List of 40+ Best Revlon Brand Slogans

One of the most famous fragrances, cosmetics, personal care, and skincare companies of the world, Revlon is a US multinational organization formed in 1932 in New York. Currently, it is based out of two head offices in that city. The organization is one of the biggest ad spenders globally.

Revlon Brand Slogans

Be unforgettable

Love is on

Choose to captivate choose love

The perfect kiss

The revolution

The lashes look 100% more magnified and dignified

Bite your lip

You are what you are

Romance is on

The colour is mine. Go get your own

Choose to make it last

Make mine mauve

Beauty tools


The most unforgettable women in the world use Revlon

Get cheeky

Raisin Rage

This is your new look in lipstick

New diamond lust for eyes that rock

This year pick out your new present

Intense colour

The lips you crave

Lip boldly

Tired of promises of long bastion lipsticks

Loved by women irresistible to men

One perfect coral

Glamour at its cheekiest

The art of beauty

Even in the dark, he’ll know it’s you

This is the red that is turning all

Looking like a million

We blend in. You get noticed

You reflecting this lovely radiance always

Has the real thing come your way

Brilliant blendable shadow

The muted glow


2 steps to total gel envy

Revlon reinvents the path

Commitment is on

 Making every moment

Crazy colour crazy fast

Rethink pink

Night and day this is the one

Lips that shine with killer colour

Give your complexion the glow of candlelight

Stop overspraying your hair

Now every woman can have nails that look lovelier longer

The evening opulence

Customize your palette

Play with fire — skate on thin ice

Everybody’s talking about Revlon

We invite you to choose love

Unapologetic collection

Lashes unlimited

Your lips can save lives

Empower your salon

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