List of 25+ Best Oreo Brand Slogans

Oreo is a very famous brand on cookies which was launched in the US way back in 1912. The brand currently is owned by Nabisco, a division of Mondelez International and is one of the most popular and highest selling brands in the USA.

Oreo Brand Slogans


Milk’s favourite cookie

Milk’s favourite breakfast

Only oreo

Two halves whole Oreo

World’s number 1 biscuit is here

Milk’s favourite trick or treat

You can still dunk in the dark

Wonder with Oreo

Try an Oreo creation from the wonder vault

Same cookie always good

Oreo mini big love

Something you can’t taste the calories

Dream with Oreo

Let them have another mother, they are pure Nabisco cookies

Open up an Oreo and take a lick

There is no cookies like Oreo sandwich

As crunchy as its chocolate

Wonder if we gave an Oreo

Milk’s favourite music

Creamy filled chocolate cookie sandwich

So orangy so chocolaty

Free the joy

Celebrate whenever wherever

Are you ready to dunk your Oreo cookie anywhere in the world?

Same cookie always good

The world of Oreo ice cream

A meeting of two greats

We added a little attitude and a lot of creamy taste

Taste the world taste Oreo

Everything is fun with Oreo

Organize your opinion the Oreo way

#Make way for play

Oreo – friends   forever drink and eat

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