List of 45+ Best Philips Brand Slogans

One of the greatest consumer electrical and electronics companies of all time, N.V.Philips  is a transnational conglomerate with headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Philips was a pioneer in consumer lighting and electronics together with appliances, white goods, transistors, and audios. Today the focus is more on the healthcare technology sector.

Philips Brand Slogans

Let’s make things better

Sense and simplicity

Innovation plus you

More light more magic

Light us

Mauke pe chauka

Enjoy the full power of nature

Dear Sun, suddenly you look a bit outdated

Discover the secrets to energy savings

Higher the lumens brighter the bulb

Abetter light bulb for a better life

 Now smart is simple

Perfect if you have a bit of Italian stuck between your teeth

Reveal your skin’s natural radiance

What makes LED light the smarter brighter choice

Change the world. One bulb at a time

Switch to a light that’s easier on your eyes

Reveal more

Stay picture-perfect all summer holidays

You feel different

Building an interactive web experience

Stay picture-perfect all summer holidays

See what light can do

Feel what light can do

We believe in simplicity and hiding the complexity from you

Simplicity is sharing wherever you want

A sunrise at your bedside

Next level clean — next level care 

Breathe healthy air always

A bright nation deserves the right light

Innovation that starts with you

The smoothest way to look cool

See it through with the Philips lamps

This Philips automatic washing machine is for wives over 3 ft tall

Quieter nights for you and your partner

From the end of the week to the start of the weekend

 It’s quality behind the buttons that matter most

Up close and beautiful

Recommended by 200000 healthcare professionals

Vacuum cleaner — small creature for your home

Lighting the way to brighter savings

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