Top 25+ Best Piano Brands in the World

The piano has been a remarkable outlet for fun and joy. The piano practice also increases intellectual and mental capabilities. With so many piano brands in the world, it is not easy to choose one. Here is a list of top piano brands in the globe.

Piano Brands in the World

Steinway & Sons

Country: United States

This American manufacturer of the piano was launched by German piano maker Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg in Manhattan in 1853. The corporation’s development operated to the beginning of a manufacturer in New York City, United States, and then a manufacturer in Hamburg, Germany. New York City-based manufacturer distributes the Americas and Hamburg-based manufacturer distributes the rest of the globe.


Country: Austria

This Austrian factory of the piano has been a solely acquired associate of Yamaha Corporation since 2008. The brand is extraordinary in that it manufactures 97 and 92-key models. Instruments with standard 88-key keyboards are also manufactured by this company. 

Fazioli Pianoforti

Country: Italy

This company manufactures concert pianos and hand-built grand pianos from their Sacile, Italy-based manufacturer. The corporation was created in 1978 by pianist and engineer Paolo Fazioli. 140 pianos are manufactured by craftsmen per year at Fazioli build.

Kawai Musical Instruments

Country: Japan

With a department in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan this corporation of musical instrument producing is primarily recognized for its electronic synthesizers, electronic keyboards, upright pianos, and grand pianos. The corporation was inaugurated in 1927. The company is considered to produce the nicest quality grand pianos.

C. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik

Country: Germany

This German manufacturer of pianos was inaugurated by Carl Bechstein in 1853. C. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik has its department in Berlin, Germany.


Country: Germany

With the department in Großpösna near Leipzig, Germany, this piano making corporation was created in 1853 by Julius Blüthner. Along with Steinway & Sons and C. Bechstein, Bösendorfer this brand is often compared to as one of the “Big Four” factories of the piano.


Country: Czech Republic

With departments in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic this Czech-based piano factory was created in 1864 by Antonín Petrof. Petrof is one of the best factories in the piano in Europe. The corporation distributes in over 60 nations. 

Mason and Hamlin

Country: United States

Haverhill, Massachusetts-based this American brand was created in 1854. A large number of pump organs were also produced by this company during the 19th century. Henry Mason, started this corporation in Boston, Massachusetts.

Baldwin Piano Company

Country: United States

With a department in Trumann, Arkansas, US this American piano manufacturer was once the biggest keyboard instrument factory in America and recognized by the motto, “America’s Favorite Piano”. It discontinued most household manufacturing in 2008, shifting its whole creation to China. It was formerly associated with Gibson. Dwight Hamilton Baldwin created this brand in 1857.


Country: Germany

Also recognized as Grotrian-Steinweg this German prestige piano factory is situated in Braunschweig, Germany, generally recognized as Brunswick in English. Premium upright pianos and grand pianos are produced by Grotrian. It was created in 1835 by Georg Friedrich Karl Grotrian, C.F. Theodor Steinweg, and Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg.

Estonia Piano Factory

Country: United States

This American piano corporation was started by Ernst His in 1950 in Tallinn, Estonia. The majority of their products are presently traded in the United States. In 1893, the founder of this brand created his own corporation, E. A. Ihse. He traded his industry in 1915 and specialized for other corporations. 

Wilhelm Schimmel

Country: Germany

Schimmel is a piano producer of Germany with manufacturers in Kalisz, Poland, and Braunschweig, Germany. Their commodity chain has been clarified as “the most highly awarded German piano”. Wilhelm Schimmel created this brand in 1885 in Leipzig, Germany. Since the launch, this family-operated industry has been managed by four generations of the Schimmel household.

Steingraeber & Söhne

Country: Germany

This German producer of grand and upright pianos is a family operated industry that is headquartered in Steingraeber Haus. The corporation’s forerunners came from a Rudolstadt, Thuringia-based household. 


Country: South Korea

This South Korean factory of musical instrument manufacturer was created in 1958. Samick is one of the biggest factories of musical instruments around the globe. It acquired shares in many corporations of musical instrument production. Besides its own trademark, Samick produces products through its associate trademarks such as San Mateo, Stony River, Silvertone, Greg Bennett, and many more. 



Designed by the Steinway & Sons brand this piano manufacturer is incomparable in its status and unpaired in value. Their piano has a powerful and extraordinary sound that has been influencing audiences and players alike for over 20 years. Their chain of pianos includes the considerably improved Boston Performance Edition.

Roland Corporation

Country: Japan

This Japanese factory of software, electric equipment, and electronic musical instruments was created in 1972 in Osaka by Ikutaro Kakehashi. As of 2005, the department of this brand was situated in Shizuoka Prefecture. They have manufacturers in the USA and Taiwan, Japan. They hired 2,699 workers in 2010. 

Pearl River Piano Group

Country: China

It is the biggest piano factory in China and has the biggest piano manufacturer in the globe manufacturing more pianos than other manufacturers. The corporation was created in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China in 1956. It is competent of more than 100,000 pianos per year and ships them to over 80 nations.

Pleyel et Cie

Country: France

This French firm of piano production was created in 1807 by the musician Ignace Pleyel. His child Camille entered the industry in 1815. Pianos to Frédéric Chopin offered by the firm. Pleyel’s main offering to piano advancement was the introductory design of a metal frame in their product. Their pianos were the preference of musicians such as Stravinsky, de Falla, Ravel, Saint-Saëns, and Debussy.

Schafer and Sons

Country: United States

This American corporation of the piano was created by German piano maker Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg in Manhattan in 1853. The corporation’s development oversaw the beginning of a manufacturer in Hamburg, Germany, and New York City, United States. 

Young Chang

Country: South Korea

This South Korean factory of industrial wood and pianos specializes in machinery and has its department in Incheon, South Korea. Presently, they carry 50% of the piano market in South Korea. Young Chang was created by Jai-Sup Kim, Jai-Chang Kim, and Jai-Young Kim in 1956.


Country: United Kingdom 

This British piano corporation was created by pianist and research physicist John Roy Norman in Cambridge, the UK in 1975. Edelweiss mainly specializes in Upright pianos and Grand pianos.

Cavendish Pianos 

Country: United Kingdom

This corporation of pianos manufactured at Yorkshire Pianos, the sole corporation manufacturing pianos still exclusively created in the United Kingdom. The organization was launched in 2012 after three years of research and planning. 

August Förster

Country: Germany

This piano making corporation presently has a faculty of 40 workers and manufactures nearly 150 upright pianos and 120 grand pianos per year. A small piano workshop was opened by August Förster in 1859 in Löbau, Germany, broadening to a manufacturer in 1862 on Löbau’s Jahn Street.


Country: Austria

This German brand of the piano was created by Julius Gustav Feurich in Leipzig, Germany in 1851 and has been household managed for five generations becoming prominent for making the best quality pianos. Presently, an Austrian piano factory Wendl & Lung acquired this brand.


Country: Japan

With departments in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan this corporation of musical instrument producing is primarily popular for its electronic synthesizers, electronic keyboards, upright pianos, and grand pianos. Since its launch in 1927, they are committed to producing outstanding quality grand pianos.


Country: Belgium

Ruiselede, Belgium-based this harpsichord and piano factory was created in 1938 by Albert Maene-Doutreloigne. Keyboard instruments are also made by the company.

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