List of 25+ Best Pampers Brand Slogans

Established in 1961 at Cincinnati, Pampers is an American brand of baby care and child care products marketed by Procter and Gamble world-wide. The main product segments of Pampers are baby diapers, baby wipes, and pants, etc. The brand is an extensive advertising spender globally.

Pampers Brand Slogans

Better for baby

Love at first touch 

Premium care

Our best comfort and protection

Our best pants with cotton-like softness

#Pampers softness challenge

I like healthy butts and I cannot lie

Familiar comfort premium protection

Looks up to 99.9% wetness for skin dryness every night

He couldn’t get a better diaper if he stood on his head

The driest Pampers ever

Surprise, You are in for the biggest change in your life

# 1 choice for hospitals nurses and patients

Play on 

Babies love what?

More hospital prefer Pampers than any other diaper

There’s nothing we wouldn’t do

Together we can help save lives

Luv keeps your little dreamboat comfortable

Nobody wants a baby to cry. So 1694 hospitals use Pampers

Pampers. A nice dry place to grow up in

So soft that your baby won’t notice

# No 1 choice for doctors

The wet stops here

Let your little star shine

Every parents’ dream is a healthy start in life for their baby

The ups and downs of potty training shouldn’t be a struggle

What a baby feels in a wet Pampers is a drier bottom

The diaper of my dreams

#No 1 pediatrician recommended brand

Up to 12 hours overnight protection

All our expertise in the palm of your hand

The only nappy designed for even the smallest babies

Baby’s first shopping spree

Comes with new wetness indicator

Our best comfort and protection

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