100+ Catchy Pulses Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

The edible seeds of the legume family are called pulses. They are a great source of nutrition and are rich in proteins. Easy to cook, pulses are very healthy.

Here are some carefully cooked-up captions for your pics and posts on pulses. Use them freely across social media and get a lot more followers and likes. Your presence is sure to be felt.

Pulses Captions for instagram

Make pulses a regular feature of your meals.

Most protein is in pulses. 

Try our pulses and simply fall in love. #pulses

Our range of pulses has been voted the best, not for nothing.

Pulses can be blended into so many types of foods.

Eat pulses daily for a healthy wholesome life. #wholesome

Bringing you the best pulses for more than 80 years.

Eat healthily. Live healthily. Be healthy.

Quantities are unmatched. #unmatches

Our pulses make you see that health is wealth.

Now with added vitamins. #vitamins

Our range of pulses helps keep you fit and fine.

Pulses help control your weight.

We have been voted the best in quality pulses. #bestinclass

Every nutritionist recommends our pulses.

All-natural. No synthetics.

A price no one else can beat. #affordable

Eat pulse and be strong. Eat it regularly and live long.

Any healthy family eats pulses regularly.

Eat pulses and do away with artificial protein. #protein

When quality and affordability meet.

For a healthy and strong body always eat pulses. Regularly. #healthy

The simplest food can be the healthiest and tastiest too.

The best mother’s recipe brought in our range of pulses. #motherstouch

Let pulses balance out your health gradually.

Make soups out of pulses also.

Eat these first to believe it. Don’t take our word for it. #greatfood

We are your partners in health and nutrition.

Eat pulses to live a longer, healthier life. #healthylife

For a longer happier life eat pulses.

The life-giving pulses. #pulses

Fresh and pure, to make you sure.

Eat pulses to look good. #lookgreat

The healthiest pulses in the market.

You must try our pulses sometime.

So many shapes and colors to eat. #variety

We bring you the freshness of nature.

Your daily quota of nutrition comes from our pulses.

Live well. Eat well. Stay well. #livewell

Nature’s best on your plate.

Enjoy the taste of pulses.

We bring you the perfect pulses. #perfect

Eat pulses to live a well-balanced and healthy life.

We make lives healthier. We include pulses.

Quality and quantity are never an issue. #amazingquality

Eat pulses and remain on the move for a healthy and active life.

Pulses are the best.

Cook it in various ways. #recipes

Our prices are too good to be true.

Eat pulses to remain strong. #strong

Treat pulses as medicine for a good life.

We bring you the best pulses at the cheapest prices. #cheap

Eat well. Eat pulses. Remain healthy and bright. 

Eat pulses and never worry about your health.

Every mother’s favorite. #favorite

A must-have food in your home.

Pulses keep you filled but light as well.

Our pulses are the easiest to cook. #diet

Health and taste in a pack.

Nature’s best.

Eat boldly. Live beautifully. #beautiful

The best pulses recipes are also from us.

The pulses the world loves. #love

Feel the benefits you get from eating pulses.

Feeling hungry? Eat pulses. #hungry

Make pulses a regular feature in your diet.

Try our pulses to understand the difference.

Pulses will give you the energy you so need always.

Eat pulses and remain healthy. #healthyliving

Pulses for your everyday nutrition.

Eat pulses and see your wealth of health grow.

A complete diet for a healthy life. #complete

Get the perfect quantity always.

Eat clean. Eat protein. And stay fit and trim. #sit 

Healthiest proteins only from us.

So many recipes to try out.

We never compromise on quality.#nocompromise

Stop eating those fries. Have a bowl of pulses instead.

The complete protein value that you need. #protein

The unbeatable price.

Never give up pulses whatever happens. #gains

Healthy pulses for a healthy body.

The most affordable pulses. #affordable

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