101+ Partner Birthday Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

Your partner’s birthday is so important for both of you. It shows the love and bond you share.

Check out the following captions which may prove worthwhile when posting and publishing your wishes for your partner’s birthday on social media.

Partner Birthday Captions

Each year your birthday comes, I feel 10 years younger, what with all the energy I get to organize the bash. #happybirthday

Thanks to your mother for bringing you into this world. #partnerlove

You and I are so freaking crazy in love, I just don’t have the right words to wish you a Happy Birthday. #companionship

You are the angel everyone wishes for – only without the wings. #loveyou

It feels so inspiring to realize that you bore with me another year, darling. Happy birthday. #adore

Wishing on your birthday that I could become your virtual assistant, too. #happybirthday

This is one special day which I celebrate with so much vigor. #partnerlove

Thank god such a beautiful soul like you was born today. #loveyou

Lots of extra love, hugs and best wishes on this special day beautiful. #adore

Whether your birthday or not, every day with you is so great my love. #happybirthday

May you enjoy this birthday, too, my love. #partnerlove

I still can’t find out who the bad influence is, I love you so much, so long babes. Happy birthday. #special

Let’s make your birthday as special as you are, babes. #happybirthday

You are my love, friend, mentor and guide, so let me wish you a special birthday wish. #loveyou

I can let the birthday cake be, but not you. #happybirthday

It has never felt like we were ever married, you made our lives so interesting. #partnerbirthday

Love is the best birthday gift I can give you. #loveyou

Don’t count your years dearest. Let me make them count. #happybirthday

Expect many more years of laughter, my love. Happy birthday. #togetherness

You are the sweetest person I have ever met. #loveyou

8.9 billion people, and you are the one who stood. #happybirthday

Let me make your birthday an adventure to remember. #partnerlove

You are my life. Happy birthday to my life. #happybirthday

I just can’t love you enough. #loveyou

Partner Birthday Captions for Instagram

I really can’t thank your mother enough, love. #happybirthday

You are always so happy. So, here’s wishing you a roller-coaster birthday. #partnerlove

I am so happy you have added another year of happiness to your life. Wishing you many more. #partnerlove

I sometimes ask why I adore you so much. Celebrating your birthday says it all. I just adore adoring you.#adore

Thank god both you and I were born, otherwise I would have actually never have had the best guy around. #happybirthday

All the love in the universe for you on your birthday. #loveyou

Happy birthday to my love and life, my darling wife. #happybirthday

Loving you is all I live for. #partnerlove

I didn’t know how to thank you for being in my life. So, I packed the house with flowers you love.

You are the only friend I need. Happy Birthday. #happybirthday

You’ve always played to my whims and fancies. Let me make this a dream birthday for you, sweeties pie.

You are the finest wine, getting better with time. #happybirthday

You are a mirror to my soul darling. Happy birthday. #partnerlove

I know you haven’t been this age. So, don’t even try acting it. #partnerlove

Let’s make the memories of your all your dreams coming true. #loveyou

You know me so well that it’s really hard keeping your birthday celebrations a secret from you.

Happy birthday to the best human being in this whole world. #happybirthday

You are so loving and caring. What more could I ask for? #blessedbirthday

Insta has a fantastic post today – birthday wishes for you. #loveyou

Happy birthday to you my lifestyle. #happybirthday

You still haven’t aged, darling. Love you always. #partnerlove

However much I love you, I still feel I’m not loving you enough. #birthdayblast

I just love you more than anything else in the world. #loveyou

Partner Birthday Captions for Twitter

I just love loving you. #happybirthday

We completed 15 of your birthdays together? Already? #partnerlove

Happy birthday to the most incredible human being ever. #birthdayblast

I am so thrilled I get to celebrate this special day baby. #loveyou

You yourself are such a gift I don’t know what to gift you. On your birthday I gift myself and my love to you babes. #happybirthday

You have always been the only one. So this is the only birthday I actually celebrate. #special

You are simply a style to reckon with babe. Happy birthday. #partnerlove

Just wanted to say I love you. And happy birthday. #birthdayblast

I felt after 50 years together, the best gift would be that you relived those 50 years all over again in a day. Happy birthday baby. #happybirthday

To the cutest thing on earth – my deepest love on your birthday, too. #partnerlove

I just can’t keep any secrets from you darling. Happy birthday. Yes, there’s a bash for you later today. #birthdaybash

Darling, let me make that wish again – may you have everlasting love and joy. #partnerlove

I just want two things light up today. The candles on your cake and the smile on your lips. #togetherness

Happy birthday to best woman ever. Love you so much. #happybirthday

You are the one single wealth I have that makes me so much wealthier than anyone else. #loveyou

I arranged all that you love for your birthday, but I kept that kiss and hug from me which you enjoy most. #partnerlove

You are such a marvelous creation of God that even he must be extremely surprised he could actually make you. #happybirthday

We aren’t ageing. Just that we are enjoying being with each other even more #companionship

My cupcake, my buttercup, my sweety pie – Let’s have a blast today. #birthdayblast

Hope you enjoy all I have arranged on your birthday. #happybirthday

You are still 18, and just added on 62 years of love and experience, dear. #partnerlove

The child in you will never age whatever be your age, dear. Have a great birthday. #loveyou

A thank you cake for your mother as well on your birthday. #happybirthday

I simply won’t let you grow up honey because I love you the way you are. #partnerlove

I just don’t know how to celebrate your birthday differently; you make every day feel so special anyway. #special

partner birthday captions

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