List of 65+ Best Omega Brand Slogans

One of the best-known luxury watchmakers of the world, Omega the Switzerland based company was established in 2003. Currently, Omega is a subsidiary of the Swatch Group of Switzerland. Some of the celebrity Omega users worldwide have been President John Kennedy, Astronaut Edwin Aldrin,  and  Chinese  Chairman  Mao Zedong.

Omega Brand Slogans

Omega – Exact time for life

Recording Olympic dreams since 1932

Omega — the watch the world and NASA started to trust

The sign of excellence

We choose to go to the moon 

In all the world, the most wanted watch

George Clooney’s choice

Hour vision — their vision

The watch that took a walk in space

When you can have whatever you want

It’s a classic watch — not just for classic occasions

The most intriguing watch of the 80s

Ahead in design and performance

No time to die

The first and only watch worn on the moon

Omega — the creation of a masterpiece

The chronograph — would NASA select the second best?

Now you can own the same Omega Speedmaster all American astronauts wear in space

The date telling watch that never needs winding

Pierce Brosnan’s choice

How can a man in $27000 suit settle for a $235 watch?

The beauty is in the details

Omega’s extreme precision which shocked the world

James Bond”s choice

The watch the world has learned to trust

The self-winding watch of unmatched dependability

Time moves slowly but passes quickly

For those who are really time conscious

For men those who measure distance in time

When you take life in your hands, you need a good watch on your wrist

When American astronauts walk in space they wear this Omega

Chosen for craftsmanship

Perfect time ahead for men in action

A masterpiece of precision engineering

Quantum of solace

The moon watch

Omega  —- one classic is all one needs

Cindy Crawford’s choice

The name tells you even more than a watch

His last day as a champion, his first day as a legend

The great watch of all time

Wrist computers for precisionists

Great moments in time 

Time and tradition

Omega 000 true innovation

Gold — in memory of the days when men still went to the moon

Most trustworthy

The proudest gift of all

The proudest gift of all

At the Olympics — Omega slits a second into hundred parts

At the Olympics — Omega slits a second into hundred parts

The closer we look – the more we trust

The closer we look – the more we trust

Omega — also available on earth

Sir Peter Blake’s choice === my choice

The most accurate watch in the world

The watch he’s been looking for

Chosen by NASA as standard issue for astronauts

A perfect blend of modern technology and the watchmaker’s art

Finally, a technology partner that you can believe on

Worldwide === full lifetime warranty

The link between the past and the future 

Omega — at the observatory in Geneva

The tuning fork timepiece with chronometer reading

To say eternally yours with eloquent splendor

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