100+ Catchy Quotes Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

A quote according to the modern translation is a saying or even a famous phrase that is very meaningful. We see quotes all around us, some are from some really influential people while a number of them are from anonymous people expressing their thoughts. Here is a list of captions to go with your quote pics.

Quotes Captions for Instagram

Wise words don’t always come out from the mouth of a wise man. #wisewords

Existentialism gives rise to the breed we call Philosophers. #philosophical

Enjoy the small things, small moments in life. #wisdom

What is pretense anyway? #quotestoliveby

All you need to lift your mood is a few happy words. #quotes

Catch yourself by the neck in any given moment and you have yourself a quote. #motivation

Have a different take on the world. #thoughtful

People talk, writers observe. #writer

Is comedy an art or commerce of a few laughs? #thinkdifferent

Some quotes make you ask questions while some are the answers. #ig_quotes

A man that thinks more does less. #wisewords

You write your own destiny, make sure to write the best one possible. #philosophical

If you feel inspired today, don’t forget to also feel grateful. #quotes

Some words cut deeper than the sword while some heal faster than medicine. #relatable

The moment you start seeing things in-depth, you’ll see life for what it really is.

Don’t go looking for a meaning where there isn’t any, life isn’t a dictionary.

Some quotes might as well change your life. #wisewords

You are always standing at a crossroads in life, the words in your head make you choose one. #thoughtful

The harder it is to influence you, the easier for you to make a decision. #quotestoliveby

A strong character is always complemented with a straight head. #relatable

Never forget that the people you look up to also looked up to someone else. #quotes

Idols aren’t created in a day. #philosophical

You can’t follow the footsteps of your idol if you are just sitting idle. #wisewords

One positive quote a day keeps the negativity away. #philosophical

Some quotes make you feel good while some are a reality check. #quotestoliveby

Some words touch you in places you never knew existed in your body. #thoughtful

Keep yourself surrounded by positivity or a lot of positive people. #wisdom

Take it easy once in a while, life isn’t all that complicated. #quotes

It isn’t easy for anyone, you aren’t the only one suffering. #relatable

Everyone has a story to tell, the question is do you have the ears for it? #ig_quotes

Words add color to life. #philosophical

Don’t look for a reason to be happy. #wisewords

Happy thoughts only. #wisdom

Don’t give anyone or anything else the power to dictate how you feel.

The internet used to be a beautiful place until it went public. #thoughtful

Let hate motivate you into doing great things. #quotestoliveby

If you are not getting hate, you aren’t doing things right. #quotes

Rise above yourself, you won’t be here forever. #relatable

If you made someone happy today, you are already a good human being.

Quotes were famous even before memes were a thing. #wisdom

If it’s written in quotes, it must be true. #philosophical

Gandhi didn’t really say An Eye for an Eye will make the whole world blind. #ig_quotes

Concentration and patience are all you will ever need. #relatable

A silent man is a dangerous man. #wisewords

Feel blessed for where you are right now. #wisdom

You find your destiny and not vice versa. #quotestoliveby

If you have a gift, it has a purpose, be wise enough to do great things with it. #thoughtful

Success without hard work is nothing more than a sand dune. #philosophical

The only difference between man and God is that Man has emotions. #quotestoliveby

Funny Quotes Pics Captions

If the world really ends tomorrow, I would rather sleep it off. #wisewords

It’s never a new day for a procrastinator, it’s always the next day. #quotes

Live in the moment, own your space. #ig_quotes

The moment you decide to put your thoughts on paper, you become special. #relatable

A writer knows how to connect with the reader, a good writer knows how to influence them.

‘I am the best’, the one quote all of us should keep repeating in our head. #philosophical

The storm and the calm have a real understanding relationship. #relatable

Always be happy with what you have but never be satisfied.

Social media is filled with two kinds of quotes, one for the public and the real ones.

If you connect with yourself, you would never feel the need to look outside. #ig_quotes

Ask yourself what makes you happy. #wisewords

The quote above comes directly from the diary of a person we all call Anonymous. #thoughtful

I wish Anonymous was really a person. #quotes

A person who writes quotes thinks in spaces. #philosophical

A quote can make us cry at both extremes. #relatable

The power of words is understood only by a skilled writer. #wisewords

Some quotes linger with you for as long as you don’t face them.

You either forget a quote or screenshot it. #ig_quotes

Where are all the quotes when you go for the Debate Competition? #wisewords

Some relate to happiness, some connect with the pain. #relatable 

One Quote, thousand memories, million stories. #thoughtful

Words have the power to make or break a person or a situation. #philosophical

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