5 Reasons to use Multi Color in Your logo

At present, we have seen plenty of logos having more than one single color. As a matter of fact, multicolored logos are actually a more recent trend thanks to the Internet and easy access to color printing. Every single color in a logo helps to evoke a particular meaning. 

Why use Multi Color in Your logo

However, have you ever thought about what attitudes, feelings, as well as reactions are revoked by brands that are of multiple colors? In fact, brands having multiple colored logos tend to convey that they happen to be playful, fun, and also multi-disciplinary.

Multicolored logos are playful and creative

Monochromatic logos are responsible for conveying seriousness, prestige, and neutrality; on the other hand, the colorful logos communicated that a brand is playful, open, creative, and informal. Interestingly, a lot of businesses having multicolored logos fall into the field of multi-disciplinary businesses and tech companies. For instance, both Microsoft, as well as Google, have multicolored logos and it shows that the companies have unending opportunities out there.

Appropriate for the kids

Multicolored logos are likewise employed for kids’ clothing, toys, food, as well as other products. In fact, the multicolored and bright packaging is enough to grab the attention of the kids. The same can be applied in the case of parents too. They have the propensity of remembering brands and products for the children which tend to be extremely colorful.

Although one will not be advised to use in excess of 3 colors in a logo, you will always come across some exceptions to this. In fact, it will not be a good idea to put restrictions on creativity.

Below we have given some examples of reputed brands using multiple shades for their logo. One of them is definitely Google and the other that comes to mind is NBC News. Using more than one color actually helps to communicate diversity as we have explained above.

Summing Up

However, it is of prime importance to make sure that your logo is able to work properly either with color or without it and this matters more than how many colors it should have. In logo might be employed in different types of contexts, and therefore, it is vital sure that the logo is versatile.

A logo that will be depending on colors is going to lack in versatility. As a result, it will be prudent to design the logos first in monochrome, and then include color afterward.

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