List of 38+ Best Rolex Brand Slogans

Established in London as  Wilsdorf and Davis 115 years back, the Rolex watch came into existence 105 years back and is now based in Geneva, Switzerland. Rolex is one of the prized and prestigious brands amongst watches for all times. Rolex produces one of the best possible chronometers worldwide. 

Rolex Brand Slogans

A crown for every achievement

A Rolex will never change the world. We leave it to the people who wear them

It’s more than a sign — it’s a commitment

Rolex – left for greatness

If you were diving here tomorrow you would wear a Rolex

The power of precision

You can tell by the men who wear them

This line costs Richard Branson $ 478 to read. What is your time worth?

We invented the submariner to work perfectly 660 ft under the sea.

Even  a copy gives you a distinctive feeling

Live for greatness

Rolex — the explorer

If you were climbing here tomorrow – you will wear a Rolex

Leaders of industry know the value of time

The masterpiece of watch craftsmanship

Rolex proves dependable

Your most reliable diving partner

Styles change —- soul doesn’t

Split second-time Rolex time

Fuel your drive

If you were flying the Concorde tomorrow You’d wear a Rolex

Add elegance to your life 

The Swiss inquisition

The leader’s watch

This is not the middle of nowhere —- this is just the beginning

One component is even more precious than metal

Leaders of fashion and precision

They faced Everest without oxygen but not without Rolex

Pan Am flies with Rolex

Each Rolex earns the recognition it enjoys

When your reputation for endurance is unsurpassed you have made history

Some things are easy to give up others not so much

The British Open.Many hallowed traditions. One official timepiece

One thing you learn in racing is that they don’t wait for you

The explorer’s watch

Classic design meets affordable luxury

For 30 years the best waterproof watch in the world

Rolex is more than just a watch. It makes me feel dressed

Time is money —- so I went and bought a Rolex

The world’s most accurate wristwatch

If you were alone sailing around Cape Horn tomorrow you’d wear a Rolex

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