258+ Unique Raincoat Brand Name Ideas

If you are creative enough to design your own raincoats then you might as well start your own brand. But just starting the brand is not enough. You have to pick a good name for your raincoat brand as it will be the first impression you give to all your customers. Coming up with a creative name is an important part of your raincoat branding strategy. 

How to choose a name for your raincoat brand

  • The name has to be different from other competitor brands.
  • Choose a name that can engage customers.
  • The name should be able to convey its uniqueness to the customers.

Importance of name for a raincoat brand

A name is the most important part of any product. Before naming your raincoat brand it is essential for you to understand how it is going to benefit your raincoat brand.

Names can tell a lot about your raincoat brand

Just the name of your raincoat brand can tell your customers what your raincoat brand is about. Without a name, your raincoat brand will remain anonymous which is unacceptable. 

Names can increase sales

Once your customers find that your products are trustworthy and reliable they will purchase your raincoat brand more. They will remember the name of your raincoat brand and prefer buying your raincoat brand than the others.

Brand name help in marketing

How will you promote your product if it has no brand name? How will your customers refer to your products that have no name? So, you see naming a brand is extremely important because it will represent your raincoat brand during advertisement or promotion.

Tips to choose the best names for your raincoat brand

Choosing the best name for your raincoat brand can be the most difficult part. But it is not impossible also. So, here are some tips that will guide you in the right way making it easier for you to choose a name.

The name should be appealing

Customers will choose your raincoat brand for many reasons. One of them is if they find your raincoat brand name to be appealing they will show more interest in your raincoat brand. They come to you because of the name and if they are satisfied with your product then will come back definitely.

The name has to be unique

Don’t you want the people to prefer your raincoat brand over other raincoat brands? So, you have to make sure that your raincoat brand is unique and completely different from the other brands. Only then the people will be able to understand the difference between your raincoat brand and other brands. 

Emphasize the product

your raincoat brand name must emphasize the product so that it becomes easier for the customers to interpret what your raincoat brand is about. It will create less confusion too.

right formula for creating a perfect name for your raincoat brand

The right name for your raincoat brand can be generated using the following formulas. 

Go for a long statement

A long statement name can help your raincoat brand to describe its meaning better to the customers. For example- Stop the rains

Short statements can be great too

A short simple name for your raincoat brand can attract a lot of customers easily. For example- Rain Jackets

Misspell it

Sometimes changing the spelling of a word can help you to coin a new term. For example- Protekta

Compose a word

Two words that are related to your raincoat brand can be joined together creatively to generate a new name. For example- TruCoats

This & that 

To make your raincoat brand sound creative, short, and simple you can put an ‘&’ between two words. For example- Clouds & Rainy

Numbers make it interesting

You can use numbers in your raincoat brand name to make it interesting but it should have relevant meaning. For example- Cloud 9

An adjective can be added

What is that word which will describe your raincoat brand better? Simply use it in the name. For example- Safe with rains

Use your location

Name your raincoat brand after the name of the place you belong to. For example- The Boston

Choose a Theme 

Create a theme to generate a name for your raincoat brand. For example- Cloudy Night

Movie names can inspire you

Even names of movies or famous characters can be used to name your raincoat brand. For example- Aquaman

Existing brand names

  • The North Face
  • Patagonia
  • Under Armour
  • Helly Hensen
  • Rains
  • Stutterhein
  • Burberry

Creative Raincoat Brands Names Ideas

   Flawless Rainbow

Water Coat






AskMe Slicker

Off Road

Light speed


Rain Robe

Trench Coat


Tux City

Secret Ulster


Fog Linear



Wood Coast

Tree House

Good Tender


Treasure Leaf




Wild Collision

Fabulous Star

Right Ster

Rain Guard


Lost Brew

Rain Calypso




Cool Varsity

Mackinaw Bud




Galaxy Gear

Poly Duffle

All In One


Kids Bluejay

Safe Smart


Green Thumb

Evergreen Cherry

The Rosetta


Peak Performance

Golden Arc

Young Moonbeam

Full Spectrum

New Look

Ready Mode

Living Trust

Simply Heaven


Rush Advent

Hill Ventures

Dive Extreme

Primrose Look

In Style

Long horn

Rain Standout

Black Hills

Sun Dantelyn

Wind Dressshop


Bee Foxhole




Dry Vintage

Blue Sensation

Jilly Jane

Wild Versa

Girls Street wear

Safe Harbor

White water

Three Sixty



River Muddy

Enrich Values

Daystar Host

Lion Heart

Black Tie

Top Gun


Surf Side

Red Dog

Zippy Zoom


Shuffle Surf

Aqua Breez

As long as you are able to generate the most perfect name for your raincoat brand that will help it to show its uniqueness to the people, your raincoat brand will surely reach great heights in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions on naming a raincoat brand

  • Is it necessary to have a logo for my raincoat brand?
  • The name and the logo of a brand help in the identification so that the people know what your raincoat brand represents as soon as they see it. 

  • Is it possible to change the raincoat brand name later if needed?
  • Changing a brand name can have some consequences. It is better not to change your raincoat brand name once it is established as it can create a lot of confusion among the customers. You may change it if it is absolutely necessary but does promote the change using appropriate marketing channels.

  • What should I do if my raincoat brand name is already taken?
  • First, you must check the availability of a name before you finalize it. If it already has been taken then you may have to come up with a different name.

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