older. It is one of the excellent rum for its intense and high-quality presence of flavor which may quirk you as a sweetmeat.

Diplomatico Ambassador

Country: Venezuela

It is a brand liquor with luxurious fruity flavors. It had been felicitated with rewards for being a rum which was aged in a bourbon barrel for about ten years’ and after that, it was stored for an addition of 2 years’ in Pedro Ximenez’s barrel. Its alcoholic content is 47%.

Clement XO Rhum

Country: Martinique

It is a brand of rum that contains the savor of vanilla, oak, and edible fruits. It is a complicated highly organized mix of exceptional aged drinks. It is obtained from raw sugarcane extracts. This sugarcane extract uses fluid of the renowned olden years that were involved in making aged wine.

Abuelo Centuria

Country: Panama

It is a brand of light flavored and full body wine with an alcoholic property of somewhat 12.5% and 13.5% with an ultra-fine fruity savor. It is cherished with great relishing during a celebration at home. It is made from cultivated sugarcane and with a mix of 30 years aged rum.

Saint James Cuvee 250th Anniversary

Country: Martinique

It has a spicy, oak, and dry condiment tang. It uses a mix of the breathtaking collection of the wine of olden years to commemorate 250 years, that involved in the production of aged wine. This brand is a first-class sophisticated rum with an overall of 800 liquor bottles.

Angostura Cask Collection No.1 French Oak Cask

Country: Trinidad

This sweet vanilla and spicy flavored is widely recognized as aromatic alcohol with brewed botanic. It has a bitter taste because of clove and cinnamon. It mixes confound rums to some extent. For twisting, it’s aged for a decade in American oak and six years in French oak cognac barrel.

Reserva De La Familia Serralles

Country: Puerto Rico

It is the most aged rum collection of Don Q range. It has an exquisite, fruity, and witheredness in savor. It is a moderate bodied wine with fine fruit, vanilla essence, and oak flavor to balance consistency pleasantly on appetite.

Foursquare Rum Distillery Port Cask Finish

Country: Barbados

An ultra-fined mixture of bulky distilled apparatus with pale distilled column rum. It is stored for a maturity period of six years in a hogshead and further aged for three years in a dry port barrel. It is a pleasant moderate liquor with finishing dryness.

Cacique Guaro

Country: Costa Rica

It was introduced in 1853, by FANAL. It is a brand of liquor that contains transparent liquid of sugarcane extracts using distillation which is also termed as Guaro. It has a bit of sugary savor than other liquors of rum. It has a 70% to 80% alcoholic presence in recent measurement by volume.

Captain Morgan

Country: Jamaica

It is a rum brand launched in 1944 by Diageo with 35% of alcohol by volume and 70% proof. It is categorized as golden rum. It uses the eponym of Henry Morgan, of the Caribbean island. It uses a tag of “Live like the Captain”. It is produced through distillation using sugarcane.

Kraken Rum

Country: Trinidad and Tobago

It is a Caribbean brand of rum produced in 2010 with 47% ABV. It is a black spirit liquor with spicy flavors. It is supplied by Proxima Spirits in the US and uses the eponym of Kraken. The original production is rendered in Trinidad. It undergoes distillation using molasses of sugarcane.

Mount Gay

Country: Barbados

It is the most aged distillery that involved in the production of commercial rum since, 1703. It is widely supplied as a popular drink around the world with its highly focused sales in America. It is extracted from sugar molasses including water that is already filtered through inborn coral.

Sailor Jerry 

Country: USA

It is a spicy flavored distilled rum brand originated in the Virgin Islands, which was produced following the historical analysis amidst maritime rums. It uses organic condiments and preservatives to enhance it with a luxurious mellow savor with a hint of sweet vanilla and the aroma of cinnamon. 

Zaya Rum

Country: Trinidad

It is a rum brand developed in the southernmost region of the Caribbean using the distillation process. It is a high-end quality rum selected precisely and is produced with a mix of 12 distinct and exotic flavored rums that are almost aged for 18 years. It has been double times gold rewarded.

Vizcaya rum

Country: Dominican Republic

It is an eventually drinkable rum made from using the wine-making methods of Cuba of the 19th Century through distillation. It is usually prepared from the cultivated fresh sugarcane extracts that are fermented before distillation it in an oak cask for aging purpose.

The McCoy Rum

Country: Barbados

It is prepared through a distillery situated at the Foursquare of Barbados. It is an amalgamation of a column and a distilled apparatus. It is extracted from the exceptional quality of molasses and unadulterated water. It is distilled in a unique column and apparatus, subsequently, stored for maturity in the American oak bourbon cask.

Boukman Rhum

Country: Haiti

It is a traditional spicy liquor of Haiti, introduced in 1791, by Dutty Boukman, with an intent to signify and relish liberty. It is usually a handmade spirit that involves a distillation process obtained from fresh sugarcane extracts after brewing it with plants produce. It uses a blend of aromatic condiments.

Malibu Rum

Country: Barbados

It is a brand liquor with a blend of brewed molasses, coconut essence, and Caribbean rum. It is produced by West Indies Rum Distillery Ltd with an alcohol property of about 21% along with proof of 42. This rum was first produced by Tom Jago, later purchased by Pernod Richard.

Gosling Brothers Rum

Country: Hamilton, Bermuda

It is a company that produces the brand rum by integrating with other rums. It is focused on supplying and retailing Gosling rums globally and on the island. It was established in 1806 using distillation. It is concerned with the production of black seal, gold, and old rum.

Flor de Cana

Country: Nicaragua

It was established in 1890, by Compania Licorera de. It is a high-end brand rum with 40% of alcohol by volume and a proof of 80. It involves five times filtration. It is aged in an oak cask after aging in bourbon whiskey. This rum brand is stored for about 25 years.

El Dorado Rum

Country: Guyana

This rum is processed by Demerara Distillers. It is aged in oak wood from the cask and also, the tropical environment of Guyana is proved to help enhance the quality. It is aged for 8 years in Guyana. It is prepared by a combination of old age rums of earlier times.

Santa Teresa

Country: Venezuela

It was launched in 1976 by the method of solera. It is aged for about 35 years which subsequently, gives out a mellow, withered, and in proportionate spirit. It uses a savor of sweet caramelized, apple, vanilla, molasses, and a pinch of calvados including chocolate and a fruity finishing.

Pusser’s Rum

Country: Great Britain

It was produced in the 18th century dated 1650 at Great Britain using the Royal Navy methods with a combination of five rums from the West Indian. It possesses a dark color with the flavors of sugar molasses, caramel, nuts, and some condiments. It has no artificial tang or preservatives.


Country: Central America

It is a Panamanian originated brand with an age of about 28 years, in an oak barrel. It uses cultivated sugarcane for the production of AROME rum and subsequently, involves the process of distillation. It is prepared with a combination of rums.

 Best Rum Brands In The World

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