List of 75+ Best Nivea Brand Slogans

A very reputed German personal care brand since ages, the Hamburg based Nivea was founded more than a century ago. The brand is currently owned by Beiersdorf AG. In 2011 the brand celebrated its century by organising several eye-catching functions, the most remarkable being the stellar performance by Rihanna.  

Nivea Brand Slogans

It helps protect your skin

100 years of skincare for life

White is purity

Keep it clean, keep bright

Don’t let anything ruin it


For visibly fairer skin 

Caring formula with berry extracts

Beauty is a statement

Face the future with firmer skin

For visibly smooth and touchably soft skin

Feel the smoothness

Get 48 hours deep moisturisation your skin will love

Better care for busy hands

Preparation is everything

Feel the freshness

Double the kick of coolness

Wake up your face 

No more hiding lips

For men who want to score

The latest protection for sun-sensitive skin

Recivilize yourself

The first rinse off body lotion

Pamper your lips and indulge your senses

Beauty is a zest for life

Longer lasting care

Take protection and care into your own hands

Get 2 in 1 — refreshment and care

Noticeably smoother skin

Protect and care antiperspirant deodorant

Say goodbye to dry skin

The original body care

Nivea Men —Protect and care

The original body care

Look like you give a damn

Protect and nourish for smooth underarms

BE protected, feel refreshed

Energize your skin for ultimate radiance

Be good to yourself and your skin

If you could see inside your skin you would protect it

Goodbye cellulite

Be bold go sleeveless

Be bold go sleeveless

Proven protection against stress sweating

Proven protection against stress sweating

Win the day with Nivea

Essentially enriched body lotion

For every skin type

For suntan skin health and beauty

Get 48H deep moisturization your skin loves

Real goodness of milk for healthy-looking skin

Be poised. Go sleeveless

One face wash for all your skin needs

Mom’s touch — in a little blue tin

Everyday essentials with a touch of care

New look pearl and beauty

Feel the impact of pure freshness

Extraordinary mothers extraordinary care

Goodbye dry skin

Get smoothness that lasts day long

More moisture more pleasure

Nivea has always known how to treat a lady

Nivea care 100% nourishment. -% greasiness


From face to body we have got you covered

The breakthrough in anti-ageing

Don’t look old before you have to

Enjoy the sun fight the wrinkles

Join the youth revolution in face care

The best anti-wrinkle secret

For a carefree continental tan

Wet – cold – Nivea cream. Prevent chapped skin

The 9 purpose cream

Nivea makes beautiful arms exquisite

Fesh air sunshine and Nivea

Enjoy his skin as much as he enjoys yours

Smooth touchable skin is always in style

The difference between fewer laugh lines and more laughs

We have been caring for skin for over 100 years

Inspired by the way skin works

One face wash for all your skin needs

Jumpstart your day with world number 1

Fight the facelift

Keep up your day with deep impact

Tan through Nivea

Get healthy-looking skin every day

# Reveal your glow

This summer keep your skin feeling fresh and hydrated

Get irresistibly soft skin

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