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258+ Unique Restaurant Brand Name Ideas

A restaurant is one such place where we enjoy spending time with our near ones while munching on some delicious cuisines. For your own restaurant, a creative name is important to achieve a successful career. So, here we have compiled all the necessary points that you need to keep in mind while naming your restaurant brand. 

How to choose a name for your restaurant brand

  • Keep the name relevant to your offerings and service.
  • Avoid controversial and confusing names.
  • Do register the trademark for your restaurant brand name and logo.

Importance of name for a restaurant brand

It is very crucial for you to know the importance of naming a brand. 

Names can mark the uniqueness of your restaurant brand

Yes, it is very much true that the name of your restaurant brand can differentiate you from the crowd. It can make your own brand unique and encourage people to try out your restaurant brand than the others. 

Names can bring you appealing opportunities

Once you have named your restaurant brand appropriately, you will notice the changes it has brought to your restaurant brand. A name is so powerful that it can build or break anything. A strong, unique, and catchy name can bring you a lot of attractive investment or business opportunities that will play a huge role in the growth of your restaurant brand.

Name can help to generate more customers

If the customers find your restaurant brand name interesting and trustworthy, then they will want or expect more from you. They will approach your restaurant brand more and if they are satisfied with your restaurant brand they will do the word-of-mouth advertisement too which will bring in more customers.

Tips to choose the best name for your restaurant brand

Since the name of your restaurant brand is a very important part, here we suggested some really helpful tips for naming your restaurant brand.

Try using your specialty

You must check out whether it sounds great to generate a name that specifies your specialty. It will help your customers to get a clear idea of your restaurant brand when they look or hear the name of your restaurant brand.

Use creative words

Often using interesting and creative words can make your restaurant brand name sound much better. You may use puns, rhymes, metaphors, etc. You will have a catchy name that is memorable in no time.

Also, check for domains

Since digital marketing has become a very important part of any brand so you must plan out your online presence too. For this, check the availability of the domain names for your restaurant brand.

The right formula for creating a perfect name for your restaurant brand 

Compiled below are some very important formulas for naming your restaurant brand.

Rhyming words are fun

Often when you use rhyming words in the name of your restaurant brand, makes your restaurant brand name sound quite interesting. For example- Fine Dine

Personify the brand name

You may create a brand name with the help of the name of a person who is related to your restaurant brand or family member etc. For example- Mama’s Kitchen

This & that makes it interesting

The word ‘and’ can be put between two words to make your restaurant brand name sound interesting and also short. For example- The Sea & The Fish

Misspell the name

Sometimes when you misspell a word it can coin a completely new term and that can become an innovative name for your restaurant brand. For example- Dinin’

Use some adjectives

Adjectives can help you to describe your restaurant brand better and make it easy for the customers to understand your restaurant brand. For example- Big Bills

Nouns are great

Sometimes your surrounding or people who are close to you can become a part of your restaurant brand name. For example- The Blue Plate

Make it long

Long names often help the customers to know about your restaurant brand even better. It can also act as a tagline. For example- The Lord of the Fish

Keep it short

Short names are easy to spell, remember, and pronounce. Choose words that are less complicated or confusing. For example- Grubstake

Combining the words

Two words combined together creatively can generate a great name for your restaurant brand. The words should have meaning too. For example- Seaspice

Geographical names are great

You may name your restaurant brand after the name of a place that is close to you or has a significant meaning in your restaurant brand. For example- Arabian Kitchen

Existing brand names

  • The Lady & Sons
  • Chez Panisse Cafe
  • Spago
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill
  • Wasabi by Morimoto
  • Pine & Dine
  • Indulge

Creative Restaurant Brand Names


Fun Fiesta

Pink Burger

Classic Bernardin

Heart Attack Grill

Sandwich Society

Lord of the Cafe

American Aim

 Silver Spoon

Gramercy Verdant

Modern Roister 

Vernick Cleve

Eleven Belcanto

The Pastificio

Alinea Canlis

Olive Tree

Duomo Dodo

Saison Rice

Posto Table

Your Quince

Club Bella

The Steakhouse

Blind Valley


Beyond Test


Chi chi Chicken 

Dude Hungry

Grill Restaurant

Delight Caffino

Sling Food

Rainforest Café

Crazy Sparks 

Dynamite Lunch

Famous Dots

Urbane Fast Food



 Eatery First

Backyard Chef 

Chilly supper club

Decadent Chipotle

Crazy Cut

Grill Bowl 

Dinning Gear

Seven Terris

Paradise Crown 

Mystery Cube

Spice Hill

Happy Way

Grebb Sow

Salty Vintage

Ancient Flaviyo




Gramercy Steak 

Batter Fisheries

Marea Berries

King Niles


Broadway Bird

Oyster Craft Beer

Dine Fine

Ice-cream Lava 

Perfect Clink 

Fruce Hopgoods  

Golden Taste

Redcliff Tavern

Blue Oyster

Desi Bite



Royal Buzzer

Pan Bistro

Blossom Express


Pinch Of Surprise

Quince Cafe

Rules Rebar 

Roadside Bistro

Rock and Roll 

Evening Eve

YouTaste Eatery


Fatty Crew

Indian tulip

Hungrella Drum


Libby Loved


More Lockhart


Purple Garden

Been Balls  

Coyote Hut

FoodTest Kitchen


Yum Yum Wingle 

Food House

 Lunch Harbor 

 Queenstown Restro 

Rosebud Café

 Toscana Turn 

The restaurant is something that is highly appreciated all over the world. Having your own restaurant brand can be a great way for you to earn well for yourself. And of course, the name plays a very important role in it. 

Frequently Asked Questions on naming a restaurant brand

  • Do I need a tagline for my restaurant brand?
  • You may create a tagline for your restaurant brand to describe your restaurant brand even better.

  • Can legal complications take place in the future?
  • Yes, if you do not register or trademark your restaurant brand name then you may face some legal complications in the future.

  • How do I promote the name of my restaurant brand?
  • Use proper digital and traditional marketing channels to promote the name of your restaurant brand.

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