21 Tips to Pick Right Color for your Brand

Choosing the right color for your brand is quite essential for successful intervention in the market. The reason behind choosing the right color is having the exact definition of your products and supplies.

 It also provides your brand with moral meaning. Choosing your brand’s color is quite a tough and hesitating process and thus the article brings forth the right methods and the strategies of choosing your brand color.  

Here are Tips to Pick Right Color For Your Brand

Know Your Focus

Before a start-up or choosing your brand color, you should be clear about what you are trying to focus on.

The fact in the case is that without being clear of what your brand is trying to focus on its insane about choosing the right color for your brand. Colors differ with the products of the company.

Colors have a great symbolizing what the products are being sold by the company. Thus maintaining a clear focus is quite necessary for choosing the right color of your brand.

For example- Nike has the best color for its brand 

Think Psychologically

Think with ease and clear psychology of what to choose and when to choose.

If you are thinking of starting up a technology brand or a technical firm then, of course, choose the color blue. The color blue stands for freedom, progress, and intelligence.

Another of the fact is that if you are ongoing to start a firm filled with energy and potential, then, of course, choose the color red or orange. These are the colors that portray energy and vibrates.

Experiment Boldly

When the first ketchup bottle was sold it had around 10 million customers summing up revenue of almost 23 million dollars.

The color of the ketchup bottle was modified and turned into green. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur and want your brand color to fit your resources, never be afraid to experiment.

The experiment brings great luster and potential to your brand. Try and experiment with various colors and thus will you find the right color to suit your brand. 

For example- the exquisite colors lead by its brand is none other than Coca- Cola.

Evaluate Your Competition

This is the most important and versatile thing you should look up for.

The major fact is that while operating in a large scale market you will find numerous competitors beside you. To uphold the fact, you need to be unique and ravishing than others.

Take a closer look at your competitor’s logos, their brand colors, the symbolizing of their colors. Go through their website, their logos and the inner decorations of their brand. This will bring about the exquisite color for your brand.

Create The Exact Mood Board

Another of the most important thing to focus on while choosing the best of the brand color is creating the exact mood board. This can be done by implementing colors of different logos or evaluating the colors of different brands.

The best of the process in hand is using the canvas color palate tool. This is the most recommended tool for creating the exact mood board. Experts suggest that you can also use the 60-30-10 rule.

This is mixing of three different colors in 60-30-10 percentage respectively. This too will help you in creating the exact color for your brand.

Choose Your Familiar Color

This is another of the fact that you should keep in mind. Choose the exact color for your brand with your familiar colors. As mentioned never be afraid to experiment.

Thus keeping in mind try and implement various colors to your brand from your favorite choice of colors.

This at all will help you select the most exquisite color and moreover will give your brand a different and unique outlook.

For example- McDonalds has got colors which suits it fine.   


Research before you choose the color for your brand. The reason for the fact is that each and every color has got its uniqueness and ability to differentiate.

Research something which is too much needed to choose the right brand color. Different colors have a different perception and thus it’s quite necessary to evaluate the right color.

This will help you grow your brand in the most outward way possible and also will maintain a certain portion of uniqueness in it. Research the differences between each and every colors, and then choose the right one for your brand. 

Ways For More Inspiration

Use advanced methods for more inspiration. This is the most systematic and most organized manner of choosing your brand color.

Take ideas from Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites. The reason for the fact is that the more innovative you are in your thoughts and ideas, the more developed will be your brand. Use advanced methods and tools like the adobe photoshops, canvas tools and platelet tools.

This is one of the most desired and the most exquisite way of choosing your brand and making it more appealing.

For example- Starbucks has got the most exquisite color to its logo. 

60-30-10 Principle Should Be Used Wisely

Use the 60-30-10 rule quite wisely. Don’t try and mix any color in its most patent way.

The reason for the fact is that the wiser you are in choosing the right and the exact colors, the more eligible will be your brand. Focus on how much color to add and how much you should mix the proportions of different colors.

Mix colors using this rule quite wisely and in an efficient manner. 60% should be your primary color, 30% should be your secondary color and 10% should be your accent color.

Research On Common Associations

Research on the logos of various common associations. Use their ideas and their means in choosing the right color for your brand.

Great and big associations have got with themselves innovators who apply technologies on a wide scale in choosing a brand color. You can research and analysis on the brand color of various and vast associations and try to figure your brand color. This will let you in choosing the right color for your brand.

Keep your research focused on the exact meaning of which colors other brands are using and why. The definition of different colors and the symbolism of each. Your research will be the greatest strength of your choosing the exact color for your brand.  

Use A Neutral Color

Start with a neutral color. Nor too bright nor too low. The reason for the fact is that choosing a neutral color at the very beginning will keep your brand idea and concept focused.

This at all will help you in formulating the right business policies for your brand. Keep your first color neutral and not too attractive.

This will quite be ensuring and will keep your products up to its marked level. Moreover, neutral colors won’t attract any political unfitness towards your brand thus keep your brand politically and socially safe. 

For example- Apple uses a neutral color for its brand.

Add Pop Colors

Use vibrant and pop colors to add uniqueness and exquisite features to your brand color. This will be the most vibrant and the most ravishing way of characterizing your brand color. The most possible way is to maintain the quality and proportions of vibrant colors.

Before using the vibrant or the pop colors be specific on which of the places you are going to use these colors. Try to stay neutral but also add vibrant and exquisite colors which will bring about a ravishing feature to your brand.

Don’t overreach or overload your brand color or ts logos with pop colors. Use the colors wherever necessary. It can be endured in the interiors or in the color of the supplies or the products.

For example- Uber has got pop colors added to its brand

Colour Meaning

The most important of all the facts is understanding the meaning of various colors to be used. The reason for the fact is that each and every color has its different perception and different significance.

Thus to understand the fact, before using various colors for your brands understand the inner meaning of each color.

Red – This color signifies attention, power, anger, passion, and love.

Orange – This color signifies creativity, joy, importance, success, and determination.

Yellow -Yellow is the color that signifies happiness, intellect, energy, and optimism. 

Green – This is the color of peace. It signifies nature, growth, finance, freshness, and stability.

Blue – The color of the mermaids. This signifies security, communication, technology, and wisdom. 

Purple – This is the most vulnerable color. This color symbolism femininity, compassion, love, caring, and youthfulness.

Brown – This is the color of the earth. It is the symbolism of earthy, retro, reliability, comfort, endurance.

White – White symbolizes purity, balance, peace, precision, and minimalism.

Grey – Grey is the color of neutrality. It has to itself patience, intelligence, maturity, melancholy.

Black – Black is the symbol of sophistication. It symbolizes elegance, power, edginess, mystery.

Thus these were the most effective and the most affluent way of choosing a brand color. Before building up your own brand and contemplating how to start on it. Choose the right color for the right occasion and at the right period.

The above steps will help you in making the right and the moral decision of choosing the right color for your brand. Colors represent significant meaning to your brand and thus it’s essential to look upon these steps to choose the right color. 

Why is it necessary to pick exquisite colors for your brand? 

  • The article elongates on the facts as why is it necessary to choose beautiful colors for your brand 
  • The article also points out the facts as how it makes a difference 
  • The article tells on which are the colors to be chosen for your brand 

What are the colors to be picked for your brand? 

  • The article stretches on the facts as what is the necessarily to choose colors for your brand 
  • The article points out on the facts of branding with different colors 
  • Last but not the least the meaning of the facts should be attached with its colors  

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