80+ Best Planting Tree Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

Planting trees actually help in afforestation and also in landscaping. Sharing posts on planting trees is a noble way of creating awareness and also showcasing your work.

Here are some unique and creative captions for you to use in and across social media to get a larger audience and following.

Tree Plantation Captions for Instagram

Creating a better future today. #fauna

Tree planting for a better tomorrow. #treeplanting

Imagine the count if the complete human population plants at least 10 trees each. #savetrees

Enjoy planting trees. #plantmoretrees

If nature is our mother, she needs our protection. #nature

Let the next generation live a better life. #greeplanet

Spread the word and plant some trees. #plantsometrees

Planting trees for a healthier life. #healthyliving

No more cutting trees. Now only planting trees. #plantlife

Show your love for mother nature.

A novel drive to save a life. #fauna

Planting trees doesn’t need much. #treeplanting

They are the gift of nature; saving them is a divine deed indeed.

No life without trees. #savetrees

Each one of us must plant at least 10 trees in 10 days.

Our mother needs to survive, plant trees now.

Plant plenty, reap plenty more. #treeplanting

More trees mean more beauty. #fauna

Conserve trees. Don’t just plant them. #healthyliving

Nature’s heart is trees. Save them and plant more.

For a better world to live in. #savetrees

Nurturing them is a great deed. #plantmoretrees

Save a tree; save a life; save the earth. #healthyliving

For an environment free of any pollution. #treeplanting

Conserve trees. Conserve nature. Conserve earth.

It’s our future at stake. #savetrees

Planting trees is a good cause. #plantmoretrees

Make that new plant your new friend.

Make this world a beautiful place. #fauna

Secure your future by planting more. #plantmoretrees

Let’s bond over planting, nurturing, and conserving trees.

A tree a day will make this earth happy and gay. #savetrees

Protect trees for the sake of life alone. #treeplanting

Afforestation is the best possible option.

For a better and more beautiful world. #plantlife

Planting Tree Captions for Instagram

The earth needs to be taken care of now. #plantmoretrees

Live a richer and better life.

Go green keep clean. #plantlife

For a healthier environment. #fauna

The more people plant trees the better a life we can all enjoy.

Planting trees is really a joy.

For a better life. #savetrees

Only planting, no cutting. #treeplanting

Protecting mother nature. #healthyliving

Health and happiness for the next generations.

Planting trees and fulfill your duty. #fauna

The more we plant, the better the planet becomes.

A good way of bonding. #plantmoretrees

Come let’s plant together. #savetrees

Planting trees equal planting love. #plantmoretrees

Planting is a kind deed we do to the earth. #plantmoretrees

Do your part and save the world. #healthyliving

The greener it gets the better the world becomes.

For a pollution-free life. #savetrees

Planting trees means holistic living.

It is the simplest but most effective deed.

With each seed, you sow not only a tree but a better life.

Begin planting now. #plantmoretrees

It is a responsible deed. #treeplanting

Even our children will love doing it. #savetrees

It’s a legacy to pass to the next generation. #fauna

Mankind alone can make the change. #healthyliving

If 9 billion people planted just 1 tree, we would get 9 billion extra trees soon.

If you don’t plant trees you are bringing on an inevitable painful life.

Let’s call this a green revolution. #plantlife

With trees, we get higher vitality. Without them only higher fatality.

Planting Tree Captions for Twitter

Planting trees for a better future.

For a better world.

Green is healthy. #treeplanting

Tree planting for life. #fauna

Mother nature needs you. #plantmoretrees

Never try to destroy nature. #savetrees

An enjoyable thing to do. #plantmoretrees

For a healthier and greener planet.

Don’t cut, plant. #healthyliving

Saving nature. #treeplanting

Show your kindness and plant more trees. #plantmoretrees

We really need them to survive. #savetrees

Help reduce the greenhouse effect. #fauna

Trees help keep away diseases as well. #fauna

Reduce pollution. #savetrees

Begin planting today, and every day. #plantmoretrees

Plant trees. It is the least you can do. #treeplanting

Plant trees and make more people aware.

For a more prosperous new generation.

Protecting nature. #plantmoretrees

Support nature by planting more.

Saving trees actually saves lives. #fauna

Even trees have life. #savetrees

Cutting down a tree is severing a life. Is that not murder too? #plantmoretrees

To make your future breathe freely.

Make the planet healthier. #treeplanting

The most important factor for our survival.

Planting a treed daily will begin paying off in a few months.

Planting trees will reduce pollution. #fauna

For a pollution-free environment. #plantmoretrees

Health and green go hand in hand. #healthyliving

Plant more and feel richer. #plantlife

Ready. Get set. Plant. #savetrees

Greener the planet livelier it gets. #treeplanting

No more deforestation. Now only afforestation.

Make earth an arboreal haven. #plantmoretrees

Don’t dig your own grave, plant a seed instead. #plantmoretrees

Nature’s gift – trees. #fauna

A green planet is a lovelier place to live in. #savetrees

Because greens are for good eyesight as well. #treeplanting

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