List of 38+ Best Pringles Brand Slogans

A famous brand of stackable potato chips, Pringles was launched way back in 1967, manufactured and developed by Procter and Gamble. Since 2012, the brand is currently owned by Kellogs.

Pringles stackable potato chips are available in various mouth-watering flavours throughout the globe. 

Pringles Brand Slogans

Once you pop you can’t stop

Once you pop the fun doesn’t stop

Once  you pop know when to stop

Your piehole just smiled

You don’t just eat’em

Stack up for the game 

Big crunch big flavour

Enjoy good fortune and great taste with Pringles

3 layer deep stack

It’s a lifestyle

Stack different flavours your way

Great taste less sodium

Everything pops withPringles

You evolve them

Comfort at your fingertip

Why stop now

The Shaq stack

New perfect flavour in every bite

Even more delicious

Share your duck lip #using Pringles duck lip

Kiss crisp se pyar karu

The only stack you look forward to seeing today

Can you find the fat free Pringles

The boneless wingless wings stack

Cheese with extra cheese

Dip ‘em or don’t awesome either way

The gobble stack

Lighten their road with a moment of fun

Follow your taste buds

90 reasons to be gleeful

Something alien to the world of multigrain

So tasty with or without dip

This year be original

Backyard cookout stack

3 layer dip without the dip

Chip of the old block

Be 90 times more popular

Let’S make salty-sweet happen

What’s wrong with a little blend

So slim it must be put on the spot

More chips more fun challenge

Pringles Loud —- Turn up the volume

With Pringles its big pop feeding

Not even a crumb is worth wasting

Pringles all the way

Even more delicious

It’s not the width

Everything pops with Pringles

You don’t just eat ’em, you chew them

Pop 2 flavours  —- taste the mystery

Snack time fun

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