173+ Catchy Poem Captions For All Social Media

In love, someday or the other, we may get a little poetic or at least try to be, and if you are using social media to spread it, then here are some captions that can assist. You can get some insight and see what tunes with the post, and it will add the extra emotion that it needs.

Poem Captions for Instagram

A poem is worth a thousand pictures, and so are our memories. #memories

You are the reason behind this happy season. #poetry

This poem is in your memory, and each stanza signifies the distinct stages of our love. #love

You may work out heavily to impress girls; I write poems. #poems

Even a poem will not be enough to convey what I feel for you! #feel

Love can’t be touched but felt through poems and the memories it arouses and the smile and tears.

I do believe in paradise, and that is being by your side. #paradise.

Writing poems is not just a hobby; it expresses my life through words. #life

If I write a poem about a person, it means I do not want to forget them. #person

For me, you are the best; I do not care about the rest. #best.

Leave behind the anxiety of being judged; you were meant to be loved.

Your eyes are something in which I want to dive in and get lost. #eyes

If I am the poet, then you are my pen, and together we write the poem of our life. #together

This poem is a valentine’s special for someone very special. #special

I cannot bring the moon down for you, but I can write poems about your moon-like beauty. #moon

Do you believe in dreams? I believe it is real; I mean, just look in the mirror. #dream

I never knew how to write romantically until I met you; I loved you.

Your smile makes me write more and more poems, as a bunch of sentences cannot do justice.

Do you know why while speaking to you, I use so many commas? I forget the world when I see you.

When I am in love, I am poetic. #poetic

I love you more than myself.

I believe you are the Sun, under which I blossom. #blossom

If need be, then as the Sun, I will come down so that my moon can shine bright.

When I see you, I just cannot see anything else, write anything else, or love anyone else.

You are worth writing a hundred poems. #worth

I loved once; I love forever; this poem is in our memories. #forever

I have one thing in abundance for you, love! And I express it through my poems. #abundant

Sometime back, I met my lifeline, which makes me feel alive today. She is my valentine. #lifeline

Let go of the unloyal lover; you cannot linger with the toxicity forever. #toxic

My poems were completely black once; you filled them with vibrant colors. #black

No matter what happens, my mind will not stop thinking and my handwriting about you.

Your lips with a sponge made me go crazy; the ships of love carried me away; I was in love.

I write romantic poems; I do not get romantic to write poems.

I may have written romantic poems, but I am still single. #single

I hope in this valentine’s I become like my poems, romantic!

Everyone has their style of expressing love; mine is writing a poem. #style

Write a poem with the same passion you love someone. #passion

I cannot write poems without thinking about you.

My love for you is brighter than the Sun and gentler than the Moon. #Sun

I am ready to wait if it is worth it. #wait

I can let everything change but not my feelings for you. #feelings

My hand feels lonely, and maybe yours is free. Will you mind holding mine? #hands

No matter what happens, you own a plot in my heart, and it will always be yours. #heart

When you smile, I smile too. You may not be able to see it, but it is there.

If anyone wrote a poem for you, then you are lucky. #lucky

If you ever feel lonely, give this poem a read.

Funny Poem Captions

No matter how many big walls emerge between us, I will climb up and get back to you. #wall

What do I love more, writing poems or you? Writing poems for you!

The love for you which flows through my veins never drains. #flow

My dreams turn real, and you are the proof.

No matter how much hate I get, I will love you till my last breath.

The sky is screaming through thunder, and so are my senses through your memories. #sky

Some walls are made to be broken.

The poem speaks longer than it seems, just like our love.

May our love brighten up your night like the moon and guide you in the day like the Sun.

You are the best stanza of my poem of life. #stanza

I do not need our love to grow; it should just be consistent. #consistent

It started on a good note; let’s end it the same way. #good

If you love someone and they love you, then your stand is justified.

Why do I write romantic poems? There is someone who connects with it and smiles, and that is enough.

Today the sky is so blue, and my love is too red. #red

I once loved you with all my heart; things have changed since then.

Writing poems would not have been so fun if I had no memories of you.

I may not have meant every word I said to you, but I felt every single word while writing this.

Today you are mine; I hope that it does not change with time. #time

Do read my poems; what I cannot say, I write.

Love is amazing, but not when you linger, nag and drag.

These poems are my voice, and you are my happiness. #voice

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