Pampers -History, Brand Value and Brand Strategy


Pampers is one of the most well-known brands for moms. Without a doubt, mothers around the world are not ignorant of this renowned diaper brand. Pampers has created its brand name just by understanding the needs of the children and by gaining the assurance of the mothers.

In the recent years, Pampers has become a household name for diapers in almost every country in the world and has conquered the global market with its top-notch quality.


Pampers Brand History

P&G scientist, Vic Mills, detested changing the fabric diapers of his infant grandkid back in the year 1956. So, he commissioned the analysts in P&G’s exploratory division in Miami Valley, Ohio to investigate the possible ways to improve a disposable diaper. 

That was the time when the disposable diapers were not used by the majority of the population in the country.


The initial days

P&G’s first test was a disappointment. It was held in Dallas, Texas throughout the late spring of 1958. 

Back in 1990s, the kids and the infants were made to wear plastic trousers which made them feel uneasy. Plastic plants were costly and so they could not be bought frequently. 

These problems and issues ended up being a surprisingly positive turn. P&G returned to the planning phase to make a better-structured product that customers could buy as often as possible. 


The formation of Pampers

Six months passed by after the Dallas test showcase and the brand decided to modify and remodel the diapers with new elements and materials. 

 Nearly 37,000 diapers were made by hand and the testing started once more. This time, the results were good and Pampers started to move out of its early stages.


The global reach

In 1971, P&G extended the Pampers brand far and wide, working with provincial groups to ensure they comprehended the social contrasts so as to deliver and advertise a disposable diaper.

P&G opened their manufacturing plant in  Euskirchen, Germany and the worldwide production of Pampers diaper started.


Present day

Today, Pampers is P&G’s greatest worldwide brand, with items spread across nearly 120 nations. The brand is always evaluating the products and  coming up with more better products.

During the 1970s, P&G discovered that what they couldn’t do alone, they could do with worldwide collaborations and this led to the topic of brand acquisitions and merging.

Also, P&G was the first American organization to make a genuinely worldwide brand, making Pampers a recognizable brand in Singapore as well.


Pampers Brand Value

Pampers is a significant brand of the parent company P&G as it alone generates around USD 10 billion. The diaper establishment alone is liable for $ 10 billion in yearly income. 

Pampers stays the company’s infant and family care item division that’s answerable for 36% of the company’s deals and just path behind the cleaning product Tide.


The reason for the brand value

Pampers, as a brand has all the qualities and this is one of the major reasons of such a high brand value.

It is the leading brand in its industry, with specific quality in high-pay socioeconomics.

Pampers gained a revenue of around USD $ 19.4 billion in 2011. 

Pampers is one of the main diaper brands around the world, possessed by P&G.


Pampers Brand Strategy

1 . The product strategy of Pampers

Pampers mainly produces infant and baby items. Products such as swaddlers, cruisers, child dry, delicate wipes and other products are the primary product line of the brand.

Pampers has been working to improve the lives of children and babies. Guardians prefer diapers for their small kids because of their comfort and the cost as well. These disposable diapers can be easily bought. 

In 2014, Pampers had witnessed a 34% increase in the diapers production in the global market.

It is a worldwide pioneer in the infant diapers followed by Huggies. In India, Pampers, Huggies and Mamy Poko established 86% of the diaper industry.


2 . The price strategy of Pampers

Pampers focuses on diaper quality, bundling and conveyance to separate itself from its rivals. Cost isn’t decreased to build the interest for its items. The price of the diapers has been fixed and there has not been any major changes in the price segment.

Because of its phenomenal quality, its clients are quite comfortable about the cost to purchase its items. The customers prefer the quality over the cost.


3 . The distribution strategy of Pampers

The brand Pampers is a part of the parent company P&G. It has broad distribution channels all around. From the manufacturing plants, Pampers items are moved to the distribution centers. 

From the distribution centers, the products are moved to the merchants and then to the wholesalers and afterward to the retailers. Some of the time from the wholesalers, they are directly shipped to the vast retail outlets in the locations. 

In India, Pampers diapers are accessible at retailers, general stores and local stores from where the customers can buy them.

Pampers diapers are also available for purchase in the ecommerce stores. Ecommerce sites like Amazon sells Pampers products to the customers online as well.


4 . Advertising strategy of Pampers

Pampers is a brand of P&G, which is an amazing FMCG organization. The advertising strategy of Pampers has the following mentioned parameters:

  • P&G opted for television promotions and demonstrated the significance of using diapers to the consumers and also how the diapers will keep the children rash free and conformable.
  • The promotions are targeted at the white-collar class or the working-class consumers and mainly the working ladies. In India, P&G has illustrated such an advertising strategy and found success in doing so.
  • P&G has taken to the print media advertising on papers and health and fitness magazines. Pampers has promoted itself through direct advertising and marketing where labels are sent to mothers with babies. 
  • These labels contain important tips for moms and most of the times they contain vouchers and discount coupons as well.
  • The brand has promoted itself by featuring in motion pictures. Pampers had paid USD $ 50k to be part of the advertising campaign in a movie – Three Men and a Baby. 
  • In certain nations, Pampers runs the advertising campaign through display advertising like hoardings. Pampers also runs a YouTube channel where it accompanies imaginative promotions and videos.


5 . Brand positioning

P&G spends around USD 2 billion each year so that brands like Pampers can manufacture their positive brand image in front of the customers. The uniqueness of this brand originates from a product or service innovation which provides comfort for the kids and infants.

Due to this factor, Pampers became the leader in the diaper industry. The primary component of brand nature is love. You will discover love in the promotions of this diaper brand. 

According to Pampers, consumers will always buy the best product for their children as they always want the best for their child. This is mainly out of love.



Pampers is undoubtedly one of the brand leaders in the diaper industry and has been the pioneer as well. Their innovation related to the diapers and the ay they have revolutionized the diapers paved the way for more companies.

 The brand has come a long way and created a massive brand value of its own. It is now known for its superior quality materials and products. 

With outrageous statistical surveying models and very good quality marketing methodologies of a maturing brand, Pampers has constantly demonstrated the quintessence of a top of the line and has gained the consumer’s trust.

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