Top 42+ Best Ouzo Brands in the World

Ouzo is composed of an arid drink containing the aroma of aniseed. It is widely sipped and used as an aperitif in Greece and the Republic of Cyprus. 

It originated by folk in the 14th Century and undergoes distillation using neutral spirits and aromatic essence. It savors like anise alcohol.

Ouzo Brands in the World

Ouzo Plomari

Country: Greece

This brand belongs to an ancient Greek company that concentrated on producing ouzo in the Lesbos island. Isidoros Arvanitis introduced it in the late 1894s. It is sold across 40 countries in the world. 

It is made from the aroma of aniseed and some condiments. This makes it amazingly enriched.

Ouzo Barbayanni

Country: Greece

It is produced by Barbayannis Liquor Distilleries Ltd since, 1860. It is made from the flavoring agent of aniseed and some exotic herbs. It adheres to the traditional procedures of distinct ouzo-making in Greece.

During the process, its alcoholic base is examined two times that are made from pure raisins.


Country: Greece

This liquor brand is processed using distillation which complies the secret method of Nikos Pilavas of the late 1940s. The ouzo is kept stored in a stainless steel distillery for two months or more. After ongoing the process in the distillery for months, a mellow sugary savored liquor is extracted.


Country: Greece

Metaxa is a drink of a journey that offers a unique amber spirit. It contains the Samos Muscat liquor flavor which is aged using distillery. It also uses Mediterranean plants product to obtain a mellow texture.

The savor of the liquor refreshes the mind with new perspectives and stimulates to explore.


Country: Greece

It originated at home using basic facilities and subsequently, launched in Germany in 1984. It is produced with water, aniseed, and some aromatic grains. It is processed using distillery, again and again, to segregate into three fragments. It is then stored for 24 days to age. It contains 47% of alcohol.

Ouzo No.12

Country: Turkey

Ouzo 12 is made from exotic flavors by complying with the ancient methods of Greece. It uses the eponym of “Cask No12” which is a Distillery at Kaloyannis since, 1880.

Every package of the brand gives the pleasure to drink that depicts Greek origin. This liquor is enriched with exquisite flavors.

Psychis & Sons Ouzo

Country: Turkey

It is developed by A.S. Xinaris & Sons Ltd and is one of the aged suppliers of ouzo in Cyprus. It is a popular and trustable brand to rely on. The main perspective of this brand is to deliver a high-end and rich quality of products with exceptional customer services.

Boutari Ouzo

Country: Macedonian

It is founded by J. Boutari & Sons adhering to the methods of Macedonian that are carried forward by the generations as a legacy for, 100 years. It started using distillery since, 1970. The bottling is a range of privately owned collection which is truly aesthetic pieces of antique times.

Sans Rival

Country: Greece

Sans Rival is an enriched appetizer which is an exquisite ouzo drink originated in Greece. It is processed through distillation using Corinthian grapes. It also composed of the aromas of anise and fennel seeds. It is reduced to thickened to resultant a heavy drink with strong taste and compounded flavors.


Country: Greece

It started in the 19th century by a ménage of two brothers who had the experience of working in a distillery. After they arrived at Plomarion, they set up their first distillery and began producing wine using berries and grapes. The aniseed then was used for distillation subsequently, distilled alcohol.


Country: Greece

It is a renowned ouzo brand of Greece that started in Lesvos. It is a light mellow drink. It is an appetizer that is best preferred while consuming food.

It is composed of 17 methods to make complex ouzo. It has exceptional flavoring herbs and anise from Lesvos and Liborio.

Tsantali Greek Ouzo

Country: Greece

This ouzo brand is processed using Tsantalis distillery with an alcoholic content of 40%. It carries the true legacy of “Kolona”, an ancient traditional Greek Ouzo. It is bottled in an extremely delicate fluted glass articulated as Greek columns with an amazing savor that can be taken along with orange extracts.

Think Green Natural Goods

Country: Greece

This brand contains alcohol of 38% by volume. It is obtained through distillation from 100% organic ingredients using the methods of the ancient Greek spirit. It undergoes a double distillation process after the distillation of alcohol using wholesome wheat preceding the addition of flavoring essence to make a clear and fresh aperitif.

Babatzim Ouzo 

Country: Greece

It originated in 1875 that contains the alcoholic properties of about 40% by volume. It is one of the leading ouzo drinks among the traditional Macedonian.

Distilled alcohol is extracted from the grapes. It is further brewed with an amalgamation of flavors and condiments. It is consumed with light meals.

Thalassa Ouzo

Country: Greece

This brand of ouzo contains alcohol of 37.5% by volume. It is an aesthetically packaged liquor that articulates the custom of Greece. It depicts the true nature of harmony and serenity which is drawn from the picture of the drifting boat on blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea from the label.

Ouzo Jivaeri

Country: Greece

It is ouzo with ABV of 40% produced through Jivaeri distillery. This ouzo truly deserves a gold reward. It uses an amalgamation of the best flavors of plant products to create an exceptionally flavored one.

It undergoes three times distillation to resultant a pure appetizer that can be devoured with seafood.

Ouzo Tirnavos

Country: Greece

This ouzo brand is prepared through Katsaros Distillery with an ABV of 40%. It is made from the method of historical times that used grapes for extracting alcohol to distill. It uses the eponym of the Tirnavos mountain range. This mountain spring watercourse benefits the ouzo into a delicate one.

Ouzo Kazanisto

Country: Greece

It undergoes distillation through Stoupakis distillery. It contains alcohol at 40%. The copper tag in Greek words and an art worker addressing the nation is enough to provide surety about the authenticity of this brand liquor of ouzo. It turns into a whitish milky shade after reciprocating with ice and oxygen.

Typnaboy Oyzo-1970s

Country: Greece

This liquor brand is considered to be the first-ever ouzo. In 1856, it was first introduced by Nikolas Katsaros using the methods of spirit that were extracted through distillation from the peels of the grapes. The grapes juice was further processed to create wines that were reformed in the 1970s using distillation.

Bambounis Athenee

Country: Greece

It is an ouzo brand since 1990, which is bottled neatly and displayed in a well-mannered in the markets to attract customers. The package is done in such a way, that people would just love to collect and store. It is a privately-owned accumulation of bottles. It contains ABV of 45%.

Attaviros Oyzo

Country: Greece

It is a pure and genuine brand of ouzo from the Greek collection of the 1970s. It is usually short bottled with ouzo containing 16cl liquor of the past era. It has an alcoholic content of about 40% by volume and distilled through Attaviros.

Loukatos Ouzo & Cherry Spirit Drink

Country: Greece

This ouzo brand is composed of 38% alcohol and 70cl by volume. It is a spirit liquor of strong savor produced by Loukatos Bros in Greece. It is constituted by an amalgamation of the rich essence of aniseeds with sugary flavors of ouzo and cherry extracts.

Ouzo 7

Country: Greece

This ouzo brand is composed of 37.5% of alcohol and contains 70cl by volume. It is designed as a traditional ouzo of Thrace. It is made from the aromas of aniseed through the distillery of the Winery of Thrace. It is consumed as a savory appetite beside the first-class Mezze of Greece.

Ouzo 41-1970s

Country: Greece

It is a brand of ouzo produced in Greece and packaged since, the 1970s. It does not contain any alcoholic contents but has a volume of 70cl. It is considered excellent to withstand wear and tear than the vintage label design.

Lindos Ouzo

Country: Greece

This ouzo has an alcoholic content of 38% and 100cl by volume. It uses Lindo’s distillery. It is a first-class appetizer of Greece, made by brewing the star anise, medicinal herbs, and condiments.

It has an intense aroma of aniseed that evokes the off-days and genres of historical Greek folktales.

Botrys Ouzo

Country: Greece

It is an ouzo brand processed using double distillation through Botrys distillery since, the 1960s. It is a liquor made from the procedures of the past era. It is considered to be consumed with feta cheese. It is of low-cost liquor. It is sold as an antique piece of the collection.

Ouzounis National Ouzo Amphora

Country: Greece

It is an authentic ouzo drink, produced by a prolong-time maker M.Ouzounis & Co. since, the 1970s. It is a perfect antique piece of the ancient period. It is enlightened by the classic aesthetics of the historical Greek designs of packaging. The bottle is posed as arms wearing a miniature jacket.

The local Greek Spirit

Country: Greece

This ouzo brand is delivered by very few suppliers in Greece. It is an intense-flavored liquor with an elevated alcoholic content that consumers may add up water to make it a less intensive drink. It can be formed in four varieties. The prices of this brand maybe $10 or $15.


Country: Greece

It is a well-known brand of ouzo and considered as one of the excellent aromatic ouzo liquor that is selected by most of the consumers. It was founded in Mytilini. It uses aniseed for flavoring. Athena is preferred for importing this brand liquor. The price ranges from $12 to $15.

Ouzo Giannatsi

Country: Greece

It is one of the leading brands of ouzo drinks. It undergoes distillation using and adhering to an antique method of burning woods of Kasani. It can be made a variety of two drinks. The first and the second would be 42% and 45% of alcohol respectively. It originates in Plomari.


Country: Greece

It is an ouzo brand obtained through a pure distillation process without any flavors of sweetness. It is a mild and mellow drink blended with prolonged aromas and strong essence of aniseed. It is a neat and clear liquor that leaves behind a persisting smack. It is stored for two months.

Ouzo Veta

Country: Asia Minor (Present-day “Turkey”), and Greece

It is an ouzo brand, produced through distillation in 1892 by Giorgos Spentzas. His legacy was retained by Dimitrios Spentzas in 1948 and renamed as “Ouzo VETO” and so on.

It has a distinct flavor with a surprising taste. The maritime journey is visible in its enrichment of long-lasting flavors.


Country: Greece

It is an ouzo brand involving handcrafted packaging designs along with the classic ancient signature that usually attracts customers.

It undergoes distillation in a handcrafted cask at a reduced temperature for 15 minutes to deliver an intensive and excelled flavors including the essence of Greek’s herbal oils and plants produce.

Gold Brettos

Country: Greece

It was founded in 1909 and considered convivial ouzo. It uses one of the oldest distilleries of Athens. It is packaged in colorful shades of the bottle to give a comforting look. It is made into a wide variety of flavors of lemon, cherry, mastic essence, and the finest ouzo.

Adolo Ouzo

Country: Greece

It is a Plomari brand of ouzo extracted after undergoing a triple distillation process. It is resultant to a neat and an exquisitely delicate appetizer. It contains a mild sugary taste and a pure bubbling refreshment to provide serenity. It uses the essence of mastic spice, aniseeds, and other condiments.

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