List of 22+ Best Paypal Brand Slogans

Established in 1998 as Confinity, The SanJose based Paypal is an American multinational multilingual financial enterprise that operates very popular and smooth online payment transactions.

Over the years Paypal has become a very popular instrument for money transactions. Paypal has remained a subsidiary of eBay for 12 years. 

Paypal Brand Slogans

Paypal anywhere

The safer easier way to pay

Paypal is new money

People have more important things to hold than their wallets

Paypal protecting the people economy

Banishing worry – one transaction at a time

The safer faster way to pay

Here’s new money in town

Pay friends just in seconds 

Powerful digital marketing network

New money helps wanderers get lost

You can use Paypal in many more places you think

New money sorts your weekend

More ways to pay make a shoppers day

We the people want our money safer than our selfies

Settle up for treats and front row seats

Invoicing made effortless

169 million people love Paypal

Shop fearlessly, pay with Paypal

Giving keeps getting better

Your money works better

Need your money faster — Paypal instant transfer

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