198+ Catchy Prank Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Halloween is the perfect time to be spooky and play pranks on each other. So, here are some Prank captions that will make your social media accounts a bit more humorous and funkier. Go ahead and read them all!

Prank Captions for Instagram

Be a bad witch with a good heart.

You give me butterflies, but I prefer bad witches.

I can ride your broom, and together we conquer the world.

I can ghost you ever because you are the bad witch.

You literally cannot enter a Halloween party without your wand.

Eat. Sleep. Boil. Bubble. Repeat.

Your blood is not my type. It tells me to “be positive.”

Darling, come with me. Let the two of us reign in Hell.

When the moon is full, we will go alien hunting.

It is alive, but we are not.

Is your pumpkin as big as your heart?

Just a little bit batty.

I come from a world apart, a world where everyone is alive.

Drop-dead gorgeous.

I would like to be your ‘Zoom-Bae’ forever.

I see someone hunting in the moonlit field under the sky.

Every day is Halloween when I have you beside me.

You only get to dress the way you feel on Halloween.

It is always the imagination that makes you fear the dead.

I can tell clearly that you were born for Halloween.

I can tell your eyes have something magical when they glow from the moonlight.

Do not trust a bad witch ever in your life.

The horrors you get when you see a ghost are actually less than the horrors of life.

I can feel people but cannot see them. I can hear people but cannot touch them.

Give me one reason why the two of us should not get spooky on Halloween eve.

Late October nights, spooky feelings, Halloween, and the two of us are something worth dying for.

Eat. Drink. Frighten people. Sleep. Repeat.

Creeping it real.

I would like to meet your new goblin friends.

Come on in, baby. Let’s go hunting.

Keep calm and never forget to carry your wand.

You really have a large wand, yet it cannot pierce my mind.

I am only here for the bad witches.

Bad vibes and bad spells only, witches.

You are really a haunted mess, witch.

I could even turn to an angel on a Halloween night only for your love.

Work hard and better your spells, witch.

You can bribe me away with your candy.

Do not say ‘witch’ like it is a bad thing.

Only bad witches, unholy spells, eerie feelings, and great booze tonight.

You are so pretentious that you do not even need to wear a mask, witch.

Be brave in the morning and scared during the night.

Believe only half of the things you see on a Halloween night.

How you look on a Halloween night is actually how you look without your makeup.

Why do you need to wear a mask when you change colors so frequently?

All heroes do not wear caps, and all villains do not look like one.

Witches do only one good deed in their lives; that is, they die.

You make me smile even when you are in your Halloween costume.

Witches like you can travel all the way to heaven right from Hell.

Clothes show your character. Costumes bring out the real you.

Not every witch lives in Hell. Some are around you. Look around.

Sometimes we create our horrors to overshadow the real ones.

I am so much in love with you that even my blood smells like you.

Come on, witch. Let us cast bad spells and takedown cities together.

Be a bad witch but keep spreading good vibes.

A good Halloween night party calls for insane celebrations and creativity.

Listen to the music that the witches make when the fly around on their brooms.

No one but me can cast a spell on you. You’re only mine.

Where are your other goblin friends, pretty witch?

Funny Halloween Prank Captions

What can be scarier than your face?

You are so wicked that even the bad witches have fled.

Whose meat are we feasting on tonight?

Always remember that on Halloween nights, even the dead can walk.

When you see witches flying, black cats crossing roads, bats screaming, know that it is Halloween.

Consider yourself lucky to have taken birth in a world that has Octobers.

All the devils from Hell have come here on Earth to enjoy Halloween.

There’s a ghost that resides in all of us. Bring that out on a Halloween night.

Everyone’s entitled to a good scare on a Halloween night.

Ghosts can also be good friends. Just see your best friend, you’ll get to know.

On a dark Halloween night, when the wolves are also silent, the moon howls.

The child is still afraid of ghosts and witches.

If you give me your hand, I’d like to take you on the most mysterious journey of your life.

No bad vibes on a Halloween night.

The luckiest man is the one who finds his love on a Halloween night, just like me.

The greatest fear for a man is that if his wife turns out to be a witch.

We will stop wearing black only when they make a color that is darker.

Be aware on full moon nights; the witches are all out.

It is so moonlit today that even your pumpkin is glowing.

Only ghosts and witches are allowed beyond this point.

When the moon shines, and it is October, beware of the spirits.

If the broom fits you, take it and fly off.

Keep calm, and do not forget to carry a wand.

If there is a skeleton race, ‘no body’ will win it.

If someone made a joke on a skeleton, it would not be ‘humerus.’

If you promise to stay with me, we could even conquer the moon.

Eerie feelings make you stronger.

Seems like you have an account at the blood bank.

It is the night to the dead people’s delight.

If all your dead jokes can ever come to life, it is tonight.

Open the graves and welcome the dead.

Halloween is for the ones who embrace the cold outside as well as the cold inside.

Nothing is dark; nothing is bright.

It’s just the play of shade and light.

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