236+ Catchy Rolls captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Thanksgiving is all about bringing the loved ones together on a table with delicious food. It is the time to cherish with your family, which eventually turn into beautiful memories. You can’t miss out on the dinner rolls during such a special occasion, can you? So, here are some captions for your social media handles.

Rolls captions for Instagram

Let us get the party rolling.

Time to rock and ‘roll.’

Where are the bread rolls at?

What time does the bakery shut down?

Can’t talk, busy rolling. #therollmania

What is rolling on your mind?

Where is the party tonight?

Busy eating the dinner rolls.

Sorry but the rolls cannot be shared.

Happy thoughts keep rolling on my mind. #rollingthoughts

Time to get some more rolls.

Stop giving me eye rolls and go get some bread rolls.

Thankful for the rock and ‘roll’ life.

Rolling around just for fun.

Why bother with the trolls when you can have some rolls?

Life is better with the rolls around. #dinnerrolls

This seems to be my ‘roll’ model in life.

Do you know that you have so many rolls to play in my life? #rollplay

Which roll suits me better?

Time to ‘roll’ the dance floor. #funwithrolls

I do not rule out the possibility of another plate of rolls.

Got me rolling for another round.

What is your roll at the family gathering?

Just get rollin’ with it.

Roll with the flow.

Let the good times roll. #thanksgivinggathering

Rolling in ecstasy at the thought of the dinner rolls.

Why roll in self-doubt if you can roll it over?

Time for some ‘roll’ reversal.

‘Rock and roll’ is all about this.

Who said rock and roll were all about music?

Time to roll up my sleeves and get back to work. #baketherolls

How about some more dinner rolls?

Bringing in some rolls to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Introducing the showstopper of the night.

Tricking myself into a roll treat.

Roll your dice and make it a six. #askingformore

As time rolls on, all I want are extra dinner rolls.

A cheesy pull-apart roll won’t hurt much.

Thinking of opening my bakery.

The delicious bread rolls made my day ten times better.

Looking for more of these now and then.

Keep looking for more puffed rolls. #thanksgivingtreat

Dinner rolls have found their way to my heart.

Good food means unlimited happiness.

Gather around the dinner rolls and choose the best one.

Let the weekend party rollover.

No greater pain than forgetting the dinner rolls at home.

Are you planning to start with your own bakery?

Please keep the leftovers of the thanksgiving dinner for me. #alltomyself

What are the bread rolls stuffed with?

Pull apart garlic bread rolls are my favorite ones.

Raise your hand if you are up for some more dinner rolls.

A buttered roll a day keeps all my stress away.

A little bit of garlic cheese bread rolls won’t hurt much.

Eat, drink, have fun, and be thankful to God. #thanksgiving

Sharing love and gratitude over dinner rolls and ice cream.

Always filled with passion and kindness.

Counting calories is a sin during the Thanksgiving dinner.

Baking garlic bread rolls work as therapy for me.

Who is taking the leftovers back home? Me.

You are what you eat.

Baked with happiness, care, and best wishes. #dinnerrolls

Rolling through the moments that will turn into memories.

Lucky to be living in this moment of ecstasy.

Rolling through the good times.

What a great time to be alive.

Living through the spice and rolls. #thanksgivingdinner

One cheesy puffed roll can make my life ten times better.

Feels like sunshine and happiness.

Baked with love.

Life is short so fill it with cakes and rolls.

Be a dinner roll in a world full of cakes and muffins.

Minding my own baking business.

Freshly baked rolls are here at your service.

Loving the kitchen season now more than ever. #familygathering

The time that is invested in good food is never time wasted.

Thinking about bread rolls 24×7.

Sprinkled with love and blessings.

Bakers gonna bake and potatoes gonna potate. #bakearoll

Spending some time with the ‘roll’ model of my life.

In a world full of toned bodies, be proud of your rolls.

Enjoying every living moment of my life.

The smell of dinner rolls feels like home. #thehomefeeling

Betty batter bought some butter so that I could bake the dinner rolls.

Rolling away in happiness and grief.

Baking feels like love which just turned into something edible.

Cooking for the family always has a charm of its own.

That time of the year where the family seems to be normal.

Found something that I put my heart and soul into.

No other thing kept me busier today than baking the rolls.

Thanksgiving dinner now seems complete. #happythanksgiving

The sight of the dinner rolls kept me wondering.

Funny Rolls captions

One more photo of the dinner rolls, please?

Let me click a picture of this moment.

Butter rolls for dinner are my symbol of love.

Cooking food for someone is one of the greatest symbols of love.

The greatest gift you can give someone is food.

Keep ’em rolls coming. #thanksgivingdinner

This is how me and my family roll.

A balanced diet is a butter roll in both hands.

Rolling to the tunes of the dinner rolls.

My garlic roll obsession is real. #loveforrolls

Baking the rolls is not any gender role.

Wishing for some extra rolls right now.

Rock and roll with the garlic butter rolls.

There is always room for some more dinner rolls.

Life is too short of saying a No to bread rolls.

Keep your family close, and the dinner rolls closer to the table.

The time is rolling down.

I love the essence of dinner rolls, and I cannot lie. #essenceoftheroll

My gaze is fixed at the dinner table.

It is dinner roll time.

Pass me the box, please.

Can’t be nice if there are dinner rolls and pies.

How can I not post the dinner rolls we had tonight?

Thank you for answering my roll call.

Rule it like my dinner roll.

Rolling in and ruling out. #ruleitliketheroll

A photo dump during Thanksgiving is a must.

How about some special rolls over the weekend?

The night was all about eye rolls and dinner rolls. #thanksgivingrolls

Which was your favorite dish from the table?

One more roll for my unsatiated hunger, please.

Looking back to see my empty plate of dinner rolls.

Wondering about the leftover bread rolls.

Baked you for hours just to finish you within a minute. #therollroutine

Did you enjoy the meal tonight?

Send me your garlic and butter stuffed roll recipe.

Rolling through the little moments in life.

Time to scroll through the photos and think of the dinner rolls.

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