100+ Catchy Paragliding Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Social media has made it possible for your posts to get ample exposure. Coupled with captions, your posts get scored extra because of the former.

So here is a list of captions to go with your posts on paragliding. Use them to give your posts the extra pump that they need.

Paragliding Captions for Instagram

I love to wander the world, fly above it, and appreciate the amazing beauty it offers.

Paragliding unveils some new magic every moment that you glide.

Till you take that fall, you will never learn to glide. #paragliding

Paragliding isn’t just a sport. It’s an addiction. It’s a passion. It is true love.

Money is there to be made. But time just simply slips away. So go paragliding today.

Why think that you may fall? Why not think that you may fly?

You always wanted to fly in the sky. Paragliding can make that dream come true.

Never are you too old to live a dream? #nevertooold

Once you are up there, you realize that the world Is below your feet. And you begin to respect the world.

Gliding through the unknown is the best possible time a human being can have.

This is one sport that doesn’t need balls to play with. You only glide as far, and for as long, as you wish.

Just dive out of that door. It is the only way you can enjoy the adventure.

Paragliding lets you feel freer than ever, happier than ever and puts a smile on your lips.

If you truly wish to feel alive, then go paragliding. #feelalive

You will never know how far you can glide till you actually and truly go paragliding.

Feed your soul that it so deserves. Go take the adventure that will keep your soul well-fed.

It is only when you climb higher that you realize how minuscule we really are.

When paragliding, I realize what a great artist God is. How intricately he sculpted nature.

Paragliding is something that fills my soul with happiness. And it is so gratifying as well.

Paragliding is all about perspective. Your perspective is what explains the scene differently.

May your life be all about paragliding over all obstacles. May you find no obstacles at all.

The view from here is never the same as the view from there.

When the adventure finds you, never let it pass. Just dive into it. #paragliding

Seeing the shadows that trees cast from high up here in the sky feel so different.

Your life actually begins where your comfort zone ends.

Paragliding is an adventure for me. Each time. Every time.

As long as you enjoy the fresh breeze on your face, you will love paragliding.

How does it help if you own the world but have seen little of it?

When you have to glide, just glide. Don’t talk. #glide

You are never lost while paragliding. Rather, you actually find your true self.

Every moment you are paragliding is the best moment of your life.

I simply love paragliding as it makes me fly wherever I want.

Paragliding adventures have such nice therapeutic effects.

No use being normal. Be amazing, and you will be happy.

If you soar on your own, you can never soar too high. #soar

The fire and passion within me are what made me stick with paragliding.

To me, paragliding means to live free.

Be like a 4-year-old; wear a superhero cape. Then do things like a superhero.

Your attitude is the only factor that defines and distinguishes excitement and fear.

Make paragliding the most important thing in your life. I did. And see where it has brought me?

First, there were the heavens. Then God created the earth. And one day, man discovered paragliding.

Till you leave your comfort zone, you can’t expect anything great. #comfortzone

I go paragliding for hours on end, oblivious to what is happening down below.

The only way to overcome your fear is to face it head-on and do that which scares you.

To stay away from the daily rigmarole of life is possible only when I am up there paragliding.

If you fear something, make sure you go do it immediately.

I just love paragliding as it helps me keep my sanity. #sanity

I was so scared of flying. Then one day, I went paragliding. The rest is all history.

I always carry my mobile, just in case I land way beyond my destination.

Paragliding keeps me so happy that I always have a smile on my lips.

Funny Paragliding Captions

Know for sure that the day I stop paragliding is the day I stop breathing as well.

Paragliding is so different from all other air sports. It is so soothing and so much more beautiful.

Without paragliding, I am nothing. I don’t exist. #nothing

Take the dive and open the parafoil. Then glide away for as long as you wish.

Paragliding helps build character.

When you got to do it, just go and do it.

Paragliding is what changed me for the better. It made me stronger and better.

I have become so much more confident since I took up paragliding.

Even with an increasing population, there are only a select few who love paragliding.

First, I was bored of life. Then one day I went paragliding with friends.

If you love paragliding, we can become good friends.

I go paragliding happily every day. #paragliding

Live your dreams. Live to the fullest. Fly high. And glide happily forever.

Every paragliding session is an experience to learn so much from.

Believe me. Anything is possible.

Each time I go paragliding, I come back with something new.

How limited life truly depends totally upon you.

It is so much more calming than anything else. #calming

Paragliding makes me realize why birds love soaring up in the sky.

It is paragliding that made me realize the values of this world.

Being able to fly above the earth and seeing how beautiful it is from up here is a unique experience.

If you cannot take risks, you can never expect to be creative.

Let’s go fly up there in the blue skies. #fly

Don’t take the jump. Take the plunge. Then begin gliding.

It is the sky that makes me feel so happy.

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