88+ Catchy Poutine Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Want to make your post stand out and be different from the rest? Yes, you’re guessing, right? You need some great captions to amp up your posts. Some French fries dipped in cheese curd and bathed in brown gravy, and you have your good old Poutine.

If you are looking for some exciting and attractive captions to go with your poutine pictures, you are in the right place.   

Poutine Captions for Instagram

Poutine, or as the Canadians call it, the better version of French fries. #poutine

French fries with the much-needed twist.

Sweet, salty, savory, it is everything you want a French fry to be.

A bowl of crazy wholesome Canadian French fries. #frenchfries

The cheese curd is where the magic happens.

Who thought something named poutine could be so flavorful and pleasant.

Poutine over Putin any day of the week.

The thicker the gravy, the tastier the poutine. #gravy

Nothing spells classic Canadian food more than a good old bowl of Poutine.

Poutine for breakfast, poutine for lunch, poutine for dinner, poutine for brunch. #poutinealways

Who knew cheese curds could go so well with some fries? #fries

The same faithful fries but better and tastier. #tasty

Main course or side dish, a bowl of poutine fits right in.

Never has a bowl of fries looked and felt so appetizing.

It might be called French fries but Canada does it better. #canada

The second most famous poutine in the world.

Every day is a day for poutine. Every dish must have poutine in it. #poutine

I support poutine with all my heart, the Canadian one of course.

Not going to share these at any cost, my fries are just mine. #sharefries

Can never have less than a mouthful.

Greasy, cheesy, and everything else you expect from a bag of fries. #cheesy

The happiest bowl of fries you will ever come across.

Gravy on fries. Never thought it could be so nice. #gravyonfries

I hear cheese curds are illegal in some countries, I never thought being too delicious is against the law.

Classic poutine is way better than the real Putin. Even Putin will love poutine.

You can never have just one bowl of poutine, you have to ask for more. #askformore

Sumptuous, scrumptious, filling, and fulfilling, the only words I can think of for poutine. #poutineword

I love Poutine. I love it more than anything else. #lovepoutine

Poutine tastes better on a Fry Day.

Poutine is just a better name for loaded fries.

My heart goes tin-tin for a bowl of hot poutine. #heart

Poutine is the ultimate comfort food, give yourself a treat now.

I live for a bowl of poutine on a Sunday evening with a can of coke. #poutineandcoke

There are a few things in life that you just cannot afford to share, poutine is on top of that list.

A pouting photo with a bowl of poutine is all my Instagram needs right now.

French fries are just for your stomach but poutine nourishes your soul. #frenchfrry

Funny Poutine Captions

A cheesy concoction like you I just have never had before. #neverbefore

Pick the toppings and go all out on the gravy and cheese curds.

Burgers, poutine, and some beer, a weekend spent well. #beer

I scream, you scream, we all scream for some Poutine!!

When the cheese curd melts in your mouth, the real magic starts. #magic

Why eat those normal and boring fries when you can have a bowl of poutine?

I plus some cheesy and tasty poutine equals a load of happiness.

Canadian from top to bottom, tasty from the inside out. #tasty

When the cheese curds squeak on the fries, you can’t resist digging in.

Give yourself a break from the same old boring life and fries, add some poutine in it.

Poutine will always be back on your snack list, no matter how many times you eat it. #snack

Photo time for poutine. #photo

Fries, cheese curds, and gravy, the combination you didn’t know you needed. #combination

Poutine, arguably the most Canadian dish ever.

I vote for Poutine, to be declared as Canada’s national dish.

Just a friendly reminder that Poutine is still the best version of fries out there.

The out in poutine stands for out of this world. #outofthisworld

Spoil yourself the right way with a serving of poutine. #serving

Pout for some heavily loaded poutine. #pout

Craving some fries? Try some poutine for a change.

Tiny bites of poutine make your day a lot better. #tidbits

What amount of poutine is too much poutine?

I dare you to go back to the normal French fries once you have tried the classic Canadian Poutine. 

If you ask me about that one dish that I can eat for the rest of my life, you know what the answer will be.

Not a part of poutine is wasted, not a fraction is unloved. #lovepoutine

One poutine to satisfy all the cravings in the world. #crave

You can never go wrong with a pack of poutine. #wrong

I was in the moment you said poo-

Where there’s a party going, you’ll see some poutine flowing.

A loaded serving of poutine is so much better than just loaded fries. #loaded

Eeny meeny miny moe! To the poutine land, I will go.

Fries, curd cheese, and some thick gravy are what real love looks like. #reallove

The S in poutine stands for sadness.

When you eat poutine, make sure you eat like it is your last day on this planet. #eat

Who’s ready for some freshly cooked poutine? #freshlycooked

From the plate and right into the mouth, the beautiful life of a poutine serving.

It feels like the right night for some poutine. #night

Poutine is a one-man show, no side dishes required.

Every day cannot be rainbows and butterflies but wait until you have a bite of that poutine. #simplygreat

A bowl of poutine to start the day in the best way.

End your day on a happy and delicious note with a plate of poutine.

My love for poutine and a plate of poutine, best friends forever. #bestfriends

I will marry the person who takes me out on a poutine date. #marry

Shout your heart out for some poutine.

I make my poutine myself. #makemyself

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