Top 25+ Best Pasta Brands in the World

Pasta can be a better preference, as is lower in carbs and calories but higher in nutrients and fiber. With so many pasta brands in the world, it is not easy to choose one. Here is a list of top pasta brands in the globe.

Pasta Brands in the World

Barilla Group

Country: Italy

This Italian transnational food firm is the globe’s biggest pasta manufacturer. Pietro Barilla originated this firm as a bakery shop in 1877 in Parma, Italy. Until 1971, it stayed in the hands of the Barilla household. Barilla Group manages Filiz (Turkey), MISKO (Greece), Wasabröd (Sweden), Harrys (France), Voiello, Pavesi, Stelle, and many more brands.


Country: Italy

Sansepolcro-based this Italian food corporation was launched in 1827. Buitoni is notable for its factory-produced commodities of sauces and pasta. The Buitoni household traded the corporation to Carlo De Benedetti in 1985 and Nestlé acquired the brand in 1988.

Trader Joe’s

Country: United States of America 

With bureaus in Monrovia, California, this grocery shop line had more than 503 supplies in 42 states as of 2019. Founder Joe Coulombe inaugurated the first shop of Trader Joe’s in 1967 in Pasadena, California. The firm has studios in Boston, Massachusetts and Monrovia.

De Cecco

Country: Italy

This Italian firm manufactures flour, and other corresponding stocks and dried pasta. De Cecco is the third biggest factory of pasta around the globe. The De Cecco brothers originated this company in 1886 in the small city of Fara San Martino in the Abruzzo province of middle Italy. 


Country: Switzerland

This worldwide firm of drink and food is focused on the manufacturing of breakfast cereals, cooking aids, confectionery, ready-to-eat food items, chocolates, and milk products. Nestle markets its stocks under 2000 assorted labels, including Kit-Kat chocolates, Nescafé, Perrier, Haagen-Dazs ice cream, Maggi, Purina pet food, and DiGiorno pizza.


Country: Russia

This Russia-based pasta factory has more than 80 years of background in the business. In addition to pasta commodities, the firm also produces flour, flakes, cereals, etc. These commodities are mainly marketed under various labels, including Horeca, Wheat Flakes, Flakes, Buckwheat, Livingood, and MAFKA Bronze Die, among others. 

Campbell Soup

Country: United States of America 

A large expanse of high-quality drinks, soups, canned pasta, snacks, and simple meals are offered by Campbell Soup. Their merchandise is retailed under various labels, including Goldfish, Campbell’s, Cape Cod, Plum Organics, Pacific Foods, Milano, and Spaghettis, among many others.

Armanino Foods

Country: United States of America 

A large range of pasta products, sauces, frozen pestos is provided by Armanino Foods. Their frozen pasta portfolio includes Cheese Tortellini, Beef Ravioli, Four Cheese Ravioli, and Tricolor Cheese, among others. The yearly exchanges of the firm were nearly US$ 10.6 Million as of 2018.

Treehouse Foods, Inc. 

Country: United States of America 

This is a supplier and producer of packaged drinks and foods for industrial consumers, food service, and retail grocery. The firm offers an assortment of drinks, baked items, and meal solutions, including hot cereal, dressings, macaroni, cheese, and pasta. They also deal with organic and natural commodities in nearly 26 product sectors. 

General Mills

Country: United States of America

General Mills is involved in the manufacturing of consumer-packaged stocks, including ready-to-eat and frozen meals, baking products, yogurt, ice cream, soup, pizza, cereals, and pasta, etc. Their stocks are traded under multiple brands, Including Latina Fresh, Gold Medal, Yoplait, Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, and Annie’s, among others.


Country: Italy

Since the founding of Divella in 1890, it has manufactured high-quality durum-wheat. Through the years the effort of multiple families paid off and the firm kept broadening in the worldwide markets. They presently deliver in nearly 30 nations and provide a service of manufacturing of brands.


Country: Italy

Garofalo commodities are the outcome of the old technique of producing pasta. Their pasta is notable for flavor and quality, and even for the transparent packaging. 


Country: Italy

Benevento-based, this small pasta manufacturer is one of the few who still utilize slow-processing and old techniques for preparing pasta. Because of the six generations of background and tradition, presently, it is one of the best brands of pasta in Italy.


Country: Germany 

Since 2000, this trademark of drink and food items has been controlled by the British-Dutch firm Unilever. Knorr generates bouillon cubes, dehydrated soup, condiments, and meal mixes. They also have production capabilities in Pakistan and India.

Annie’s Homegrown

Country: United States of America 

This organic snacks, meals, and pasta firm is acquired by General Mills. Originated by Andrew Martin and Annie Withey in Hampton, Connecticut, it is largely notable for its cheese and macaroni stock chain. It is the second most retailing cheese and macaroni in America after Kraft. 


Country: United States of America 

At DaVinci, they have refined the excellent art of flavorful pasta. It all begins with 100% durum wheat semolina for warm air-dry processes and quality flavor to refine the excellent texture. 

San Remo

Country: Australia 

Situated in Adelaide, this Australian food corporation was formed in 1936. An expanse of pasta is manufactured by San Remo. The firm ships commodities to nearly 20 nations and provides private-label manufacturing services.


Country: United States of America 

This food manufacturing firm is situated in Marietta, Ohio, United States. The main element of their long pasta is an unbleached red spring wheat flour farmed solely in Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota.

Borden, Inc.

Country: United States of America

This American industrial stocks, customer products, and drink and food item manufacturer was the biggest factory of pasta and dairy products in the United States. Their food department, Borden Foods, was situated in Columbus, Ohio, and mainly concentrated on ice cream, jellies, processed cheese, snacks, bakery products, and pasta and pasta sauces. 

Dakota Growers Pasta Company

Country: United States of America

This agricultural processing firm is based in Carrington, North Dakota. It was begun as a wheat-growers cooperative in 1990. Dakota Growers became a public firm in 2002.

V. La Rosa and Sons Macaroni 

Country: United States of America 

Originated by Vincenzo La Rosa in 1914, the firm eventually became one of the biggest local trademarks in the United States manufacturing more than 40 variations of pasta.

The C.F. Mueller Company 

Country: United States of America

The company was started in 1867 and created one of the most advanced and largest pasta manufacturers in the United States. Mueller’s Macaroni became the biggest retailing pasta.

The New World Pasta Company

Country: United States of America

This retail trademarked pasta firm is solely associated with Ebro Foods. With departments in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, it was set in 1999. A Spain-based food firm, Ebro Puleva S.A. owned this brand in 2006.

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