150+ Catchy Nurses Day Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Nurses’ day is observed on 12th May to convey thanks to the nurses for their contribution to society. Their limitless care & effort for the welfare of mankind and hours is precious. The International Council of Nurses is celebrating this day since 1965. This day is celebrated as nurses’ day because it is the anniversary of birth of Florence Nightingale who was the founder of modern nursing.

Nurses Day Captions for Instagram

-Nursing is a holistic occupation that serves for human being – wishing you a very happy nurse’s day. #holistic

-Without nurses the patient can’t survive due to lack of care – have a very happy nurse’s day. #survive

-Salute to the nurses for their dedication to the patients – they possess a big kind heart – wishing a very happy nurse day. #salute

-Nurses are like angle whose magical touch heals wound quickly – wishing a very happy nurse day. #angle

-Nursing is the most respected profession of the society –best wishes on nurses’ day. #respected

-The way how nurses take care of strangers is really appreciable – let’s thank them for their dedication- wishing a very happy nurses day. #appriciable

-Nurses are idol of care –they never stop their duties to a sick person whether they are well or sick – let’s show our gratitude to the nurses by celebrating nurses’ day. #gratitude

-Sometimes medical treatment is not enough for recovery of a patient – the care of nurses means a lot in those cases –let’s thank them. #thank

-A patient can’t recover without nurses besides physicians – they are blessings to mankind – the care, they serve for us– let’s show gratitude on the nurses’ day. #blessings

-The best part of nurse’s life is making their patient smile & gifting a new life to live –best wishes on this great nurse’s day. #smile

-As there are nurses the families of the patients can be assured about the care of their dearest ones – there is no need to worry – wishing a very happy nurses day.

-Doing care for a wounded is not very common thing – it is tough and nurses do this job whole heartedly – let’s celebrate the nurses day significantly. #care

-Nurses deserve admiration as they play a big role in medical institutions–they provide care needed for recovery of patients – wishing a great nurse day. #admiration

-In health care system nurses play a key role by caring tirelessly for injured and sick –their contribution is great – let’s thank them. #contribution

-Nurses are great persons having the mentality of take care – they take a significant role for saving a patient’s life – a very happy nurse’s day.

-Not everybody but only a nurse can take care of thousands of patients and responsible for their soon recovery – let’s thank those great persons & celebrate the nurses day greatly.

-It is a great job and brings enormous happiness for helping mankind to get a new life and live happily, peacefully & healthy – a very happy nurses day.

-They take care of us when we feel sick – let us say thanks to them on this nurse’s day. 

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