100+ Catchy Parachuting Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

If you love parachuting, and also like posting regularly on social media, you definitely need this list of captions to use with your posts. Social media allows your posts to get ample exposure.

However, your posts need an extra edge, one that only captions can give them. So use this list of captions on parachuting, and give your posts that extra lift that they need.

Parachuting Captions for Facebook

 All you got to do is ride the wind. And enjoy yourself to the fullest.

How can you say it isn’t for you without even trying it out once.

There is really nothing extreme in parachuting.

Be an achiever rather than a mere dreamer. #achiever

Each time I go parachuting it is always a new adventure.

Remember that great things await only those who reach them.

There is risk in everything. So why point at parachuting alone?

Never fear your fears. Be cautious. But always push yourself a little further.

Parachuting is one activity where you have to fall first to enjoy it.

It’s time to make that jump. It’s time to see the world from high up here. it’s time to experience the unique. #unique

The first time is really terrifying. After that, it’s all just history.

Of course, anyone can fly a plane, but it takes a special one to jump out of one to go parachuting.

No one told me it couldn’t be done. So I went and did it. Now they say I have real guts.

Why not caption this parachuting pic of mine?

If you have dreamed of it then go out there and just do it.

After parachuting I just yearn to live in the sky. #sky

Parachuting is an adventure par excellence.

The beauty from above is so much more different and unique.

Parachuting is not just for the crazy or the rich or the fearless alone.

Without grounding your apprehensions you can’t take to the skies.

A million words will still fall short of explaining the thrill of parachuting.

One day I will say to myself from today that I have done it. #didit

Drop with your fear, fall with your risk, then open the parachute of optimism, and enjoy it all.

Those who are into parachuting are usually great human beings.

The fear of falling is only temporary. Parachuting is a beautiful and permanent experience to cherish.

Parachuting Captions for Instagram

I may not have wings like the birds, but I spread them anyways when I am parachuting.

What’s in a story if you haven’t lived it yourself? #parachuting

The fall at first and then the gliding through the wind, till I touch down, is so mesmerizing.

Parachuting is a beautiful experience that needs to be done in reality rather than being told about.

Parachuting helps me forget my problems and come back all charged up.

You should be proud in the future for having done it today.

If you fear do it for sure. Whatever happens, never give in to your fears.

It is better to have tried and failed than to have never tried it at all.

Only if you surrender yourself to the skies can you ride them. #surrender

Never listen to that little voice inside you when it says that you can’t do it.

Either plunge into the adventure or regret it forever.

Push yourself into taking risks. That’s the only way you can enjoy life.

If you aren’t parachuting you are definitely missing the good things in life.

How do you know you can’t go parachuting if you haven’t even tried it?

Never say never to parachuting. You will miss a great adventure in life.

Every day does something that you fear. #doit

Parachuting is one addiction I will never quit.

We all seek adventure. Parachuting is just another adventure.

After the first time parachuting, I got hooked to parachuting.

What is a dream if it hasn’t been tried in reality? #

My parachuting crew and team are not just friends. They are my family.

If you have dreamed it’s time you did it.

I always wanted to be in the sky. To fly. And then I went parachuting.

Parachuting helps you to become a far better person.

Parachuting is the freedom you experience for a lifetime. Every time. #freedom

Parachuting Captions for Twitter

Parachuting is the nearest to flying you can ever get. #flying

Why fear parachuting now and then regret your fears forever?

Parachuting lets you see the world from a different perspective.

Quit all your burden and then go parachuting. #burden

Never hold yourself back. Just go ahead and take that jump. It’s the world you will see out there.

Adventures are the food your soul needs. And you need to feed your soul.

Parachuting is all about enjoying the scenery from high above.

Relive your adventures time and again. It is always so refreshing.

For dreams to be big enough they should actually scare you.

First, do it and be speechless, then become a storyteller.

When you look down from high above you realize how tiny we really are.

Parachuting is about taking risks and reliving them. #risks

Parachuting builds a great character in us.

First, take off the ground. Then take off the plane. Then let the parachute do the rest.

Where you leave your comfort zone is exactly where your life actually begins.

Those who jump don’t need an explanation. No explanation is possible for the rest.

Once you go parachuting, you will look to the sky yearning to be there again.

The best way to appreciate anything is by going on adventures.

If love parachuting we can be really good friends. #parachuting

Even the sky isn’t the limit. You are your only limit.

Parachuting is for you if you are willing to enjoy it as long as you are up there.

If it is both scary and exciting, then you are doing the right thing. Go on and do it.

If you can’t make the jump, you can never expect to go parachuting.

Most ride a plane. Some fly it. Only a few jump out of it.

Life is so beautiful when you realize that taking the plunge was really necessary. #beautiful

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