205+ Catchy Plum Pudding Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Christmas is almost knocking at the door, and have you decided on your day yet? Plan your day so that the day becomes fairly easy, and hence you can take pictures of your beautiful home décor! Edit your snap a little, pick up a good caption from our list and post it on social media! Here are some ‘plum pudding’ captions. 

Plum Pudding Captions for Instagram 

Plum pudding is Santa’s way of spelling dessert. #dessert 

Check out my new style of traditional plum pudding. #traditional 

What is Christmas without any plum pudding? #plumpudding 

What are those plums for if you do not make a pudding out of them? #plums 

Plums and their puddings. #haha 

What’s your dessert? #plumpuddingofcourse 

I think I did a different plum pudding recipe. #different 

Well, it tastes like plum and a bit like pudding. #well 

At least, I didn’t put beef in the pudding. #racheldid 

Keep calm and bake a pudding! #keepcalm 

Keep calm and keep eating plum puddings! #keepeating 

Plum pudding eater for life. #eater 

These are my plum pudding pants! #plumpuddingpants 

Thanksgiving dessert was a plum pudding, and grandma served it hot! #whatisforchristmas 

What is Grandma baking for Christmas? #letsee 

My hack to the plum pudding recipe! #hack 

Added a bit of a twist to this plum pudding! #twisted 

Hola! Plum pudding in all its Christmas spirit! #hola 

Christmas always calls for a plum pudding. #always 

A bite from a plum pudding wouldn’t add any fat. #doesntmatter 

On Christmas, I am going all pudding eating. #pudding 

My love for pudding and your love for your girlfriend isn’t the same. #itsdifferent 

Gone are those times when drinking was first. We needed food this time. #pudding 

Special Christmas plum pudding. #special 

How did you eat my plum pudding? #awesome 

Didn’t you get any dessert? #surprise 

Look at what she made! #plumpudding 

Can’t believe my 7-year-old kid made a plum pudding from scratch! #fromscratch 

When the day ends with a bowl full of plum pudding, it ends well. #endswell 

A plum pudding a day will definitely not keep you away from the doctor. #definitelynot 

Where did the Christmas pudding go! #inmystomach 

Have you decided on your Christmas pudding? #plumsyeah 

Opportunity is like a plum pudding, meant to be savored, but you gotta grab it right away! #opportunitythroughplumpudding 

The world smells like Christmas and plum puddings. #smells 

Let it snow. #letit 

Plum pudding with a bit of brandy! #withbrandy 

Aha! Plum pudding at its best! #atitsbest 

A Christmas plum pudding is extravagantly symbolic and significant. #extravagantly 

It is in our tradition to make plum puddings on Christmas! #maintainingtraditions 

Making plum puddings through recipes from the internet! #watchingandbaking  

What an awesome world we live in! #withplumpuddings 

Plum puddings signify happiness. #happiness 

I call it a night with the tasty plum pudding! #callingitanight 

Happiness is plum pudding. #moms 

There’s nothing a plum pudding can’t solve. #mooddoneright 

Round food for the Christmas mood. #mood 

Life is a little puzzle, and if you solve them, you get plum puddings at certain intervals. #incentive 

Plum puddings run in our veins. #runrun 

Turkey or plum pudding? You gotta choose! #plumpuddings 

After eating plum puddings, we sing and dance around! #surething 

Wine and plum puddings. #winefirst 

As long as my mother lives, I shall hog on plum puddings! #hoggingon 

For dessert, there’s always plum pudding! #fordessert 

Even the Professor loves plum puddings! #theprofessor 

Every day can be a plum pudding day if you want to! #everyday 

I mean, whoever created the plum puddings should be given an Oscar! #oscars 

If a chef can’t make a plum pudding smell grandeur, then I don’t know who can. #onlythedessertchefcan 

A storehouse full of plums or plum puddings? #storehouse 

Do you see what I see? #plumpuddings 

I see plum puddings all over! #iamhigh 

There’s always room for more dessert. #formore 

A Christmas without plum pudding seems to be a day without a night. #huhwhat 

And then the knights brought in the plum pudding that the court feasted on! #feastitis 

You cannot spell Christmas without plum pudding. #donottry 

Christmas is the festival, and plum pudding is its fruit. ##festivalanditsfruit 

When I say Christmas, I mean plum pudding. #yes 

Wish me a plum pudding on Christmas! #wishing 

Let’s see what this pudding tastes like! #amazing 

Don’t jinx it. #donot 

Plum pudding is Grandma’s way of saying ‘I love you’! #ioveyoutoo 

Funny Plum Pudding Captions  

Superb English plum pudding! #superb 

Are you a plum? Because I wanna make a pudding out of you. #yum 

Plum pudding is the way to my heart! #wayinto 

Dad always wins by making the best English plum pudding that America can taste! #thebestdad 

You know a pudding is good only after you taste it. #onlyafter 

Once you start to eat a pudding, there’s no way back! #nowayback 

The real worth is in your way of making the plum pudding. #realworth 

You don’t just eat pudding. You savor it in your mouth. #savourit 

The proof of the pudding is in it’s taste. #proof 

How does the pudding taste? #heavy 

Monica didn’t make that year’s dessert; Rachel made a beef trifle! #thebeeftrifle 

That is so not true! #readNOT 

Take a break with a bowl full of plum pudding. #takeabreak 

The money is worth it when it’s a nice and soft plum pudding. #worthit 

The journey is worth it with a plum pudding in your hand! #haha 

Plum pudding for the hunger pangs! #hungerpangs 

Hunger pangs at midnight call for something sweet! #sweet 

Plum pudding perfection. #perfection 

What is an English pie in front of a plum pudding? #englishpie 

It’s raining pudding! #rainingpudding 

Let me just take a scoop more of that plum pudding. #ascoopmore 

Cut me a real piece of the plum pudding! #realpiece 

The winemaker’s wine and the baker’s pudding are never to be messed with. #nevertobemessedwith 

Plum pudding, my evening meal. #eveingmeal 

I have a thing for plum puddings. #athingfor 

The one thing that I do to keep the house clean is bake more plum pudding! #truethat 

This plum pudding smells rather odd. #ratherodd 

Making soft and spongy puddings are a pain in the ass. #painintheass 

Whipped in an instant! #slowclaps 

Life is simply beautiful after a bowl full of plum pudding! #sureitis 

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