Banking upon Own failure: The Biggest Marketing Strategy

Coming up with a business sounds fun but has a lot of challenges that you need to overcome. The first step goes into making a map of the plan that you want to execute.

The next step goes into selecting a niche for your business, followed by choosing a target audience/ customers.

You then need to choose the demographic area that you want to target. All these are followed by one of the most important step, that is, deciding as to what you have to offer the customers. 

What Is Meant By Marketing Strategies?

Marketing strategies refer to the steps that a person takes, in order to convey the plan and message to the right audience.

However, even if you follow all the mentioned steps to accuracy and plan things out well, a bad marketing strategy would lead to the failure of your business. Thus, the marketing strategies should be appropriate, when it comes to building up a business of your own. 

Recent Trends: How They Affect The Market!

The recent trends of marketing over social media, has become the fashion in the world of business.

Starting from small enterprises to the big and already established ones, every company is out to market its’ strategies and its’ whereabouts, through social media platforms. The platforms usually refer to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and also sites like Thus, this is easy for the ones who are technology- experts, which means, they are comfortable with the emerging technologies.

But, it proves to be a challenge for those who are not very well- versed with the updating technologies. However, marketing about your business, is very important, irrespective of the fact whether your business is a startup or an established one.

Need For Marketing Strategies!

A well planned marketing strategy is one of the key ingredients that would bring the flavor to the dish (business). There are a lot of factors that are related to the strategy making. But the most important thing that we should know before we go ahead, is, what is the importance of marketing strategy!

A strong marketing strategy is needed for the following needs to be fulfilled, at the initial stage, for having a successfully built business.

  • To reach out to the target audience in a better manner;
  • To properly convey the message that you want to, with respect to your business;
  • To ensure more turnouts for your setup;
  • To have people have more knowledge about the uniqueness of your business;
  • To have people know more about what you are offering.

Even after the establishment of your business, a strong marketing strategy is required. The reasons are listed below.

  • To increase the footfall of your business;
  • To ensure more profit to the business;
  • To give out to the audience, the new changes brought by you;
  • To ensure people are up to date with the whereabouts of your business.

The points that are listed are just a few reasons as to why one should have a strong marketing strategy ready, before as well as during the whole setup and establishment of the business. 

How To Build Up A Strong Base For Marketing!

After discussing so much about why to go about with a strong marketing strategy, let us delve into how to build up a strong base. 

Use Of Social Media:

In the recent times, one cannot, just cannot think about anything more than the advertisements on social media platforms. Right from getting to know about the trendiest news to applying for a job or gaining knowledge about a particular thing, social media is what people rely on. 

All the new updates about a startup or an already established business, when on social medias, spreads like spilled water. Thus, when you put up advertisements or updates on social media, people tend to know your business better and thus the turnover increases, giving a boost to the profit margins.

For example, when Apple posted about its’ SE2 or iPhone 9 that is to come soon, the first news did spread from Twitter.

Putting Up Video Tutorials. 

Visual and auditory perception is far more effective than perception by the other senses. Thus, when you put up a video tutorial,  it makes a huge impact, which, other sources cannot make. Once a person looks at something that is playing in front of them, along with some auditory factors in it, they remember it well and thus, puts a huge impact on them. 

Thus, in order to increase the turnouts on your business, you should go about making a video, that either talks about what you are offering, or, may show the tangible products that they might want to purchase.

For example, Jay Shetty, the motivational speaker. When he put up his writings, he had many followers, but the followers increased, when he started coming up with videos. 

Blogging Is Necessary.

Blogging is when you write about a certain topic and you put it up on either some personal page or social media, in order to let the audience take a look into it. These blogs are descriptive and leaves an open end for the audience to either accept or reject things. 

Blogging, over time, has yielded much results for the ones who has aspired to win over. Thus, when you write something in detail about the services or the products that you offer, people, getting more information, may turn out to be beneficial for your business. 

For example, when there are blogs that go up with the intrinsic description of the celebrity splits, they reach to a larger audience. This leads to the outgoing of the news as well as people gain knowledge about the source that has put up the blog.

Getting The Right Influencer.

Want to get better and faster results? Do not want to wait for another decade3 to make your business a successful one? Well, it is a little tricky, but effective, when you get the right influencer, in order to market your business.

You do not really need to get hold of an influencer who has a million followers. You just need to think in a critical manner and your business is ready to rock. You can go ahead and choose an influencer who has a hundred or thousand followers.

It is more important to find the right influencer. This is because, a comedian cannot create influence on people about textile business. Thus, you see how important it is to select the right influencer?

For example, the brand Loreal Paris, chose Camela Cabello as their influencer, as, she has pretty hair and impactful look and voice. However, choosing Lena Dunham, the comedian, would not be a very good idea. 

Come Forth With A Lead Magnet.

It is very important to come forth with a lead magnet for your business. The right lead magnet can take a company from the lowest to the highest level in the market.

By asking questions like what problems can be faced with respect to your niche and how to overcome it, can help you build a strong lead magnet.

One must always keep in mind the basic reason, as to why they had started the business in the first place. If the answers to these questions are clear, it would be very easy to create or come up with a lead magnet, that would create a huge impact on the audience.

For example, even when Ellen DeGeneres comes up with newer episodes and guests, she keeps in mind the basic factor of introducing laughter and entertainment through her show. Thus, this has helped her grow throughout the years.

Social Media Ads.

This is one of the best ways in which you can reach to the public. By creating ads for the audience to watch in between the videos up on youtube or facebook, attracts a lot of viewers.

They, till are prompted to skip the ad, have to forcefully look into it. During this process,the audience learns much about the business products and services that are offered. There are few ads, from which, even if you want to, you cannot come out.

These ads are supposed to take place at small intervals and run for a long duration. This ensures that the message through the advertisement is instigated into the viewer’s mind, by force.

For example, the advertisements that shows the trailers of the to- be- released movies, during or at the start of a video on youtube. These instigate the thought of the movie, into the minds of the viewers.

Use LinkedIn In The Best Way Possible.

Why don’t you sit back and make a video, in order to introduce yourself and your business to the public? As already discussed before, a video always puts great influence on the audience.

There is no need to try hard in order to ‘go viral’ on LinkedIn, because, if you are doing it right, you will get the results well.

Thus, do not force yourself into doing something that looks overdone. Go ahead to post a video and a better blog on the platform, on a regular basis. This would bring you more followers and help you reach out to a lot of people. 

Go ahead and make as many connections as you can, on LinkedIn. This will ensure that your business grows and more people know about it.

Once you post something on LinkedIn,, share it on other social media platforms, that you are signed into. This would help the growth in viewership, thus, increasing the footfall and thus the profit to reach unexpected heights.

For example, Bruce Lam. He is a senior recruiter and has the most up- to- date profile on LinkedIn, thus, fetching himself a huge number of followers. This also helps him to reach out to people, and results in the profit levels, on both ends.

Email marketing sequences to use.

This is the best way to reach out to a lot of people and getting them to allure into subscribing to your channel or page. These refer to automated messages that go out to the people, where they are given a brief about the page or the channel and most of the times, are pushed into subscribing to it/ them.  

Furthermore, one thing should be considered that email is one of the most used platforms today and people check their emails, more than they check themselves out, while leaving their home. Thus, it is the best platform for one to reach more and more number of people.

On the other hand, the feedback that comes in return to the mail sent by you, can be used to consider it and make the needed changes, in order to become more customer- friendly and more desirable by the customers, thus, turning them into regular customers.

So, it helps build a good rapport. And furthermore, they would go ahead and suggest your brand to others, thus, increasing your customers and gradually, fixing your roots in the market. This would prove helpful because, there is a lot of competition in the market.

Moving Out Of The Comfort Zone.

This is very important, in order to establish a stand in the market. Moving out from the comfort zone is very necessary, in order to give the audience something new everytime. This leads to them, not get bored of your products, that can be same and boring, many a times.

Thus, it is very important to go ahead and challenge yourself to bring changes in the market and set a ground for yourself.


Summing it all up, it is very important to follow all the steps carefully, if you have the aim of having a successful business.

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