100+ Catchy Parkour Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

If you love parkour, and also like posting on social media, you need this list of captions to use with your posts. Social media makes your posts get exposure, that’s true.

However, your posts need an extra boost, one that only captions can give them. This is also equally true. So use this list of captions on parkour, and give your posts that extra boost that they need.

Parkour Captions for Facebook

Remember that today’s pains will get you rewards tomorrow.

Stop only if you have made yourself proud. #pride

When you are tired, rest, but never even think of quitting.

Just begin. Where you reach is something for later, not now.

Parkour does build a really strong character.

An obstacle is actually an opportunity to achieve, not to turn around and leave.

Let not adversity stop you. let the thrill of doing it drives you.

Make your life peaceful by not responding to any negativity.

The harder you are willing to fall the greater you are likely to achieve.

Your competition is only that little voice in you that keeps telling you to quit.

Why not be the concept rather than think the concept? #concept

It is better to lose oneself in their passion rather than lose one’s passion.

Parkour is all about your imagination and how well we make that a reality.

Hard work is the only way to make difficult things become easier to do.

The possibilities in parkour are simply too much not to try out.

Something is hard because it is meant to be done by the few who have the thirst to achieve success.

Parkour’s all about running, climbing, leaping, jumping, and more. It’s actually your childhood being relived. #childhood

One motto we should all have – Never Quit!

Always climb higher and higher. Let the view be your reward.

If it weren’t hard wouldn’t everyone have done it?

It’s impossible to be fearless. Putting a check on your fears is the secret to success.

Do one thing that scares you daily. That’s the way out of your fears.

Nobody told me that it cannot be done. So I went and did it. #parkour

Try being that somebody that nobody ever thought you could be.

Always do the thing that you always thought you cannot do.

Parkour Captions for Instagram

However slowly, keep moving. Be scared to stand still. #move

One thing that will never betray you is your training, rather it will uplift you to achieve more.

How can you decide that you will fail when you haven’t tried it at all?

Winners will always do and not say. Others do exactly the opposite.

Fall. Rise. Try again. Fall again. Keep going till you have stopped falling at all.

Just being talented doesn’t work. Hard work is what makes you achieve where you are.

Parkour is what keeps me happy. It is the only thing that I enjoy doing.

Fitness isn’t to better others. It is to better yourself alone.

If you think deeply you will see that parkour was always there. It was never invented.

Just because something seems difficult doesn’t mean it is impossible.

Parkour is a sport where you fly for a short time, but you know you flew.

The hardest is the first step. After that, it all depends on how much you practice.

Be like a springy monkey in your movements. Then go and try those jumps.

Never quit till you are proud. #neverquit

I guess parkour’s the only sport that needs more than just balls.

No matter how many times you fall, get up one extra time always.

Create an obstacle that you will be scared of. Then overcome it.

If you don’t keep moving in the direction of your dreams you will never reach them at all.

Keep challenging yourself constantly, and you will find most things easy.

Once you reach that place within yourself where nothing is impossible, you begin to achieve the otherwise impossible.

The only limit is when you think it is there. Otherwise, there isn’t.

Having fallen and gotten up makes you stronger than not having fallen at all.

Focus and attention in training always lead to strength and conviction as rewards.

Train as a whole. Not in parts. Make the whole strong. #train

Better to have tried and failed rather than to regret not having tried at all.

Parkour Captions for Twitter

You will mostly fall because you are afraid. Don’t fear the fall, fear your fear.

Be the one who does it. Not the one who simply spectates it. #doit

Only incredible people have incredible dreams, which they actually convert into reality.

Keep progressing a little each day. The results after a time will amaze you as if it is magic.

If there your path has no obstacles walk a different path. The first will lead nowhere.

There are so many things we keep believing in for so long in our lives. So why can’t we believe in ourselves?

How will you know whether it’s for you or not if you don’t even give it a shot?

Did you come this far to come just this far?

Luck is a word failures use to describe what achievers achieve.

The harder you work, the greater the achievement.

It is far better to have tried and failed rather than not to have tried at all.

When you are tired take a rest, but never quit.

If you cannot take the risk at least try taking it.

Till you are proud never stop. #proud

My crew, my team, and my competition aren’t just my friends. They are my family.

The destination at the end of a difficult path is always beautiful.

My life was extremely boring till I took up parkour as a hobby.

Perseverance is the key to success.

If you are scared of parkour. Do it to change your fear into love for parkour.

Nothing is an obstacle once you know how to go beyond it.

It’s not extreme at all. it is only an adventure with some thrilling stuff to do.

Parkour is the best getaway from the daily grind that I have to go through.

Parkour is all about adding art to running. It’s not about just mere stunts or speed alone.

Parkour is what your mind, body, and soul will thank you for doing. #parkour

When given a towel you decide what to do with it. Throw it in? Or use it to wipe the sweat off your body?

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